Day #6: Finances & Time

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Yesterday’s Recap: Each day I’ll do a brief recap from the day before. Day #5 sounded like an easy challenge, but the prospect of having to hear what is actually going on inside your mind was a terrifying act to take for some.

Facing those thoughts that you usually ignore, keeping yourself from admitting to a failure you just want to keep running from, recognizing that maybe you don’t feel the way you outwardly project that you do was something many of our brethren had to face.

But they faced it, because they’re Men of March and hopefully you faced it too.

Daily Reminder


Don’t reward yourself with a drink after work if you’ve given it up for the month. Don’t jerk off when your wife isn’t around because that’s the only way you can fall asleep or that you ‘need to relax’.

This is about doing it differently, it’s about doing it right.

It’s so easy to say yes when some offers you a smoke or drink.

You must say no.

Show yourself that you’re worthy of the life you feel you deserve. There are no second chances; you’re either all in or you aren’t.

If you fail, confess to it and try to continue on. Be sure to share it, hiding and pretending you’re still marching with the real men will only drive your self-hate to even greater heights.

This is about reclaiming your masculine nature. You’re worth the physical and mental pain required to complete that task.

Suffer with me for this month and you’ll forever be able to claim the glory of being an original Man of March.

Reminder: The rules of Men of March:

  1. You will not masturbate, edge, or touch your dick for pleasure during the entire month. You can have sex, but not with yourself.
  2. You will not watch porn, sexy gifs, look at provocative photos or anything of the sort as this will lead to you breaking rule one.
  3. You will do 100 pushups every day. Don’t give the ‘time’ excuse, or any excuse as I don’t give a fuck, just do them. Break it up however you have to, but before you sleep at night, 100 must be done; chest day or not.
  4. You must start reading a book. Even if it’s just a few pages a day at first you must be reading a book. I will be reading New World Ronin by Victor Pride this month. You don’t have to finish the book in the month, just actively read a few pages every day to build the habit. With that said, my goal is to finish the book this month.
  5. You have to start giving genuine answers to people. If someone asks if you’re busy, don’t say “No” when you are. You have to stop avoiding conflict at the expense of your true self. If your wife asks a question, give an answer, “I don’t know/care” Is not an answer a leader gives to his crew. Start knowing, start caring, and start telling the world your true opinion.
  6. If you have a vice, remove it. You have to be honest with yourself; if you’re overweight and drinking to numb or are smoking pot and being unproductive, that shit has to go. This isn’t a ‘dry’ challenge, if alcohol or pot isn’t a problem good to go. If it’s more than that, leave it be for the month.
  7. Every day there will be a challenge, you must complete it.
Time comes from Money - Money comes from Time

Time comes from Money – Money comes from Time

Day #6: Finances & Time

We need to treat the minutes of our day like currency, spent very intentionally.

On a relatively frequent basis you should be doing a quick audit on where you’re spending your time and money.

Our time is our most valuable resource and because of this it should only be spent on worthy people & activities. We get money from the time we dedicate to our profession, this is why I am covering both together, and they’re completely correlated to one another.

If you work 40 hours a week at your job, then you’re going to receive a paycheck that is worth the 40 you dedicated to performing your task.

I’m not going to argue the 9-5 as some people love what they do. Others, such as myself do our job and do it well but we’re looking for a way to leave it behind and work for ourselves.

Only you know if you’re properly compensated, if you aren’t then fix it.

The point is, you gave up time for that money, and you need to ensure that you eliminate the Time Vampires who leech from you daily.

People who complain day after day yet do not implement your advice nor do they ever intend to find a solution to their problem.

Scrolling on the phone whether it be fakebook, reddit, or twitter. If you aren’t hopping on, getting the information you need, then hopping off to pursue actual goals, then you’re wasting time.

Analysis paralysis, spending hours, solely thinking about something is not going to bring you any closer to completion of the goal. Want to get fit? Do the workouts and eat right, stop worrying so much over finding the ‘right’ program that you never implement any.

Just as there are Time Vampires there are also, Dime Vampires (I know I’m fucking brilliant).

These are the little nickel & dime expenses which suck you dry and prevent you from ever building up and getting out of the ‘rat race’.

Those $2.00 coffees every day, the out to eat lunches, snacks, video games, ‘extra channels’ on cable which you don’t watch.

You earned that money with time from your life, don’t let the Dime Vampires bleed you dry. Review where every $1.00 goes and you’ll find where it is you’re sending your precious time.

The nickel & dimes add up, know where your money is going

The nickel & dimes add up, know where your money is going

Challenge #6

  1. 100 Push-Ups
  2. Acquaint yourself with your finances and ensure you know the $$$ coming in and the $$$ going out of your accounts. Create a new budget or update the existing one to ensure accuracy, you need to ensure you’re taking care of your future self.
  3. Throughout the day, take notes (mental or physical) and get a record of where your time in the day goes. You’d be surprised at the results but the little 5-15 minute venture onto YouTube, twitter, Reddit, Facebook that you take multiple times a day really adds up. There are probably hundreds of ‘micro-moments’ stolen from you throughout each day due to your inability to manage the time you give others.
Invest in your future self by reducing your dependency on your job.

Invest in your future self by reducing your dependency on your job.

Wrapping up Day #6

This challenge isn’t too difficult, nor is it as introspective as the others. Audit your life, find out where are you spending time & money and you’ll find out why you aren’t where you want to be.

Cut the Time & Dime Vampires from your life and watch how you thrive.

Finances shouldn’t have this ‘taboo’ associated with it, it’s just money. Go over where it’s being spent and come up with a plan to strategically spend on things which are worthy of the limited seconds of your life.

Life isn’t about ‘stuff’ it’s about experiences. You can give your wife and children experiences and memories which will last a lifetime without breaking the bank.

Instead of going out to eat weekly or to expensive sites, create your own adventures and have cookouts in new locations. There are so many ways to live this life without falling victim to consumer mindset. Do some research and discover ways you can reduce your debt, reduce your dependency on your job, and eliminate those who are sucking the life from you.

You’re a Man of March, make it happen.

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24 thoughts on “Day #6: Finances & Time

  1. I like this emphasis on consumer mindset. Cutting the Kruft and focusing on what really matters.

    Austerity = Cutting everything for the sake of cutting = inauthentic
    Being mindful = Cutting only the things (and activities) that don’t pay off for you = ideal


  2. Good post! One of my goals for march is to get my budget in check. This perspective helps greatly. Regarding time I use the pomodoro technique at work, working in intervals of 25 minutes tracked throughout the day. Really helps me stay on track. Best thing is I can look back at the end of the day and look at where all my time went and what was accomplished.

    On another note I wonder if you would post this on married red pill. I was looking for it and so glad I found your post here, but I know the guys on Reddit will be looking for it too.


    • I was going to this morning but I got pulled into an emergency, pass the info if you’d like, I’ll link full post when I can.


  3. Mea Culpa. Broke today … watched porn and edged but not to climax. Choices are to call it defeat and quit or call it a setback. I’ll call it a setback.

    Struggling to find time to really address the challenges. Too much time wasted, which of course is the purpose of the exercise – to identify these issues. I did address two medical bills outstanding for over a year and resolved them.

    As regards the sexual breakdown …

    “When a man desires a thing too much, he at once becomes ill at ease. A proud and avaricious man never rests, whereas he who is poor and humble of heart lives in a world of peace. An unmortified man is quickly tempted and overcome in small, trifling evils; his spirit is weak, in a measure carnal and inclined to sensual things; he can hardly abstain from earthly desires. Hence it makes him sad to forego them; he is quick to anger if reproved. Yet if he satisfies his desires, remorse of conscience overwhelms him because he followed his passions and they did not lead to the peace he sought.
    True peace of heart, then, is found in resisting passions, not in satisfying them. There is no peace in the carnal man, in the man given to vain attractions, but there is peace in the fervent and spiritual man.”


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  5. I found this blog today (via reddit) and read back from day 1 until now. I had a revelation on Friday night when my wife told me she thinks I am “one of her children” after we had a big,stupid. ever so common fight over paint color. I realized my life is in more shambles than I thought and I am done. Over it. Tired of not having sex, being miserable everyday, being embarrassed about how I look, feeling like crap, all of it.

    I did 50 pushups. I started reading sidebar links from marriedpill. I did more today after I read those posts for just myself than I have in months. Thanks for the motivation. I’m reading like a madman and I don’t feel like it’s impossible anymore.


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