Is this as good as it gets?

You will find that the running theme in The Family Alpha is the disdain for complacency and the relentless acceptance of a mediocrity. Men are capable of achieving so much in their life (too include their marriage) yet collectively accept so little.

What in the actual fuck is going on?

I think it’s a blend of two separate, yet overlapping issues.

1) Society’s aggressively message of, ‘take what you get and be happy you have anything’.

2) Men think women are men. Husbands think life follows the rules that exist in Disney movies. You know what I’m talking about; Life is fair, the nice guy comes out on top, it’s the inner beauty that counts (whatever the fuck that means), and worst of all, she’ll always be there.

The persistence of these patterns of thought astound me.

I’m 28 and have been with my wife for 12 years, married for 7 and we have 2 kids 6 & 3. I cannot tell you the last time I went a day without fucking or having my dick sucked. I’ve got my kids squared away and my wife has been improving personally and professionally on a level that has impressed the hell out of me. This isn’t some sort of a humble brag, it’s setting the stage for you to see what is capable when you truly give something your all and you are still fine with losing it.

How I’ve been able to manhandle the two major failing points:

  • ‘take what you get and be happy you have anything’

First off, fuck this message and those who promote it. I have a wife and kids, if you think that I am simply content with this fact then you Sir, are the population who needs to calibrate your mind. I set the example I hold others to. This is how it is in every facet of my life. My wife runs and lifts, this is due to me teaching her and taking the time to cater my message in a way which I knew she’d understand. She used to scroll for hours on social media. I eventually, after months, got her to realize what a waste of time this was and now she’s deleted all of it. Of course, she thinks she decided to quit Facebook/Twitter and that is fine by me. The Family Alpha doesn’t take the credit, he gives it away freely to his family. The goal isn’t praise, it’s to get the life you want.

The same is applied to sex. I refuse to accept mediocrity in the bedroom. The message pushed is that once a week is enough or whatever is good for the wife is enough. Again, fuck that message in the ass using sand as lube. I pick my wife up and fuck her on the wall, I fuck her in every room and on every piece of furniture, I fuck her in every hole and she begs for my cum all over her. Do you think I’m just a lucky dude with a horny wife?


I look good naked, I never shut her down even when I’m tired as fuck, and I start gaming her the moment my feet touch the floor. Let’s get this clear gentlemen, if you want more than accepting having anything is enough then you need to be a man worth giving more than enough to. My wife knows that I can find someone else and that I am unwilling to keep people around who do not bring value. This has put her in the position where she enjoys giving me her body and mind, submitting to my leadership as she knows I’m a man with a plan who is going to take her and our kids to the ‘promised land’.

As the leader of your family you decide how much is enough. Don’t be a weaksauce pathetic fuck who is happier than a fag with a bag full of dicks when his wife sucks his dick once a month. My personal standard is that my dick is in my wife’s mouth daily and that we are fucking at the minimum once a month. You may want more or less, that’s your call. But allowing your wife to fuck you once a month and you still shower her with time and attention. That sends the single that she’s giving enough and you are doing nothing more than rewarding failure.

Set the example first, then hold others accountable, only you can determine how much is enough. Remember, your wife will always give you what you deserve as a man. Starfish sex, sexual denial; that shit can be removed from your vocabulary if you’re willing to invest the time and energy to make it happen.

  • Men think women are men/ she’ll always be there

When guys get married there seems to be this sense of, I’ve got my girl for life, now I can take my foot off the gas. This is because we think she’ll always be there, she loves me for me, she doesn’t look at other guys, she’s married, etc. It’s all fucking bullshit. It’s this line of thought that has brought about the disgusting stereotype of married men. It’s this line of thought that made me feel fucking compelled to write ‘The Family Alpha’ because I was disgusted that it was expected of me as a father to be weak and overweight. Dadbods, Marriage 2.0, and IV dripfeed sex are but a few examples of what Married men and fathers have become in society.

Yet men accept it.

They keep thinking that their woman loves them the same way that they, as men, love their wife. They think that their woman is somehow different. This is when the cheating and divorce papers come in; or worse the broken man carrying the purse around target, who resents his life and has repressed his masculinity for so long that he simply gives up and takes his life.

Gentlemen, kill your ego right fucking now, before it’s too late and you pass the point of return in your marriage with the woman you swore your vows to. Are you a fat slob (above 15% bf)? If so, your wife is looking at other guys and the lack of sex is due to the lack of desire/attraction which is a nonnegotiable aspect of life. You either generate the tingle or you don’t. Being a nice guy with a fun personality means nothing, you have to be more, you have to be a masculine powerhouse who refuses to accept subpar performance.

She only knows her hypergamous, solipsistic, feminine nature. It’s your job to make those things work for you. Fat, weak, unmotivated husbands it is your fault your wife is a itch. It’s your fault she won’t fuck you, and most importantly it’s your responsibility to fix all of it. That is, if you’re willing/capable to work for it. A lot of guys here have been so weak and have refused to lead for so long that the very concept of doing so seems like trying to solve Pi.

While it certainly is a lot of work. If you want your marriage to last the long road of life, you’ve got to pick up your nuts (for some, find them) and just start the fucking grind. There are no days off, there are no minutes off, you have to be on you’re a game day in and day out. It is the only way to achieve what is considered a ‘successful/desired’ marriage. I have been the captain of my ship for years, if I were to slip tomorrow, my wife’s view would begin to change, women have no concept of trend analysis, they are in the moment. You had a bad day, lost your temper, and chose the weak path? Get back on the saddle before you let it go for too long. Own our shit and move forward.
I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.


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  2. Complacency is a slow death. My old high school coach told us that things never stay the same. Either you are improving or getting worse. You see a couple that both are fat, and you see a mediocre marriage based on television.

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