Are you a ‘Funny Fat Guy’?

The product of a weaksauce society

If you haven’t seen the picture above, sorry for the rage you just experienced but I had to share it with someone.

This photo has made its rounds on twitter (@TheFamilyAlpha) and the first time I saw it I immediately thought of something I’ve touched on before – The Funny Fat Guy.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I started on the path that was to become The Family Alpha years before I knew anything of the Manosphere, Red Pill, or the topic of Masculinity as a whole.

In the post, Voice or Echo I wrote:

“There was this sailor of mine who, during the middle of one of our deployments, I found alone…and he was crying. I asked what the issue was, to which he responded, “My wife told me (via email) she is sick of me being a pussy and that she wants to leave with the kids. I know she’s found someone else and I’m going to come back from this deployment to an empty house without my kids… Why can’t I be more like you, why can’t she love me, why can’t the other guys respect me, why am I such a fucking weak loser…”

Looking back, this may have been the seed that sprouted and grew into The Family Alpha. This was the first person I ever counseled on reclaiming masculinity in himself and ultimately as a married man. Notice, I said, ‘reclaiming masculinity in himself‘. I couldn’t make him ‘more like me‘, I could only guide him to thinking and acting like the man he as supposed to be all along.”

You see, the guy pictured above is a real guy and he was the kind of guy who would do exactly what these dudes are doing in this photo. Taking pride in the feminized, beta, desperate ‘self’ in the hopes it will gain them favor with others.

My friend is the dude who would do the truffle shuffle at parties and have everyone laugh at him not with him while his wife hung her head, looking at the pathetic excuse for a man she had married. He would have taken a picture like this, and when I’d confront him on it he’d say, ‘Why do you have to be so serious, this is funny – being a man doesn’t mean being muscular, it means having pride in who you are’ You know who else spews bullshit like that?

Fat Girls.

Looking back at this now, my buddy was nothing more than a fat girl with a dick.

A chick with a dick who would of chastised me for maintaining the standard of masculinity and manly behaviors – calling me a faggot who was hanging on to a stereotype. Saying I was a pussy for not accepting men who did this. Somehow he’d managed to convinced himself that taking this type of photo was ‘brave’.

This dude was placing his sword on the ground and throwing himself on it for the sake of possibly getting some attention and support of ‘feminists’. He wanted acceptance so bad that he would kill himself and hide his true nature so as to find acceptance into the PC crowd, the ‘#HealthAtEverySize’ club.

This was nothing more than a covert contract. A huge con that these guys are pulling in order to gain favor, because they want something.

These fat dudes pictured above want love, they want someone to tell them it’s ok to be who you are, women don’t like muscles, they like nice guys who can take pregnancy photos, brave men who are comfortable showing off their beer gut.

Except, it won’t happen –because their desperation wreaks. Men loathe them for tarnishing the image of being a Man and women despise them as they are merely pawns.

Those dudes aren’t having sex, they aren’t happy, and their relationship – if they have one, has a woman who looks at him knowing the second there is a stronger branch to swing to, they’re gone.

This is what society has done to men. This is what the female imperative has done to masculinity. This is the result of years of conditioning by those plugged in weaksauce white knights. This is where we are.

I am drawing a line in the sand, I am setting a boundary and I advise all of you reading this to do the same.

Do not support these types of images, do not go along with the ‘acceptance’ of weak men. If a man does this type of shit, let him know it’s fucking pathetic. I’m aware of the 38th Law (Think as you like but behave like others)  in The 48 Laws of Power but there comes a time and place where you have to be the lone voice in the crowd that says, “No.” – to be the one to swim against the politically correct stream and say, Fuck that, this shit isn’t going to fly anymore.

Could you imagine one of these dudes being your father? Look at them, could you imagine being their wife, having the dadbod lay on you, squishing you while you have your 46 seconds of missionary before he is winded?


These aren’t masculine men and they sure as hell aren’t brave men.

They are weak men, and for masculinity to return in its natural form, we have to stop promoting this type of behavior.

I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.


5 thoughts on “ Are you a ‘Funny Fat Guy’?

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  2. Spot on. It amazes me that men like this don’t want to change a lot of the times either. There is a fat ass nerd at work who is the “nice guy” to all the chicks. When he is not around, they all talk about how gay he is. They see him as a friend they can push around. I showed him the red pill, and he seemed offended. Maybe by seeing how all the chicks at work fall head over heels for me all the time will open his eyes. I doubt it though. Some of these guys are so hopelessly plugged in.


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