What do YOU want to do?

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has been going on. Unfortunately my blog does not rank above the other matters I’ve been attending to so I’m glad things have slowed down a bit so I can get some writing done.

Since my last post I’ve dealt with a few key things that I wanted to talk about – they’ve all centered around the point that – Masculine men do what THEY want to do – NOT what is expected of them to do NOR what is considered the ‘popular’ thing.

The three topics I want to get knocked out of the way are


2) Fitness

3) Purpose/Leadership


The Family Alpha, Married Red Pill, and The Red Pill are talking about the same thing - differently.

The Family Alpha, Married Red Pill, and The Red Pill are talking about the same thing – differently.

I wrote a post on Reddit stating that if I could go back in time, I would get married again. As of right now there are 479 comments which I’m pretty sure is a MRP record. The post can be read here (MarriedRedPill – Married Again). The result of this post was a division between myself and a majority of ‘RedPill’ subscribers.

The Family Alpha is not a part of the ‘Red Pill’ brand. I follow the Red Pill and support The Red Pill – but I am not an ambassador of The Red Pill because I am not an ambassador of anything except embraced masculinity. The Red Pill is focused exclusively on sexual strategy which is but a small part of the nature of masculine men.

The Red Pill does not endorse marriage because it is a raw deal for men. They see monogamy as counterproductive to optimal sexual strategy (which it is) and they view the ‘contract’ of marriage to be flawed and favoring women (most of the time this is true).

Married Red Pill does not endorse marriage because it is a raw deal for men and most of the men who are married are in a really shitty place both personally as well as sexually. Then again, the guys who have an awesome marriage are probably not going to end up on that subreddit. I came there by chance as I was searching for a way to help men embrace their masculinity and married men became my niche.

The Family Alpha doesn’t give two shits about marriage as I am SOLELY focused on the Man. If a man wants to get married – go for it. I am married and I am having more sex and more fun than many of my married and single counterparts. It comes down to the man and that is why I would do it again, because I have had success and I believe others can too. I do not give a fuck if a man chooses to marry or not, as long as he goes into whatever he chooses while owning his shit and properly prepared/educated I am good.

So to clear the air and leave my opinion here in black and white. I do not recommend marriage as most guys are too weak and stupid to make it work. But, I do believe that marriage can work and I am fortunate enough to have chosen a solid women whom I would definitely marry again if I could go back knowing what I know now.


Fuck the Dad Bod - I fucking hate it and hate the men who make the population I am a part of (fathers) look like pathetic pussies.

Fuck the Dad Bod – I fucking hate it and hate the men who make the population I am a part of (fathers) look like pathetic pussies.

I fucking hate how many overweight, weak, pathetic fathers there are. I feel if you are a fat piece of shit you should not be allowed to have a child and if you do then you should be placed on a mandatory training program where you check in with your Dr/Nutritionist weekly until you are at an acceptable level of health.

I have seen more ‘DadBods’ recently than I care to admit. Your body tells me everything about you. It tells me you place your comfort over all else. It shows me that you do not deserve sex from your wife and you are complacently accepting of that. It tells me that you are not living a full life and are not a leader for your family. It tells me that you cannot protect your family or yourself if the wolves ever came close to your flock. Your fat body is a product of the female imperative and you gladly play along as their pawn.

…fucking disgusting.

There is no ‘health at every size’ and you know that. ‘DadBods’ should be something along the lines of Leonidas from 300. Maybe a little hairy but stick muscular as fuck. I’m not talking fitness model 5% bf muscles – I’m talking obvious functional strength muscles. You should – at any point throughout the year be able to confidently take off your shirt.

The positives of this are limitless. You will live longer, you will avoid health complications, you will be able to ‘live’ and hike, run, climb, jump, play anywhere at any time. Want to hike a mountain, let’s do it – want to pick your wife up and spin her around, do it – want to run that race, climb the roof to fix that problem, intimidate the bad guy from even attempting to mess with you or your Mrs? All of this comes from being a physical capable male.

Physical and mental fitness are crucial aspects to developing your masculine nature. You need to be reading, thinking, lifting, and running your fucking ass off daily. You cannot train one without the other – mind and body connection.

Do CrossFit, SEALFit, Olympic Lifts, 5ks, IronMans, etc.

There are so many fucking programs it is ridiculous. The information is available, you just need to stop being a pussy and get your ass into gear. It’s hard? Good, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going in life. I want you to succeed, I truly do – but YOU have to make it happen, so come up with a plan tonight and put it into motion.


You have to Lead - you have to take the reality you've uncovered and come up with a way to work it to your advantage.

You have to Lead – you have to take the reality you’ve uncovered and come up with a way to work it to your advantage.

I have, both in ‘real life’ as well as on Reddit noticed that a lot of the guys I’m talking lack any leadership skills and purpose in their life. I think the bigger issue is finding that purpose, because how can you lead anyone if you don’t know where it is that you’re going?

What is your purpose in this life? What is it that you want to do or who do you want to be? Do you want to be a guy who runs a lot of races, or climbs a lot of mountains, or travels the world, or opens a business? What do you want your reputation to say?

A few of my personal answers are that I want to write a book, be known as a guy who isn’t afraid to get dirty, and my reputation to be that of someone who has high standards, follows through on commitments, and is not afraid to live a life as an unapologetically masculine male.

I’ve gotten the you’re so manly remarks from chicks checking out my beard, actions, or words. Usually it comes right after I offend them and say what others think but won’t directly say or some other brash action.

Maybe you want to be viewed as the dude who is like that, or like my friend who is a fucking nerd but owns it so well that his ‘nerdiness’ is the shtick that makes him likable and popular.

Once you know what you want and who you truly are, you can then lead those around you to support that type of lifestyle. Don’t fake it, you need to be authentic here. If you like to knit – fucking knit your ass off (and send me socks). It doesn’t matter what it is you want to do, all that matters is that it comes from a raw, true, authentic place in your heart.

Once you are true to yourself you’ll know exactly how to lead others to that same place. You’ll set the example for them to follow and allow them to be their authentic selves. You can lead your family to embrace their true nature and not just follow what is ‘trending’ on social media. You can lead you fellow men to own their shit and stop being a bunch of weaksauce fucking fucks.

Stop watching others own life and stop wishing you could make a difference. Take up the reins and do what you were born to do – lead and own your shit.

It’s good to be writing again, I have several posts that will be flowing out in the next few days.

  • Hunter
  • I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.


4 thoughts on “What do YOU want to do?

  1. I love your “spin” on TRP vs MRP vs masculinity. It reminds me of science in the sense of getting closer and closer to the “truth.”
    I had been doing progressive calisthenics for a couple of years before I found MRP, and built a lot of muscle. After I swallowed the pill I dutifully ditched that program to lift weights. After 6 months of weights, I realized I was letting random internet strangers tell me what to do. What utter bullshit! I loved my old program, was building muscle, and was frequently getting complimented. I went from fuck up me (pre-pill), to a better version of “not-me” (early post pill), and am now starting see the outlines of the best version of truly me.

  2. Hunter–Keep up the good work! It’s helped me to see the ball more clearly. Finding the comfort in the discomfort has been key. The plan fucking works. It’s great not having a Dad Bod anymore.

  3. “Physical and mental fitness are crucial aspects to developing your masculine nature.” – This is the gold right here Drew. Ever since I have started lifting and gaining weight its crazy how much better you can view the world. Just in the handshake you can make out the fucking weak as fuck Dads. I can carry all 3 of my kids at once and run with my wife on my back. There are woman telling my wife of how great I look and family and friends tell me that I have gotten “Taller” since they last saw me.

    I have grown to despise the dad bod and everything it stands for. I call out other dudes who moan and complain about how little time they have to go to the gym or have no time to work out.
    We walk a perilous path when we call out fatties however the truth hurts and i fucking hate this SJW shit that Fat can also be attractive.

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