New Project: Spring into Masculinity

Ligt the Masculine Flame Inside

Light the Masculine Flame Inside

Beware the Ides of March:

The warning fits the intent of this project. Mediocrity should beware, your former weak self should beware, complacency and comfort should beware, because at the end of this, they will no longer exist. There is nowhere for them to run or hide in your mind, you’re coming for them and this March, you’re destroying them.

A Seed is Planted

There was a blog called ‘The Lifestyle’ which ran a series called the Alpha Dog Days of Summer.

This series was 20 straight days where the author provided you with something. Whether it be focusing on your ability to pay attention or how you dressed yourself. Each day had a clear purpose and each day was improving and expanding on the skills of the previous day. The goal was to create a habit & create a mind which displayed the traits all ‘alpha’ males possess.

I came across this blog via @JackShepReturns (not dropping a link as he’ll probably be banned by twitter again within the month) and a seed was planted in my mind.

The Alpha Dog Days of summer was written in 2011. It’s time for the next installment, Spring.

The Project

We are heading into Spring soon and there’s no better time to reclaim and grow your masculine self than when the rest of the world is coming alive as well. While the heat rises so will your masculine flame. As flowers bloom so will you, showing the world the man which lives inside; no longer repressed but expressed.

March will be my first full month as a 30 year old.

What better way to start out this next decade of my life than with a month dedicated to self-improvement with my brothers?

Every day during the month of March I will be writing a post dedicated to embracing the ‘masculine-self’. These won’t be two paragraph ‘journal entries’, but actual posts. These are going to be the Spring equivalent of Alpha Dog Days of Summer.

The timing is perfect; at the end of the 31 days of March and Springing into your new Life you will enter April, May, & June.

They say when you start to work on yourself it takes 30 days for you to really notice, 60 days for friends and family to notice and accept this is the new you, and 90 days for the world to recognize your efforts.

March will build your foundation and you will enter the next 3 months armed with both the discipline and motivation to make this coming summer the summer in which you look good, feel good, and will always look back to as the point where you reclaimed your masculinity and took responsibility for your life and health.

  • You’ve set and missed enough deadlines.
  • You’ve relapsed enough times.
  • You’ve suffered in silence for what seems like an eternity…

Make the commitment to yourself, put yourself first and actually commit to something and stick to it. Brothers, I’m telling you now, if you do not take ownership of yourself, here and now, after reading what I’ve written, you will regret it forever.


I’m not charging for this, I’m not making you sign up for any type of list, and I’m not making do pointless shit like pick a fight with a stranger. I’m just extending my hand through words, grab hold and save yourself from the quicksand of a weak society you’ve been slowing sinking into day by day. I’m putting the information out there and setting the bar, you either choose to reach it or you don’t.

But know this now, you’ll always look back to this moment and wish you’d fucking started and grabbed the hand of the man who was working to pull you out of the abyss of dismal living.

There are going to be challenges and you must commit to completing them. If I say do 100 push-ups that day, 50 in the morning is not good enough.

If I say I’d like you to look at your life and objectively isolate the areas where you are truly dissatisfied, this doesn’t mean ignore the difficult parts like sex, physique, etc.

The term Good Enough should be removed from your vocabulary in regards to obstacles as that mentality leads to mediocrity.

This is about breaking the mundane and mediocre existence you’ve lived up to this point.

This is about Springing into the next phase of your life, where you live genuinely, love masculinely, and fucking own each and every day; leaving nothing to chance, leaving nothing to regret.

Join me Brothers, let’s raise the standard and set the bar from which excellence will be measured.




30 thoughts on “New Project: Spring into Masculinity

  1. This is an excellent idea. I’m in.

    It is not always easy to know where to start, or what the next step is, or how to stay on top when you’re in the middle of improving yourself. I look forward to this challenge and information. Testing oneself against set challenges and new experiences is a great way to continue to grow. Keep up the great work.


      • I looked into the Alpha Dog Days of Summer you mentioned. Lots of good exercises in there, one thing to take into consideration is family men versus single men. I know you are not copying his examples, but a lot of those situations required a few hours at a time at a bar, or driving in traffic, to practice learning and adapting. This gets monumentally more difficult with babies and wives waiting for us at home. Getting out of one’s comfort zone is a great thing, I just hope your ideas can work in conjunction with a home life. If some are not possible, I’m sure I can adapt to tailor it to my personal timeframe. Excited to hear about the challenges.


  2. Love the idea, man. Continually adding value to oneself and improving is where it’s at. I’ll be watching with great interest. I’ve got a strict 7 day/week PT program I’m following, so unless your “do 100 pushups” falls on a chest day, probably won’t happen. 😉 Keep up the good work.


    • Ha!

      For the guys who are dialed in, this is supplementary. Most are not, this will be their main program.

      With that said, maybe the push-ups on non-chest day will challenge you beyond your comfort zone.

      New insight to be gained.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Excellent, I’m looking forward to hearing of the results and how men take it to the ‘next level’ after this month is over and beyond.


      • I appreciate the challenge, as well as your provocative comment, around how we as men can take it to the next level, beyond simply following instructions in the first month. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

        With that said, I’ve been following your blog for a few months now. As a recent “red pill-er,” with kids, I want you to know that I appreciate your no nonsense message, while ensuring the applicability of the Red Pill message to family men, such as myself (single dad with kids). Your blog is a strong inspiration, and I was pleased to read of your recent post about your ongoing commitment to this blog. I look forward to reading more and being further challenged, while also contributing with my comments going forward.

        Keep up the good work..


  3. This is a great idea, I’m looking forward to it. I remember turning 30…almost 17 years ago… Time flies, enjoy your 30s and the kids while they are young. I can remember the evening of my 30th birthday, working out alone in my garage at the time. The Tim McGraw song My Next Thirty Years was just released. It came on the radio and I remember laughing to myself about how fitting that was. It’s strange, I can’t remember a damn thing these days, but I remember that moment clearly… Keep up the good work, I enjoy your writing.


  4. I realize you write for those that need to reconnect with their repressed masculinity, but your writing also sharpens the minds of like-minded men like iron sharpens iron. I’m always inspired by your content and appreciate what you’re doing to help the many emasculated, hurting men among us to find the cure for what ails them.


  5. TFA,
    You’ve flipped the switch… committed fully!
    It is amazing once a man fully commits to something (not submit). It’s hard work, but pays dividends 10 fold.
    What sets you apart is your willingness to cross over from just a general “how thing are” approach to daring to “giving real instruction” for being a family alpha.
    Who else has the inner strength, courage even to lead their families and protect them from mediocrity.
    It’s like the whole of society says it’s OK even desirable to just waste away ones’ life.
    Please put together a book, even just an kindle book, men need this stuff.


  6. I’m in Hunter. I look forward to the challenges you are going to implement in this 30 day program. I’m an older dude (46) that just got divorced, but I still read your blog, especially the posts on self improvement and leading your children through positive masculinity. Keep up the good work brother.


  7. Fucking A Hunter… Fucking A. Every man needs a pep talk now and then to keep the ball rolling. In a nutshell : “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” —Ernest Hemingway


    • Excellent quote, I may use it as the slogan of this project.

      The goal isn’t to beat me or any other man; the goal is to beat the voice in your head saying, “you’re fine the way you are.”

      The man in the mirror, that’s your competition.


  8. I’m in Hunter. I’ve made many positive changes over the last 6 months, but I know there is a long way to go and that there is never a final destination. Self-improvement is a never ending process. Thanks for all you do to help make men better men, fathers, and husbands.


  9. Excellent idea. I’m in. Just discovered your site yesterday and am immersing myself in the posts. You’re a great resource for men at all stages of TRP and all stages of family life, including an old guy like me (almost 50 years old) who has been married 20 years. Self-improvement never stops, game day never ends.


  10. If I say I’d like you to look at your life and objectively isolate the areas where you are truly dissatisfied,

    That’s easy. My game is shit. Always has been. Doesn’t help that I’m a natural introvert. Hints, challenges, and encouragement on that front would be greatly appreciated.


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