The Disappointment of Improvement

There is an aspect to the development of self which is incredibly frustrating. It's the greatest downside to improvement there is, yet nobody talks about it. When you are taking charge of your life, seeing new gains in the gym, finding new veins on your body, and mentally feeling more joy and clarity than ever … Continue reading The Disappointment of Improvement

Get Over It

Women do not want to hear men tell them that a level of historical sexual culpability must be maintained. That they do not want to hear this does not make it any less mandatory that you deliver the message through removal of time, energy, and attention. Society will tell you to be thankful to any … Continue reading Get Over It


Men are suffering, lashing out, raging at the world, and nobody cares. Well, that's not entirely true as there are men out there who are actively working to create a reality where being a man is not a crime and camaraderie among men is not something deemed as toxic or an attempt at compensating for … Continue reading #MenToo

2018 Book List

'No More Mr. Nice Guy' by Robert A. Glover 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell 'The Compound Effect' by Darren Hardy 'The ONE Thing' by Jay Papasan 'Plato's Republic' by Plato 'The Intelligent Investor' by Benjamin Graham 'The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible' by Jay Campbell & Jim Brown 'The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet' by Jay Campbell & Jim … Continue reading 2018 Book List