Here’s to a Masculine 2016

You wake up every day with an opportunity to do it better. In this reference, ‘It’ is Life.

Each morning you wake up with the choice of Weak or Strong. It’s time to start choosing the Strong path and it’s past time to make that your default choice in all matters.

If you do not have enough time in your day to workout, read, & pursue your hobby then you are choosing the path of weakness. The reason being is you could go to bed later or wake up earlier; yet you manage your time like a pussy and are choosing comfort over necessity. What did this do for you in 2015?

Did you have the year you could have had? I doubt it because most ‘men’ are too comfortable and this comfort is preventing true growth and attainment of goals. The desire to remain comfortable seems o be stronger than the desire to be successful and to try and reach your genetic potential in all things.

  • Why can’t you wake up at 0400 instead of 0530 (whenever you wake up) so you can get your workout, reading, or writing in?
  • Why can’t you write out a meal plan and adhere to it?
  • Why can’t you read the posts on the Mansphere, TheRedPill, & MarriedRedPill and actual apply them to your situation instead of just reading and then suffering from analysis paralysis?

Because you’re weak and you’re used to choosing the path of weakness. 2015 could have been your year, but you did not make it so…

You aren’t alone, it is a sad that a majority of husband’s have made the weak path their default choice.
So let’s stop talking about it like women, and take action like men. As with all problems you face: Don’t Bitch, Fix It!
I fucking hate when people say they are making a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ as it implies they are waiting to improve themselves instead of taking immediate action and ownership. Since we are wicked close to New Year’s (8hrs & 18 minutes as of this moment) I say fuck it, make it a ‘resolution’ or whatever the hell you have to call it, but make a change.

Wake up earlier or go to bed later. Will you diminish some of the gains you could make in the gym? Probably. Will the added time allow you to accomplish more goals than you could have otherwise? Definitely.
I’d rather be a little more sore and maybe a little less shredded if it means I am able to get my blog more active and complete the book I’ve been writing. You do whatever it is you need to get accomplished that you couldn’t otherwise during a ‘normal’ day. Most of you have used up all of your ‘Zero Days’. It’s time to make a change in your default choice making. Choose the hard path, set that goal and then write down the steps you will be taking to reach it, then take the necessary actions.
If you need a buddy to help with accountability I will do that. I’m looking to create a means of keeping in touch with a few people who have already messaged me. But even a message back and forth will work. If you need that, message me my email is

I’m not the most tech savvy guy, but there is a way to do anything. Find out what you want and let’s come up with a game plan to make it happen. You want to read 30 books this year? Get a visible six pack? Deadlift 400lbs? Write a book? Fuck your wife in a Target changing room (is that just me?)?

Whatever the fuck it is you want, get it out there and fucking Make it Happen. Make 2016 your year. Make it the year you decide to stop talking and start taking action.

Happy New Years and remember: Acta, Non Verba – Deeds, Not Words
I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.



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