Disrupting Class (OCONUS Pondering Part 3)

The Man in the Mirror (OCONUS Ponderings part 1)

You need to have a Thing (OCONUS Ponderings Part 2)

QUESTION: Do you know what feminazis and white knights really, really fucking hate?ANSWER: When their position is questioned.

Masculine men aren't afraid to break the mold, to swim away from the current when it isn't going in the direction they want.

Masculine men aren’t afraid to break the mold, to swim away from the current when it isn’t going in the direction they want.

I have learned through my own experiences and the stories I’ve read on the Manosphere that whenever an ‘accepted’ belief is challenged, people get bent the fuck out of shape. So as I lay awake, pondering what can be done to save masculinity both in marriage and as a whole, it is clear that at the least, the one action that must be taken by all hands involved, is asking the questions.

I used to be a very religious person, then I began to ask questions, from there I went on my own personal journey from which I came out a ‘humanist’ of sorts.

As I am walking this journey of spreading the message of embracing masculinity (vice repressing it) I’ve realized that I need to follow this same course of action. We all need to be asking questions.

  • Why do men get the raw end of the deal in divorce?
  • Why do we teach boys and girls in the same manner?
  • Why are boys told that their natural tendency of being sexually charged, competitive, and aggressive are bad things that should be repressed?
  • Why are women given a pussy pass time and time again?
  • Why are men painted as rapists/oppressors/abusers when they say they enjoy sex/fighting/competing?
  • Why are there no spaces that are ‘men only’?
  • Why do men pay the bill, hold the door, lay down their jacket, & sleep on the couch?
  • Why have men become so sad and pitiful?
  • Why is it called a ‘DadBod’?
  • Why aren’t men entitled to a paternity test on birth?

These are but a few questions that will lead to other questions, so on and so forth. As you ask yourself these ‘Whys’ recognize two things.

  • Until there is a shift in support of the female imperative, this is our reality and you must not balk but rather find a way to make this knowledge work to your advantage. Appreciate the gift provided by The Manosphere – The gift of knowledge and awareness. You are armed with the understanding of how and why things are operating in the manner they do – exploit that.
  • This is not the result of women or feminism – what we are dealing with is the direct result of some white knights who have been looking to gain favor with women on a grand scale. Some dickhead somewhere wants to put women into combat roles so he can say See ladies, I’m a ‘Nice Guy’ and I support women when in actuality he is going to get them killed as well as the men they serve with. The military is but one example – look at how widespread the female imperative has spread. It is in every facet of society and has led to all of the questions I asked above.

The next time you are dealing with an individual who is pushing the agenda of women, just ask the question. Also, do so in a masculine manner, ask the question with overt communication – straight forward, confident, maintaining eye contact, and with a posture that says – Answer Me. It is very rare for anyone to challenge anyone else nowadays, especially in person. We have keyboard warriors out the ass – but challenge accepted thoughts in person – watch them quake.

Question everything, especially as a masculine male living in a weaksauce society.

Question everything, especially as a masculine male living in a weaksauce society.

In order for masculinity to spread, men must embrace their masculine nature. In order for the ripple effect to occur, the knowledge must spread. How do you spread knowledge, you discuss it. For me, it was this blog – the written word. For you, maybe you ask the question, as innocent as it seems, but you do so in a place where you know other men will hear you. You plant the seed in their mind and when they go home, they ponder your question – they wonder, ‘Yeah, why the fuck is it called a ‘DadBod’ I’m a Dad and I look…oh fuck, well maybe I have a little weight to lose, but the wifey doesn’t like muscles she said..wait ..she did fuck me hard after watching Magic Mike XXL…’ Boom! That man has started the process of finding his way to embracing his masculine nature.

Instead of standing by and allowing this bullshit to continue unchallenged, take a stand in a tactful manner. Don’t get up and throat punch the ‘teacher’(society), just disrupt the class (fellow citizens) by asking the question Why?

I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.



46 thoughts on “Disrupting Class (OCONUS Pondering Part 3)

  1. I really really like where you’re going with this blog,
    its like a diplomatic throat punch followed by a knee kick
    and then lowering yourself to the person in the ground and asking:
    “Why did this happen to you?”
    In deed, they will have no answers


  2. Dont worry about this blog not getting any feedback, people are reading it and noticing,
    same about TRP, you are just too much for them to handle,
    keep up the good fight. This is tier one

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  3. This is music for you, for as Mr Nietzsche eloquently said

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

    So here’s the music for you:


  4. What Im trying to tell you is this, music and dance are two weapons you cant let go of when you’re dealing with females, make sure to focus on them. They work


  5. Yes music and dance Are Weapons, you can get women to do things with music and dance that you wont be able to make them do with an assault rifle pointed to their head.
    Soft weapons, but not for being soft are they less effective, take note


  6. Now, lets tacke the marriage issue, is simple, MONEY
    Under this thesis, marriage enables the enormous logistical, emotional, and economic benefits in what’s now the high-stakes enterprise of middle-class and upper-middle-class parenthood. A second income helps pay for the football uniform or for a babysitter to shuttle Junior to his piano lesson if a parent is unavailable to do the driving. A second parent means one more set of eyes on the homework and one more voice to enforce discipline. And the returns to investing in children—such as by ensuring them a college education—have certainly grown over the decades.

    But other experts question whether marriage is truly a deliberate parenting strategy, even if higher-achieving kids are a by-product of it. And, as Pollak acknowledges, there’s no empirical evidence to date that aspirations for children directly influence people’s decisions to get married. “I don’t think marriage is just a child-rearing device,” says Sawhill. “A lot of people who are getting married don’t have children and may not even put a high priority on having children. The romantic reason for marriage is not totally obsolete.” The child-centered marriage thesis also raises some discomforting implications about the expectations parents might have for their children, depending on their class. “Aspirations for children may be key to the class divide in marriage,” says Lundberg.

    Yet a logical corollary to this theory is that it is only those Americans with the highest expectations for their children who decide to invest in marriage—a notion that is difficult to believe. In fact, according to a 2015 survey by the Pew Research Center, lower-income parents put a higher value on a college degree than do more affluent ones. While 50 percent of parents earning less than $30,000 a year say that it’s “extremely important” to them that their children graduate from college, only 39 percent of parents earning $75,000 or more say the same.

    The simplest explanation for why elites continue to marry at the same rates as they did in 1950, and why they have such high expectations for their children (if that is indeed a factor), is that the 1950s did not, in fact, ever end for them economically. It’s perhaps no coincidence that the only group for whom marriage rates have not declined is the one group for whom incomes have been rising. In 1965, according to Pew, the earnings gap for young adults with a high school diploma versus those with a college degree was only about $7,000, measured in 2012 dollars. But by 2013, that gap had nearly tripled. While a young adult with a high school diploma earned a median of $28,000 in 2013, down from $31,384 in 1965, college graduates earned a median of $45,500, up from $38,833. Real median earnings for young adults with two-year degrees also fell, from $33,655 in 1965 in 2012 dollars to $30,000 in 2013.



  7. Marriage is done because the ECONOMIC circumstances of the society (US)
    do not make it more apparently convenient to women to marry.
    GET IT


  8. Disrupting Class:

    “As the sociologist Andrew Cherlin described this aspirational view, marriage is now the “capstone,” not the cornerstone, of people’s lives. “Marriage has become a status symbol—a highly regarded marker of a successful personal life,””


  9. Disrupting Class
    “I think what we see here is evidence that well-designed—and consequential—interventions can matter for marriage,” says Schneider. “The notion that small economic increases might have big increases on marriage doesn’t seem to bear out.” Rather, the impacts have to be “large enough to affect big life decisions like marriage or childbearing,” Schneider says, not “nudges.””


  10. “But the time for major intervention may have come. As the returns to education rise, children handicapped by access to just one parent’s time, attention, and income are at a serious disadvantage.”

    what can I say? LOL


  11. “By getting married and staying married, educated parents are compounding the ever-widening gaps in both achievement and opportunity between the haves and have-nots. Without a fix, this growing class divide in marriage will only calcify the social and economic inequality crippling the odds for increasing numbers of children.”

    They are desperate because the lower classes are not getting married assuring them they will be their slaves,


  12. I wonder why Trump got a non-“American” woman, might it be because American women in general suck ass, and he is no idiot?
    If that you got yourself an intelligent leader, unlike Obama.


  13. You cannot run a country being a pussy whipped beta, you know this,
    Trump on the other hand, can run a country, dont ask me about how he can do it please,
    he can do it and the lower- middle class of America will see a difference.
    Again, dont ask me how he will do it.. Have a great night


  14. The answer to how he will do it is the same as how a soldier does things,
    he will do it the best way he can. not less not more.
    Messy? perhaps


  15. I would love to see you make a post here about how Alpha Dads Read To their kids,
    there a few things that have a higher ROI (Return On Investment) than reading to your kids


  16. urban poetry intermezzo:
    “Hamburger, Bread crumbs, an egg or two, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire, your favorite spices. Salt/Pepper. Mash together. form into golf ball size balls. Make jokes about playing with your balls. Put on a sheet pan. ~30 mins at 350. Find cute server. Ask her if she’d like to put your balls in her mouth. Sample her on your meatballs. If you’re not retarded, she’ll tell you that they’re great. Ask for her number, take her to a nice restaurant, order a few drinks. Afterwards walk down the street to see a reggae band. Groove out with your date (anyone can dance to reggae) Find the guy with the biggest dreadlocks and buy a joint from him. Get stoned. Get some greasy late night pizza. Buy more booze before the gas station closes. Go home together and get plastered until you have the spins. Have the sloppiest sex of your life. Have her put your balls in her mouth (it doesn’t matter if you shaved them at this point). After sex, she’ll probably feel like vomiting. Fall asleep. Wake up hungover, without your clothes or dignity, covered in vomit. Make her coffee and give her some ibuprofen (it’s the least you could do). Take her home. See each other the next day at work. Avoid one another. Say nothing. Weeks later find out that she’s pregnant. Fight about what should be done about the unborn child. She decides to keep it (cus y’know she’s pro-life). Be admonished by your family and hers (because it’s all your fault, right?). Be disallowed to visit the child in the hospital. Have her name it something stupid like Kelsee or Judah. Pay child support with little to no relationship with your child. Years pass. Live a sad lonely life. Contemplate suicide. Draft a suicide note. Plan your death. Combine hamburger, Bread crumbs, an egg or two, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire, your favorite spices. Salt/Pepper. Mash together. form into golf ball size balls. Make jokes about playing with your balls. Put on a sheet pan. ~30 mins at 350. Put your balls in your mouth (hey they ain’t bad). Forget about killing yourself (and where I was going with this). Enjoy your meat balls. Get a letter the next day saying the child isn’t yours (it was that douchebaggy male server, Brian) Stop wasting your time on reddit. Clean your house. Take a shower. Go to work (you gotta close again tonight). Be ok with your life.”


    • I’ve been digesting the novel you’ve provided. Thanks for identifying the typos I will correct the discrepancies in the near future.


      • The novel I have provided? 🙂
        That was just barely 1.5 pages navy
        sorry for mentioning the word navy, I just had to
        You’re welcome about the “typos” did you just save them in a notepad where you will never find them again? good for you, typos dont scare me, people that cant think scare me and you’re not one of them.
        As General Peron said an idiot is ten times more dangerous than a son of a bitch, thats a rough translation


  17. Details: See how the band faces each other in a circle,
    this is very similar to how a military ground squad face each other backwards.
    How many bands have you seen facing each other?


  18. “Well the first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry any more,
    Cause when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door.
    Think this through with me, let me know your mind,
    Wo, oh, what I want to know, is are you kind?

    It’s a buck dancer’s choice my friend; better take my advice.
    You know all the rules by now and the fire from the ice.
    Will you come with me? won’t you come with me?
    Wo, oh, what I want to know, will you come with me?

    Goddamn, well I declare, have you seen the like?
    Their wall are built of cannonballs, their motto is “don’t tread on me”.
    Come hear uncle John’s band playing to the tide,
    Come with me, or go alone, he’s come to take his children home.

    It’s the same story the crow told me; it’s the only one he knows.
    Like the morning sun you come and like the wind you go.
    Ain’t no time to hate, barely time to wait,
    Wo, oh, what I want to know, where does the time go?

    I live in a silver mine and I call it beggar’s tomb;
    I got me a violin and I beg you call the tune,
    Anybody’s choice, I can hear your voice.
    Wo, oh, what I want to know, how does the song go?

    Come hear uncle John’s band by the riverside,
    Got some things to talk about, here beside the rising tide.

    Come hear uncle John’s band playing to the tide,
    Come on along, or go alone, he’s come to take his children home.
    Wo, oh, what I want to know, how does the song go.”


  19. That being said, I Respect Navy, although Im more of the Airforce type,
    still we’re complementary, you guys couldnt do what we do
    and we could do what you do. Thats a fact.
    We do what we do and you do what you do, its a lot like male-female relationships, isnt it?
    just that in this example we are both males


  20. I’ll tell you another Weapon in regard to females,
    not just cooking but Cooking,
    a person that is controlled by primary urges, as females are,
    goes crazy over a nice meal cooked by you,
    cant resist


  21. let me put this in clar and easily understandable terms,
    you cook a Nice meal for your your lady
    she will find it hard to say no to anal
    or even say yes, go ahead


  22. I’ve been reading RP and MRP for about 4 months now. I have to say that your blog relates to me the most, as i am more of a LTR kind of guy. It’s not that RP hasn’t helped me, it has. But your posts really touch on a deeper level on how to make a LTR last. Good stuff man, keep it coming. I appreciate it a lot.


    • Thank you for taking the time to let me know.

      I have shifted perspective and no longer think of it as RP non-RP but rather Masculine or emasculating behavior.


  23. HD,

    Love the blog. Hits home for me. Ex-Navy too. 5 kids. Abandoned the proper path for a long time as a dad and husband (way too beta, non-masculine), but am quickly and forcefully regaining it (with your help). Results have been great so far. Looking forward to more posts.



      • One thing I really like is when you give examples of how you actually act with your wife. Very helpful.
        TRP made me quite bitter for a long time as I think it does for most that first find it.

        Finding your blog and married TRP was a very recent breath if fresh air from a lot of negativity in the RP community. I have read over most of your site. Really great work. I just wish I had found it earlier.


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