Be UNpredictable

This is the Red Pill calling, do you have a moment to discuss ways you can maintain a healthy marriage?

This is the Red Pill calling, do you have a moment to discuss ways you can maintain a healthy marriage?

“You’re so predictable.”

This phrase is a death sentence in marriage. A man who is living life according to his masculine terms is a man whose wife cannot predict his every action. She may be able to predict that he will take the path of a masculine man, overcoming obstacles rather than skirting them. But, she does not feel that he is a man that could be classified as always doing what is ‘expected’.

If you always order the same food, fuck her the same way, give the same gifts, and speak in the same manner on the same subject, then you’re predictable and therefore you are boring. It has been said time and again that the worst thing a husband can do is bore his wife.

Boredom is death, boredom leads to a wife looking elsewhere to feel something, boredom is the reason other men don’t have to be better than you, just different. I could understand being beaten by a better man; I could never come to terms with being beaten by someone who was just different than me. It just wouldn’t sit well and I’m sure that it doesn’t sit well with all of those ‘predictable’ husbands whose wives went out and found that passion and intense feelings they were missing from that different man.

When I have sex with my wife, she never knows if I’m going to grab the rope or the flogger. She doesn’t know if I’m going to turn on the Christmas lights around the bed or the black light. She doesn’t know if I’m going to bring her in the shower with glow sticks, put her against the wall in the living room, on top of the kitchen table, or in our bed.

Maybe I go brutal caveman or maybe I’ll gently caress her every inch, fucking her mind through intense emotional stimulation, getting her close to climax before I even get her booty shorts off – she has no fucking clue who I will be each night, and we’re only talking about sex at this point.

Now take the same amount of paths I could choose in the bedroom and apply them to everyday living. Some days I will email her back and forth, other days I won’t respond to anything via email or text. There are times where I actively dread her when we are out and there are times where I have eyes for no person but her.

Have you ever gone to a party, bar, club, or ‘event’ with your wife and literally ignored everyone, only engaging your wife and whispering in her ear the nasty shit you’re thinking? Pulling her to a corner, brushing off the attempts to distract your attention by others, eyes locked in, hand exploring her body, making her feel as though the two of you are alone even though you’re surrounded by bodies?

Sometimes I Love her & Sometimes I leave her

Sometimes I Love her & Sometimes I leave her

Maybe the very next day or the next bar you go to you straight up disappear for some time, talking to the world, gaming and working Kino on every pussy that passes and not even acknowledging your wife’s existence.

This roller coaster of emotion has kept my marriage from ever entering a deadbedroom situation and it’s been going for 12 years.
I have recently decided to take courses on American Sign Language and I’ll be honest with you guys, that seed was planted from this Santa video . I watched it and it cut straight to my core, I have a soft spot for kids and the elderly, whatever.

I came home and told my wife I was signing up for classes at a ASL University that is local to us. I didn’t ask, I didn’t warn her, I just made the decision which to her was a very ‘unpredictable’ one. She didn’t know of the research I put into classes, the deaf community, or anything and she didn’t need to; all she needed to know was that her man was working to improve himself in another arena.

She works with children and is looking to get into the medical field so it actually piqued her interest and now we both will be attending the course together and practicing together, another bonding moment that keeps a ‘freshness’ to our relationship. Always improving, to the grave, it’s the MRP way.

Side Note: Always challenge her to be better through consistently raising the standard from which you measure yourself.

Whether you are comfortable with whom you are or not, your wife is the one that needs the emotional stimulation and if you aren’t going to provide it by mixing it up, someone else will – AWALT. If you want to be the same dude who day in and day out follows the same routine, so be it you do you, but don’t be surprised when your wife says she needed something (someone) new.

She needs excitement; she needs to feel. If you don't make that happen, someone else will...

She needs excitement; she needs to feel. If you don’t make that happen, someone else will…

As an individual who is implementing TRP you won’t be faced with this issue, or I should say you shouldn’t be faced with it as lifting, dressing better, interacting with people, dread, leading, and living life on your terms prevents her from truly knowing what you’ll do next. It’s the guys who are still purple that need to take note, looking good naked isn’t the answer and neither is dread, it’s the combination of it all that keeps you from being the boring dude who tells that same joke at the party or does that same thing day in and day out.

This is not to be confused with family rituals. I read to my kids every night, we go for ‘adventures’ every weekend, etc there are rituals we do on a consistent basis, keep those as they are needed. I’m talking about you, the husband, you need to keep your wife on her toes so that when she sees Chad walking down the street cat calling or what the fuck ever, she won’t view him as a chance to ‘get away’ from her boring life because, as an unpredictable alpha man, her life isn’t boring.

It’s up to you the Family Alpha to lead her to that point.

    I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.


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  3. Hi Hunter,

    I’m a young girl and i just found your blog today. I gotta say, you are very articulate and expressive and i really appreciate your effort to explain even the simplest of concepts step-by-step so that nothing remains unclear. I’ve been reading you blog for two hours straight now, i am genuinely hooked at the subjects you choose and your concise and precise manner of writing 🙂

    My question is, could you maybe recommend a blog like yours, made for women?
    I am honestly scared to go researching on my own since i can get stuck in some well-put and sugarcoated BS without even noticing, so i decided to ask you since i value your standpoint/opinions on male-female dynamics.

    Also, i’d like to apologise for leaving my question here, and advise you to maybe open an ask-box on your blog for questions that are not tied to any certain article 🙂

    I subscribed to your blog and i honestly look forward to new posts!

    Awaiting your recommendations,

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