Some husbands deserve sex more than others.

The amount of posts on the internet from men who are saying, “We haven’t had sex in months” is too damn high!

This is especially irritating for one reason. To the men in dead bedrooms, I’m not sure if you’re all aware of this, but gentlemen, women WANT to fuck….

I’ll let that settle in for a few more seconds….

Women have the ability of cognitive dissonance on a level that men will never understand or be able to attain themselves.  With that knowledge in hand, you can now follow my advice:

She's supposed to be carefree and enjoying the ride. Don't place your failure on her.

She’s supposed to be carefree and enjoying the ride. Don’t place your failure on her.

Do not listen to what a woman says, listen to what she does.

Yes, you read that correctly, I want you to ‘hear’ what your eyes see. Understand this, her body language will relay more overt communication than I think you’re aware of. She can tell you an entire story as to how she feels and what she wants without uttering a sound. Hear the words her behavior tells you, learn to speak the language of female action. I’m looking at all those guys who have dead bedrooms and are posting about how it has been months… Your wife wants to fuck, she just doesn’t want to fuck you, not yet at least.

Female behavior is telling us all of what their mind cannot. It’s telling us that they want to fuck a capital ‘M’ Man. But they could never tell us that; It would be like admitting they like big cocks over little ones. A post called Size Matters written by Rollo Tomassi on TheRationalMale discusses exactly this.

He says, “it is counter productive for a woman’s long term provisional interests to be compromised by qualifying a potential provider (see Beta chump) by his sexual prowess.”

Basically, she will look like a whore and ruin her chances at grabbing a provider if she tells the truth, so she doesn’t. The same applies for her desire for sex, if you are a low value male, then she will only give just enough to keep you around. Why give more to a man she resents?

Do you honestly think your wife is fine without sex?

Do you think that she’s some snowflake who isn’t like that?

Do you think if your woman was being courted by someone more masculine, dominant, and confident than yourself that she still wouldn’t need sex?

If you’ve been paying attention, you know she would be blowing, riding, and doing all sorts of nasty shit to keep her ‘King’ in her life.

Be the King of you domain

Be the King of you domain

I read and post almost daily on the Married Red Pill subreddit. Of the hundreds of posts that are uploaded on there the only messages that truly frustrate me are the posts that come from guys who aren’t fucking their wives.

What in the actual fuck guys???

This is a marriage, albeit we are all living marriage 2.0, but it is still a marriage. With that relationship status there are expectations of the Yin & Yang, the give and take, the Masculine and Feminine roles being filled appropriately.

Be the Masculine to her Feminine. If you want the beauty of feminine, give her the strength of the masculine

Be the Masculine to her Feminine. If you want the beauty of feminine, give her the strength of the masculine

Sex is a part of Marriage. If your wife is not fucking you, it is because you are not thinking and acting like a man. A woman will find a way to fuck a guy she wants to fuck, she will make a way to fuck you. You are supposed to be that guy in her life, so if you think she is just some dried up shrew I ask you to go look in the mirror and recognize that she is filling your vessel.

There’s a reason Mrs. Drew was in her worst physical shape at the same period of time that I was. There’s a reason that when I was tossing my stress of leaving the Navy on her that she became this intolerable bitch to me. I noticed that when I fixed my shit, and I was able to get everything dialed in – it was only then that she fixed right up and was bouncing around with joy again. Back to being my lady with nothing but smiles and sex, just like it should be.

There’s a reason your wife is anxious, depressed, and distracting herself all day with Facebook, Twitter, and The View; her life is fucked up. It’s fucked up because the guy she thought would become her Family Alpha, the masculine dude she thought she was marrying, he turned out to be a weaksauce beta fuck. She wants to fuck and you need to make yourself the guy she wants to throw herself at.

Here is where most guys throw out the common loser excuse of it’s difficult with us having jobs, kids, and making it to the gym….”

Shut the fuck up, you’re a man. It isn’t hard when you just make it happen by refusing to accept failure or tolerate sub-par performance. You’ve already spun your wheels with your bullshit excuses and gotten nowhere, get off the never ending stairwell and take a different path.

You have to take the path that others WON'T so you can get the results that they CAN'T.

You have to take the path that others WON’T so you can get the results that others CAN’T.

Drop all of the excuses about how it’s hard as a husband. Saying, she knows you too well, so things are not as new or exciting. All of this is your fault too; keep it fresh for her and I swear to you that she will reciprocate in time. Read 10 ways to keep your wife on her toes if you need some ideas on how to keep it ‘interesting’. I view the world through the Red Lens and I have to tell you, the brutal reality is better than the comfortable lie.

Take the Red Pill, choose truth over the lie and find comfort in the discomfort of living life as a masculine male in a feminized society.

Take the Red Pill, choose truth over the lie and find comfort in the discomfort of living life as a masculine male in a feminized society.

If you’ve fallen into a routine or have gained weight and think that this isn’t playing a role in your lack of sex, then you sir are not listening to anything I’m saying. So I repeat, your wife wants to fuck and she wants to fuck a masculine man who looks good naked, gives her the tingles, and will satisfy her need for primal lust and protection(take care of her, make her feel good even if only through validation from other women). Mrs. Drew calls me her Shield and Spear, we also have no issue in frequency or kink in the bedroom, this stuff works gentlemen.

As a marred Red Pill masculine man, you need to embrace this challenge. Finding ways to keep your marriage ‘fresh’ is your fucking job as a man and if you’re doing it right your woman will make it perfectly clear to you that she is on-board your ship and following your lead. She wants to fuck and more specifically, she wants to get fucked by her Masculine Warrior of a Husband.

Just like there are no Unicorns, there are also no dragons, you are not a unique man in any way. You are disposable and if you want to make yourself a little less disposable to your wife and if you want to make your marriage a little less shitty, then take all of the different facets of The Manosphere and apply them.

Be an interesting guy who doesn’t fucking bitch about anything. Be a masculine dude who displays his strength and prowess without coming across as trying to display these things. Read your books and understand psychology, physiology, the female psyche, and whatever else you’re interested in. Stop analyzing every interaction as Alpha/Beta, Shit/Comfort, etc. and Just Do

Let the fire burn in your heart, let it push you towards improvement.

Let the fire burn in your heart, let it push you towards improvement.

Lead, own, be spontaneous, stop being such a predictable fuck living inside the confines of the shell our feminized society has built for you. Knock those walls down, don’t be like the millions of ‘cookie cut’ dudes who are weaksauce Nice Guys.

If you are doing these things, then your wife is going to fuck you. Not because she understands your efforts, and not because she feels that her husband deserves it; she’ll fuck you because she can’t help herself. She wants to get fucked long and hard by your dick. A bedroom can go from a wasteland to a sexual carnival in weeks if you do it right.

Become a dude who deserves to get fucked nightly, given unsolicited blowjobs, and anal whenever you want, then you’ll get it. But, step #1, is becoming a man who deserves it.

Follow her behaviors, not words.

To the newly ‘unplugged’ guys who think I’m full of shit. Stay in your dead bedroom. If you don’t want to try something new, then you can keep your mediocre sex life; totally fine by me.

If you’re still reading and this does make some sense to you, then when it comes to your wife you need to shut the fuck up and put in the work. Read the damn books, don’t just start them, read them and analyze the message and how it applies to your situation. Learn how to make your wife wet via text (Lock your phone once the nudes start to come), a simple touch, or order.

Turn your lady into a leaky faucet

Turn your lady into a leaky faucet

Seriously, just shut the hell up and read cover to cover all of the books, do some research on Reddit and the blogs so you can better understand the hamster that is in your wife’s brain housing group.

Then, after some trial and error, you’ll get the hang of it. Shit will start ‘clicking’ and you’ll be able to befriend that fucking hamster. You’ll make it work for you and the sex that follows, well…you’re welcome You’ve Created Your Slut.

Don’t hate your woman for thinking like a woman, embrace the hate you have at your ‘old self’ for being a beta puke weaksauce fuck and use that as fuel for improvement. You have right now and the future, so work on those things. Get the sex you want right now and in your foreseeable future by taking charge and being a fucking man who looks good in the nude.

Instead of being discouraged at what has been and the time that was lost, realize that your past failures have provided you with an opportunity to improve. Be grateful for the challenge you have, be appreciative for having this chance to be a better man. Or in some cases, to become a Masculine Man for the first time in your life. Sure, you had a deadbedroom, so what? it’s over. Now it serves as a foundation from which you can build your new sexually healthy relationship from.

Remember, your wife wants to fuck. But does she want to fuck you?

Acta, Non Verba,
I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most appreciative.


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