Burn Your Ship

You must be fully dedicated to this process, how bad do you want it?

You must be fully dedicated to this process, how bad do you want it?

The most crucial aspect to reclaiming your masculine nature is committing to something with every fiber of your being. You have to want to improve and take responsibility for your life so bad that you’re willing to jump without knowing where you’ll land, you have to put yourself in a very vulnerable position where you’re either going to win or you’re going to get fucking wrecked.

This is the masculine way, this is how men commit to goals they are passionate about and what could you be more passionate about than saving yourself and taking control over the brief life you have on this planet?

It seems easy, yet can you remember the last time you did not back down to avoid confrontation? Many men can’t think of a time where they took an action or they took a stance, yet they left just a little bit of doubt or ‘self’ behind just in case they were wrong or needed to retreat. It’s a sad fact I’m not proud of, but I know men who have never stood their ground and committed & defended their stance or opinion on a matter – not once in their life have they planted their feet and refused to accept anything but victory.

Brothers, this is exactly what you must do when you make the decision to reclaim your masculine nature. You’ve got to go into that decision with everything you have, leaving nothing behind, no hesitation, doubt, or fear this decision is not one which can be made halfheartedly; you are in or you are out: all or nothing.

The guys who took the advice of the Manosphere and left saying it was bullshit are the guys who half assed their commitment to the act of becoming a man again. They can’t say the Manosphere is bullshit because what they did was not what the Manosphere told them to do. If you can’t commit to the program, then you never followed the program. It isn’t the fault of the masculine pipeline that you’re too weak or you’re too fucking afraid to let go of the system that has feminized you and kept you safe inside the mold it made for you..

The guys who don’t commit their entire ‘self’ to the transformation, they never make it. You have to be 100% ready to own your fucking life, if you give 80% it’s not enough. Leaving that 20% behind leaves 20% of you to fall back if times get rough. When you have an escape route, you’ll never commit 100% to the attack, you’ll never tap into that ‘do or die’ mindset and because of this, you’ll revert back to who you were.

This is it, you've committed & there's no turning back.

This is it, you’ve committed & there’s no turning back.

There is no retreat, there is no returning to who you once were. When you see the strings which control those around you, you can never unsee them. Understand that once you start the voyage to reclaiming your masculine nature you’ll never return to who you were, no matter how bad you want to. So choose to do something you haven’t done in years, something you’ve possibly never done in your fucking life – give every shred of who you are to the act of improving yourself, owning your life, and taking responsibility for where you are and what you have or have yet to achieve in this life.

It isn’t the fault of your mother, brother, wife, or friends. No, it’s your fault that you became weak, fat, and sensitive; if you want to make a change then you need to stop lashing out at those around you and recognize that you need to look inside and accept responsibility for all of it.

This is your fucking life, you are the only one who is with you for the entire ride. Now you need to dig fucking deep and find comfort in the discomfort of reality. When you calm the fuck down and you’re able to feel that fire growing inside I want you to turn inward, grab the spark of masculinity which is trying to break through and you fucking fan that flame until there is a god damn bon fire in your heart and soul – then you act.

You make one small act today, then another. Draw a boundary here, lead there, and challenge yourself over and over again. Sharpen your mind and as you progress your body will catch up. Make yourself hard, make yourself a leader, and in time you’ll make yourself a man again.

There is no going back, and this is why you must burn that fucking ship on those foreign shores. You will die here before you retreat home. You will win this battle against yourself or you will fucking die trying. If you quit or save that ship and use it to retreat, you’ll be left forever afloat in the abyss of what could have been – alone, depressed, resentful…

If you burn your ship on the shores of masculinity, you remove that disgraceful fate.

You have to stand your ground; you have to tell your wife and friends “No.” from time to time. When the whole world is telling you that they don’t like muscles and you should just have a little snack you’ve got to accept they are against your progress. They want you to do well, but never better than them. You’ve got to look at your wife and recognize she will never love you the way you love her.

You’ve got to set yourself up for success by removing the possibility of failure. There is no failure if you remain committed to who you are as a man. You marriage may fail, you may have to cut friends and family out of your life, and you may take a financial hit in the process, but none of that matters so long as you are pursuing your mission in this life.

I write, I write because if I don’t get these thoughts out of my head I will go mad. I need to release the pressure; I do it through this blog. When I don’t write & lift I feel anxious, irritable, frumpy, and unmotivated. That’s my thing. If I were to lose my wife, lose friends and family, and lose some net worth I would still write and lift. This is my mission and there’s no turning back from it.

You must find a reason to improve, a reason to embrace your masculine nature and place it above all else. It is this reason that you will return to time and again as the nights get cold and lonely. It is this reason that you get to the gym even though you’re sore. It’s this reason that helps you find the will to push forward when every other part of your body and mind are telling you to take a rest, to stay still…to stop.

For most men, this comes after the marriage has failed, they recognize right before divorce how much of a pussy they’ve been and now they’re going to do it different. They are going to live life on their terms because now they don’t have to answer to their wife.  What they miss and what I am trying to get you to understand is that you can take this action at any point in time. You’ve never needed your wife’s permission to live life as a masculine man.

You don’t need the permission of society, friends, or family to follow your mission in this life.

You are here to conquer, not to visit temporarily.

You are here to conquer, not to visit temporarily.

Make the decision to live life as a masculine male. Stop bottling up your desires and genuine nature, stop sitting on the fucking fence thinking, yeah, I’d love to have better sex but I don’t want to have to be mean to get it or yeah, I’d love to be a jacked guy but being fat is so much easier.

You fucking pussy, find your fucking balls and recognize that there will be times where you have to put yourself first and piss some people off and be UNcomfortable.

There will be times where you have to get up and go when all you want to do is sit or lay down.

There will be times where the truth of reality is so incredibly painful and disappointing and the comfort of the lie is such an easy choice…Brothers, you have to force yourself to continue to walk through the storm instead of finding shelter.

You must find comfort in that discomfort and you must do so with your full commitment. You are not only committing to being a masculine man but you’re also committing to never returning to the previous version of who you were.

Burn the ship, prepare to face your enemy and remember you have to win because there’s no other choice.

– Hunter

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  1. Dead on in so many categories. Going into anything, particularly changing your life from the blue pill to red pill takes a total commitment. In the case of the married man if you change weakly, seeking her approval, or worrying about pissing her off, you will fail. She will sense your weakness and likely call you on it. What most men don’t realize is she wants you to succeed (even if she doesn’t know it or won’t admit it). However, it is in her nature to test you to see if the change is permanent or if you still lack the balls to lead her. Nobody wants to follow a weak leader… Keep up the good work Hunter

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