The Man in the Mirror (OCONUS Ponderings part 1)


Traveling the globe gives me plenty (probably too much)  of time to ponder how to embrace masculinity in a feminized society

Traveling the globe gives me plenty (probably too much) of time to ponder how to embrace masculinity in a feminized society

I’ve recently been afforded the opportunity to travel outside the United States for my job. Last month was my first real ‘business trip’ and first time leaving the country not on deployment. I took my journal with me and wrote a few posts and I’ll warn you now – some are from a sober mind, others (such as this one) were fueled by some fine liquors. I’ve decided to make all of these posts a series of sorts as I feel time away from the family and outside the ‘normal society’ I am used to will lead to some insight I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

This is the first post from my journal.

It is 0223 and I am in a foreign country, sitting awake in my hotel room, sipping on the last glass of single barrel Jim Beam I picked up earlier in the night. I tried sleeping but the mind was racing, I also have the spins so it’s best I keep my eyes open. I’ve been sitting facing a mirror and thinking hard about the man in the mirror – the guy looking back at me. Then, as is usually the case, I turned my mind to the subject of masculinity.

You see, there have been several times throughout my existence in the manosphere that I have had to remind guys that all of the flaws they were finding in their girlfriends, wives, and children were results of a lack of leadership. These people, the ones you hold closest – are your reflection. Your wife is your mirror. Just like I am able to look at myself right now and see the result of my gym time, looking at your kids or wife shows you how well you have led them – and just like the iron in your gym – the mirror doesn’t lie.

Don’t be so quick to judge your woman’s excess weight. Look inside, have you led her towards healthier eating? Have you ever offered to lead her in weightlifting or subliminally send the message that she needs to improve her strength? You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish without saying exactly what you mean. A conversation on the importance of remaining flexible and having strong bones when you’re old could, if delivered correctly, tell a woman that you want her to lift weights and start stretching. Your woman is your responsibility. If you want her to fix a certain aspect of her ‘self’ then you need to let her know that.

The same goes for the kids and wives that drive their husbands crazy for spending so much energy on time vampires such as Facebook, TV, and video games. These are all distractions, they distract individuals from their ‘real’ lives and provide comfort and validation for people who have not developed a life that can provide this same feeling. Neither my wife nor I have facebook and I truly believe we are both better off because of it. I was becoming the angry veteran mad at the world for bitching about the smallest of things and my wife would get disheartened when she didn’t get any ‘likes’ on a picture she put up of the kids. We didn’t realize it but this shit bothered us and it was completely preventable.

I recognized the issue and over time was able to help her realize that her life was passing by and that if she wanted to get the most of it, she would have to start living in the moments and no longer trying to capture them. It’s about living an awesome life, not projecting one for validation from others. My wife is now the most hard core Anti Facebook chick there is – she fucking hates it and has told me on several occasions that she will never go back and is so glad I was able to help her break free from it. When people are on their phones when we go out or they are ‘Scrolling’ –she calls them out on it and it turns me.

This woman is my wife, it is my job to ensure that I am not only setting myself up for success and working towards continuous improvement, but also that I am helping her do the same. The men who are bitching about the poor quality of their spouse and kids are often times guys who have just unplugged and think they now see ‘reality’. This is false, while they do see reality, they fail to see it as a result of their actions. It didn’t have to be this way – it is the result of weaksauce men who have not led their clan for months and likely years.

Before you point your finger at another, make sure you've looked inside yourself for the cause first.

Before you point your finger at another, make sure you’ve looked inside yourself for the cause first.

If you were a weaksauce dude and you break free from the cookie cut mold our feminized society has forced you into, then you need to recognize that you owe it to your wife and kids to help them reclaim their own sense of ‘self’ before you start pointing fingers or threatening to leave. Lead your family – lead your woman – and most importantly take ownership of the damage that was done.

All of this is not to say you can just morph these people into what you want like putty. But -to a degree you can. I have gotten my wife into weightlifting, running, and being more confident in her style of dress. I did this in a manner where she thinks she came up with the ideas and I am totally cool with that (leaders deflect praise and accept responsibility). But, there are still some things she does that I don’t agree with and that is OK. She likes to read from a kindle and rarely read physical books I’m the opposite, she would rather sit on the sand instead of play in the water, not me – she does things her way when it comes to her job and school and while we have argued because I would have done or said something a different way – it is OK; she is her own person and my job is to lead her towards success, not turn her into the female version of me.

When you point your finger at someone you have 3 others pointing back at you, think about that…Our job is to lead our family – it is not to become a dictator.

Remember, Dominant > Domineering you want to lead and inspire respect with a little fear – not all fear with no respect. Your wife will change when two things occur.

  • She finds a reason to change. There are more than a few posts on MarriedRedPill that discuss how a man’s wife got in shape/filled her womanly role/started helping with kids and the house after the guy pulled his head out of his ass and started filling his masculine role. Working out, taking the lead, providing strength and confidence when all others are bending to the wind…these things inspire change.
  • She wants to make ‘daddy’ proud. I’ve written a few times on the importance of supplanting daddy and becoming the man your wife wants to make proud and wants to please. She will start doing things because she wants you to notice. She’ll wear that sundress with nothing under it, she’ll start hitting the squats and deadlifts with more intensity, she’ll do the things you want her to do because now she wants to do them for you. This is often times when she starts providing the unsolicited blowjobs that elude so many marriages.
Until you kill your ego the mirror will be distorted. See the reflection for what it IS and not what you WANT it to be.

Until you kill your ego the mirror will be distorted. See the reflection for what it IS and not what you WANT it to be.

All of this can be achieved by the man who first fixes himself, then approaches others. Ensure that before you point your finger at another person and say your wrong ensure you have an answer to the three fingers pointing back at you making sure that you, yourself are not the one who is wrong. Remember, when you look at your wife or children, you’re looking at the result of your leadership (or lack thereof) – you’re looking at the man in the mirror.

I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.


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  3. What are your thoughts on the discipline of System Disruption as a tool to accomplish the goal
    of bringing masculinity to marriage?

    ps See

  4. In case you havent noticed, our fight is an asymmetric fight (from our perspective)
    more precisely, its an Open Source Conflict scenario.

    why not use that model?

  5. The man in the mirror a man sees when he looks in the mirror is as you say a lot to do with himself,
    a lot of what he will see though is not and due to the forces of the universe/word,
    an asymmetric relation of forces, an asymmetric disposition of chances.

    How is a man to overcome such asymmetric circumstances except than by using asymmetric methods?
    you tell me

  6. Im from Argentina BTW, where your president has been schooling us about Human Rights about two days ago, go figure…

  7. Just get Trump elected president and end this farce
    I think that having Trump as President is the best thing that can happen to America, by farm
    whats the other option? Hillary Clinton?
    Jesus Fucking Christ

  8. I dont need to tell you what your country will look like after a 4 year presidency of Hillary Clinton
    Do I?

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