Day #3: Fresh Start Friday

Day #1

Day #2

Yesterday’s Recap: Each day I’ll do a brief recap from the day before. Day #2 started with me opening my twitter to 263 notifications. My initial fear was to lose the motivation men felt in the beginning, this clearly proved that fear invalid.

Yesterday our brethren faced their inner demons while we did the same. The pain you felt is the pain they felt, we all fought together and we have all made it to another morning.

We faced our deepest enemy, our ‘self’ and we survived. What we once viewed as something we should hide and be ashamed of, we have no claimed and taken ownership over.

Congratulations brothers, you’re one step closer to becoming your masculine self.

Men needed this campaign.

I can’t tell you how many said that they were on the cusp of taking action and this series was that little shove they needed.

Now, they’re killing it.

My challenges are the minimum and everyone is adding their own personal challenge to this mix, which is perfect.

Keep moving forward, one day at a time, one hour, one decision.

Create the habit of defaulting to masculine action & decisions.

Daily Reminder


Don’t reward yourself with a drink after work if you’ve given it up for the month. Don’t jerk off when your wife isn’t around because that’s the only way you can fall asleep or that you ‘need to relax’.

This is about doing it differently, it’s about doing it right.

It’s so easy to say yes when some offers you a smoke or drink.

You must say no.

Show yourself that you’re worthy of the life you feel you deserve. There are no second chances; you’re either all in or you aren’t.

If you fail, confess to it and try to continue on. Be sure to share it, hiding and pretending you’re still marching with the real men will only drive your self-hate to even greater heights.

This is about reclaiming your masculine nature. You’re worth the physical and mental pain required to complete that task.

Suffer with me for this month and you’ll forever be able to claim the glory of being an original Man of March.

Reminder: The rules of Men of March:

  1. You will not masturbate, edge, or touch your dick for pleasure during the entire month. You can have sex, but not with yourself.
  2. You will not watch porn, sexy gifs, look at provocative photos or anything of the sort as this will lead to you breaking rule one.
  3. You will do 100 pushups every day. Don’t give the ‘time’ excuse, or any excuse as I don’t give a fuck, just do them. Break it up however you have to, but before you sleep at night, 100 must be done; chest day or not.
  4. You must start reading a book. Even if it’s just a few pages a day at first you must be reading a book. I will be reading New World Ronin by Victor Pride this month. You don’t have to finish the book in the month, just actively read a few pages every day to build the habit. With that said, my goal is to finish the book this month.
  5. You have to start giving genuine answers to people. If someone asks if you’re busy, don’t say “No” when you are. You have to stop avoiding conflict at the expense of your true self. If your wife asks a question, give an answer, “I don’t know/care” Is not an answer a leader gives to his crew. Start knowing, start caring, and start telling the world your true opinion.
  6. If you have a vice, remove it. You have to be honest with yourself; if you’re overweight and drinking to numb or are smoking pot and being unproductive, that shit has to go. This isn’t a ‘dry’ challenge, if alcohol or pot isn’t a problem good to go. If it’s more than that, leave it be for the month.
  7. Every day there will be a challenge, you must complete it.
Keep the spark alive by making your marriage an adventure.

Keep the spark alive by making your marriage an adventure.

Day #3: Fresh Start Friday

Men fall into routine, we’re creatures of habit and there’s nothing that will change that. It’s the reason men can eat the same meal time & again without complaint, it serves its purpose, we move on.

In development of the masculine self this is detrimental as we’re in an age where everything is comfortable & controlled.

There’s little fear of violence, we go from climate controlled home, to climate controlled car, to climate controlled building never really worrying about the elements except for a few brief moments between climate controlled environments.

This comfort has created routines which breed weakness and a total loss of experience.

Today, Friday, we fuck that routine up.

This is Men of March, if you haven’t noticed we’re leading real change and reclaiming our genuine selves, that means fighting our instinct to resist change.

Trust me brothers, this Friday you’ll make a memory that will last months as opposed to doing the same old thing which you’ll forget or repeat by next Friday.

Breaking the routine will not only improve our own standard and how we approach life, it will also improve our relationship.

Being a predictable man means you’re a stale and boring man. The last word you want to be associated with is boring.

Lose the stigma by breaking another boundary. Lead the charge and shift your entire perspective on what it means to be alive.

Fuck routine, go out and experience the world. Accumulate memories and experiences over more ‘stuff’ and mundane mediocrity.

Challenge #3

  1. 100 Push-Ups
  2. Choose your situation & Apply:

Married/LTR with kids: It’s important to ensure that you, as the leader of this clan, are making the time to develop and enjoy those whom you lead.

When is the last time you, your wife, and your kids all had a genuine laugh together?

For most, the answer is too long.

This Friday, instead of ordering pizza and watching a movie, why not have a family cooking night where you all make your own dish; whether that’s individual pizzas, sandwiches, whatever make the act of working together and having fun a thing.

If you want to watch a movie – great!

Set some blankets up, build a ‘floor fort’, or your own fancy home theater and make the movie an experience and not just you sitting on the couch. Pop some popcorn, turn the lights low, grab flashlight and guide everyone to their seats, etc.

Something I do is read to the kids and let them both climb into the same bed and listen to the story.

I’ll do different voices for each character, sing any songs in the book, and do all sorts of fucked up sound effects to make it as real as possible.

You’ll have to cater your ‘Friday night Shenanigans‘ to your specific family, but make it fun.

Routine = Death

When the kids go to bed, read below as you’ve got to view your wife as your lover and not just ‘mom’ or ‘wife’.

You are the Dominant, she is the submissive, fill your Masculine & feminine roles.

You are the Dominant, she is the submissive, fill your Masculine & feminine roles.

Married/LTR without kids: Your girl is your lover first and girlfriend/babymomma/wife next. This Friday, let her know you’ve got plans for the two of you.

If you have money: 

Start looking on Yelp!, Google maps, whatever to find a place that the two of you have never been.

It might suck, if it does even better you can make it a running joke which gets the two of you laughing together at how terrible the food or service is, making fun of people, playing the “Are they Fucking?” game, etc.

Make it fun and through your boyish humor and ‘can do‘ attitude, you’ll keep her from going bitch mode.

If you don’t have money:

Then we’re going full ‘DIY’ mode. Create your own picnic by grabbing stuff around the house like a blanket and maybe a candle (be safe).

For most it’s too cold or the weather sucks. If this is the case for you, then sneak to the basement, backyard, deck, or fucking spare room and set it up however you’d like. Build a picnic for her like you never have before and act like it’s totally normal for people to do shit like this on a Friday night. Again have a blast, make it fun, wear a Bow-Tie with no shirt, you get the idea.

If your weather is awesome, then create the same scenario outdoors on your lawn, nearby park, or just set up a nice little getaway to look at the moon from the top of your local ‘high elevation’ point.

Another option is to grab some paper, markers, pens, or crayons and get something to lean the paper against(canvas if you have the funds).

Next, put Bob Ross on the TV via YouTube/Hulu and have your very own Paint Night.

Again, act like you’re dead serious and you’re goal is to out paint fucking Bob Ross (The last time we did this I tried painting the Balrog from LOTR and it turned out looking like a cat that was high)

The point is, get creative and do something you’ve never done, create a memory in her mind and give yourself the gift of genuine joy as I know all men love seeing their girl smile her beautiful & genuine smile.

Women will never be the mission of men. Pursue your mission.

Women will never be the mission of men. Pursue your mission.

Single: You can bring friends, but only if they’re able to leave right when you are and if they’re willing to follow your lead.

Go somewhere in another town without any particular destination. Decide on a town nearby you want to go to and just drive to it, don’t even go home from work.

If you have to go home to change out of a work uniform or you stink, then get home, shower, get some good clothes on, and get out.

Look for a place you’ve never experienced.

Bar, restaurant, or club it doesn’t matter just get out and experience something new, get out of routine and stale living, go have an adventure.

Drink a new drink, eat some new food, try to enjoy each bite and start a conversation with whomever.

This is living.

Go out and live your life by experiencing all the great venues which are practically in your backyard yet you’ve never taken the time of day to check out.

Wrapping up Day #3

Nowhere in this did I say anything about sex. That doesn’t mean it won’t be on your mind, it probably will but hear me out. Men of March isn’t about getting fit and it isn’t about getting your dick wet, it’s about cultivating masculinity.

Too many nights have been ruined by the covert contract of ‘sex’ being written all over every action.

Instead of taking her out thinking, “I’m going to get laid” or pouring her wine thinking, “We’re going to have drunk sex” or the infamous, “I took her out now she’ll want to fuck me.

How about you just enjoy the night?

If you have game, are attractive, and don’t approach this with the mindset of a horny inexperienced teenage boy then you’re going to have a great ending to your night. But that doesn’t matter because your mind isn’t on the end of the night, it’s on the present moment.

Immerse yourself in the new experience and have fun with your Fresh Start Friday.

If you’d like to donate to The Family Alpha you can do so using the link below.


32 thoughts on “Day #3: Fresh Start Friday

  1. Rule 2 – Don’t look at provocative photos

    10 Paragraphs later – Provocative photo

    I see what you did there, challenge passed


    • HA!

      I was fucking hoping someone saw the little challenge I dropped in there.

      The fact that I don’t normally put photos like that unless strictly talking sex should have been enough of a hint.


  2. > Nowhere in this did I say anything about sex. That doesn’t mean it won’t be on your mind, it probably will but hear me out.

    *Probably* doesn’t begin to cover it, buddy. Were you watching me in my bed last night as I lay there remembering rule #1, planning what to do with my Friday night after successful days 1 and 2? Better. Fucking. Not.

    I think your plan is working.

    In other news, finished the first book (in progress before the challenge): Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking. Yesterday, another man posted how he wasn’t ready to quit smoking in this challenge. Brother, you can do it and we need more men like you to do it. Please take a look at that book if you are a nicotine addict. The shit’s more dangerous than heroine, yet we look at the two types of addictions completely differently. If that man had said he wasn’t ready to give up his heroine addiction just yet, would we had collectively thought, “it’s OK, he’ll get there, just cut back on the junk for now?” I hope not. That book and his support program have gotten millions to quit and has a much better success rate then quitting with willpower alone, drugs, or replacement therapy. He even encourages you to keep using tobacco while going through the book and it has only a scant nine pages about health.


    • You owned up and re-committed. I am not looking to self sabotage but I will be stunned if I get through 31 days without multiple fails. Hopefully I will stun myself and do it. Point is, one (or more) failures ought not lead to chucking the program – which is what I would have done in the past.


  3. 1. The sexy photo was a slap in the face, you bastard… good thing I’m all in. LOL

    2. My shoulders, abs, chest and lats are all screaming at me today, but I’m not listening.

    4. My family all got invitations to “Strange S’mores” tonight: a private screening of Doctor Strange with homemade s’mores cooked and assembled by yours truly. It may not sound extravagant to anyone else, but my wife asked me, in order: “are you taking drugs?”, “who are you and what have you done with my husband?”, and “is this invasion of the body snatchers?” So it’s certainly gotten her attention.

    Finally, and strangely enough, to me at least, taking the expectation of sex out of the equation makes it easier for me to focus on this being fun. Thanks for today’s challenge!


  4. My marriage is such that I opted for the single man’s version – went to a bar I’ve never been to, ordered a craft beer I never had. Place was empty and dull but had one moment made it worth the trip – ordered local craft beer and it was undrinkable – an “ale” that was way too sweet. On my second sip and musing to self “well this sucks’, recalled the reason I was there and yesterday’s challenge – my big unaddressed issue is cowardice, lack of assertions, etc. Called bartender, used none of my usual weasel words (“I’m sorry but …” “I don’t mean to e a pain but …”, told him firmly that the beer was undrinkable and I’d like it replaced. And petty as it sounds, I felt good about that.


    • That’s not petty, it’s getting a better beer and not suffering through a shitty one for the sake of avoiding confrontation.


  5. Had a couple of surprises earlier this week and apparently I failed to handle them in a masculine way, because I realized yesterday that I’d missed the Men of March launch. Quickly caught up on pushups and Day 1 goal setting, along with yesterday’s challenge. Now that I’m up to speed, this is EXACTLY what I needed today, specifically tonight. Instead of cooking our routine Friday night dinner, I’m swinging by the store on the way home to pickup fire forks, hot dogs and stuff for s’mores. I’ve taken over dinner duties during the week, so the fam is accustomed to seeing me in the kitchen 6:30ish most nights. When I start hearing mumbles about what we’re having, I’m springing a backyard firepit cookout on them. I’m actually fucking pumped up about it.

    Luckily I won’t have to navigate the covert contract minefield of sex with the wife. She’s in the middle of boxing Aunt Flo on top of a yeast infection (thanks, Atkins diet). I’ll admit this opportunity is a two for one deal, as it’s a chance to do something unique and outside of the box during a time that I couldn’t possibly attach any strings. As a past offender with covert contracts, I’m continuing to earn my wife’s trust back regarding the intentions of my actions.

    Today, this morning, was chest day. Meaning I still have 75 pushups to knock out between now and the cookout.

    Men of March, motherfuckers.


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