23 thoughts on “A Serious Look for Serious Words

  1. Very cool to see! I like it a lot. You really did nail that feeling of a sort of masculine, royal power. And I like that you’ve put thought into the symbolism. It’s good that the internet has given us access to men who think deeply on things, and who measure their words and actions.

    Another thing I’d consider looking at is your permalink structure, and changing it to go from thefamilyalpha.com/year/month/day/post-name to just thefamilyalpha.com/post-name.

    This is just personal preference, but I think it looks cleaner.


      • It depends on how important the publishing dates are to your audience. A news site, for instance, will usually include the date in the URL, because readers want to know at a glance (without having to click a link) when an article was published. The manosphere and its authors are ever-evolving, so it’s somewhat relevant when a piece was published. Roissy, for instance, uses that structure.


  2. Very nice. Clean, strong look. Yeah, making a logo can be a royal pain, and deciding even which direction to go with it can be just as bad. Looks like good decisions were made all around.


  3. Great work Hunter. I love the passion you are conveying in the thoughts behind the logo. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your perspective on being a Family Alpha.


  4. There couldn’t be a more fitting banner for The Family Alpha. Serious, regal, bold, masculine. It immediately foreshadows for your visitors the qualities they can expect from the content they’re about to absorb.


  5. Found your blog about a week ago, keep up the good work. Been reframing my life to be the family alpha for the last 14 months(redpill conversion started then), lots more to do. Lots. Thanks for doing what you do!


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