Day #5: A Spiritual Sunday

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Yesterday’s Recap: Each day I’ll do a brief recap from the day before. Day #4 consisted of removing the bullshit clutter from your life.

In our consumer focused society pushes the message that More = Better daily.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and they know that.

The men who went through his home and cleared out the excess crap which served zero purpose said they immediately felt better.

It’s because you feel you can breath again when the walls aren’t closing in around you. I live a minimalist lifestyle and couldn’t be happier.

I don’t have as much shit as other guys, but the stuff I do have all have a purpose and value. I don’t need to bog my life down and clutter my home because society told me to buy stuff and horde it just in case and neither do you.

Now that you have more room in your home and what you own has purpose and value, we can now discuss how to stop being distracted from it.

Keep grinding brothers

Daily Reminder


Don’t reward yourself with a drink after work if you’ve given it up for the month. Don’t jerk off when your wife isn’t around because that’s the only way you can fall asleep or that you ‘need to relax’.

This is about doing it differently, it’s about doing it right.

It’s so easy to say yes when some offers you a smoke or drink.

You must say no.

Show yourself that you’re worthy of the life you feel you deserve. There are no second chances; you’re either all in or you aren’t.

If you fail, confess to it and try to continue on. Be sure to share it, hiding and pretending you’re still marching with the real men will only drive your self-hate to even greater heights.

This is about reclaiming your masculine nature. You’re worth the physical and mental pain required to complete that task.

Suffer with me for this month and you’ll forever be able to claim the glory of being an original Man of March.

Reminder: The rules of Men of March:

  1. You will not masturbate, edge, or touch your dick for pleasure during the entire month. You can have sex, but not with yourself.
  2. You will not watch porn, sexy gifs, look at provocative photos or anything of the sort as this will lead to you breaking rule one.
  3. You will do 100 pushups every day. Don’t give the ‘time’ excuse, or any excuse as I don’t give a fuck, just do them. Break it up however you have to, but before you sleep at night, 100 must be done; chest day or not.
  4. You must start reading a book. Even if it’s just a few pages a day at first you must be reading a book. I will be reading New World Ronin by Victor Pride this month. You don’t have to finish the book in the month, just actively read a few pages every day to build the habit. With that said, my goal is to finish the book this month.
  5. You have to start giving genuine answers to people. If someone asks if you’re busy, don’t say “No” when you are. You have to stop avoiding conflict at the expense of your true self. If your wife asks a question, give an answer, “I don’t know/care” Is not an answer a leader gives to his crew. Start knowing, start caring, and start telling the world your true opinion.
  6. If you have a vice, remove it. You have to be honest with yourself; if you’re overweight and drinking to numb or are smoking pot and being unproductive, that shit has to go. This isn’t a ‘dry’ challenge, if alcohol or pot isn’t a problem good to go. If it’s more than that, leave it be for the month.
  7. Every day there will be a challenge, you must complete it.
Explore the infinite universe of your mind.

Explore the infinite universe of your mind.

Day #5: A Spiritual Sunday

We live in an amazing point of time. The fact that we have hundreds of men reclaiming their masculinity and taking ownership of their life across the globe at the same time is a testament to that.

This level of connection with the world can be amazing; it can also be detrimental to the development of the ‘spirit’.

We are so distracted by updates, new releases, gadgets, responsibilities, and expectations that rarely to we ever find ourselves alone.

When you’re alone I am willing to bet that there is a distraction in hand or nearby such as your phone, computer, the radio, something is keeping you from being entirely alone with yourself.

I am not a religious man, I am a very spiritual man.

I believe that the amount of distractions we have in our lives is killing the spiritual aspect of masculinity, few talk about this.

I’ve written plenty of posts on the subject of irrational confidence and complete immersion in the moment. The only way to achieve that level of living and spiritual expression is to be comfortable with who you are.

In order to know who you are as a man, you have to listen to that voice inside you. You have to stop distracting yourself from what it’s saying and you have to find a way to do this daily.

Once you are able to dial in to that voice you’ll find that you don’t get distracted from tasks such as reading quite as much. Very few people can sit down and read a book for 45 minutes straight without checking their phone, talking to someone, or doing something else, besides their task of reading.

It’s unfortunate as total immersion in a book is an incredible experience. The only way you can achieve ‘flow’ in writing is if you’re entirely immersed in that moment.

Give yourself the gift of immersing in the moment.

Start making time to listen to that voice in your head, the genuine self whose been repressed, ignored, and tuned out for years and replaced by songs, shows, and distractions.

Once you do that you’ll find yourself noticing you truly feel a breeze again, appreciate the ability to see the trees, hear the world around you.

Give yourself this gift and through your example you’ll give your family and friends the same gift and though they’ll never know it, their entire life experience will have improved because of you.

In order to be a genuine man, you need to know who you are. Shut the world out and get to know yourself.

In order to be a genuine man, you need to know who you are. Shut the world out and get to know yourself.

Challenge #5

  1. 100 Push-Ups
  2. For an hour straight you’re going to be alone with yourself today.

Maybe you sit and meditate, go for a run, walk, or drive whatever you want to do, do it.

During this time you remove all distractions from the mind. This means there will be no radio in the car, your phone won’t be on or near you, no music, nothing; it’s just you for an hour straight.

Wrapping up Day #5

Weekends are a time where families do a lot together, I get that which is why I’m publishing this post early, I wanted to give you time to plan an hour to get away & search for who you are.

For most, this time is going to be gained by waking up an hour earlier, don’t say you didn’t have ample warning.

Remember, the purpose of this is to connect with that voice inside your head. That genuine self who has been repressed for too long.

The more you remove the distractions, the more you wonder why you ever game them the time of day in the first place.

The more you remove the distractions, the more you wonder why you ever game them the time of day in the first place.

Find the voice and see where it takes you, you may discover that you’ve been worried about something or excited about something and you didn’t even know it.

When I drive my hour commute to work with the radio off I think through problems, build essays in my mind, etc. It’s meditation in motion for me and I truly believe it’s one of the reasons I’m not a stressed out dude. I’m meditating for 2 hours every day Mon-Fri.

‘Un-Plug’ from the barrage of updates and distractions society is throwing in your face, find comfort in being alone with yourself.

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18 thoughts on “Day #5: A Spiritual Sunday

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  3. I got the 100 pushups done. I had to wait until end of day lying in bed alone to steal my hour. Spent the time reflecting on why am I so dissatisfied. What do I really want? And ket boiling it down simpler and simpler until I realized mostly I want peace. And I want some bursts of joy. Now peace may be too much to ask in this world, but it is a goal


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