Day #11: Negative Visualizations

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Yesterday’s Recap: Each day I’ll do a brief recap from the day before. Day #10 forced you to reflect on the fact that no matter how you dress yourself, what flashy accessories you add to your look, or how much you distract from the self, people respect presence and it is presence alone which will inspire respect and submission.

The concept of being the man women want and men want to be can only be achieved when you are capable of sending those masculine vibes throughout a crowd and into the heart and mind of those whom you’re around.

You have to have your shoulders back, be able to maintain eye contact with a smile on your face and not getting lost in your head, and being in control of what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

This is why you need a healthy body and a healthy mind, only when you align the two can you radiate those masculine vibrations.

Do not think it’s something you can cover up with better fitting clothes and improved hygiene. You’ve got to feel that confidence and comfort with who you are as a man all the way to your core.

Daily Reminder


Don’t reward yourself with a drink after work if you’ve given it up for the month. Don’t jerk off when your wife isn’t around because that’s the only way you can fall asleep or that you ‘need to relax’.

This is about doing it differently, it’s about doing it right.

It’s so easy to say yes when some offers you a smoke or drink.

You must say no.

Show yourself that you’re worthy of the life you feel you deserve. There are no second chances; you’re either all in or you aren’t.

If you fail, confess to it and try to continue on. Be sure to share it, hiding and pretending you’re still marching with the real men will only drive your self-hate to even greater heights.

This is about reclaiming your masculine nature. You’re worth the physical and mental pain required to complete that task.

Suffer with me for this month and you’ll forever be able to claim the glory of being an original Man of March.

Reminder: The rules of Men of March:

  1. You will not masturbate, edge, or touch your dick for pleasure during the entire month. You can have sex, but not with yourself.
  2. You will not watch porn, sexy gifs, look at provocative photos or anything of the sort as this will lead to you breaking rule one.
  3. You will do 100 push-ups every day. Don’t give the ‘time’ excuse, or any excuse as I don’t give a fuck, just do them. Break it up however you have to, but before you sleep at night, 100 must be done; chest day or not.
  4. You must start reading a book. Even if it’s just a few pages a day at first you must be reading a book. I will be reading New World Ronin by Victor Pride this month. You don’t have to finish the book in the month, just actively read a few pages every day to build the habit. With that said, my goal is to finish the book this month.
  5. You have to start giving genuine answers to people. If someone asks if you’re busy, don’t say “No” when you are. You have to stop avoiding conflict at the expense of your true self. If your wife asks a question, give an answer, “I don’t know/care” inot an answer a leader gives to his crew. Start knowing, start caring, and start telling the world your true opinion.
  6. If you have a vice, remove it. You have to be honest with yourself; if you’re overweight and drinking to numb or are smoking pot and being unproductive, that shit has to go. This isn’t a ‘dry’ challenge, if alcohol or pot isn’t a problem good to go. If it’s more than that, leave it be for the month.
  7. Every day there will be a challenge, you must complete it.

Each morning you are born and each night you die, did you live?

Day #11: Negative Visualizations 

In order to appreciate what you have, you must lose it.

You’ve seen your wife, kids, girlfriend, whomever for how many days straight?

Have you ever thought that even though you love this person, maybe you’ve become desensitized to their presence?

Most would say No especially the married men and fathers out there.

We’ll see…

Don’t lose that fire you once felt when you first fell in love.

Challenge #11

  1. 100 Push-Ups
  2. Perform the following mental experiment for the rest of Men of March.

I want you, at the beginning of each day, to take a moment to yourself to allow your mind to drift away.

While your mind is drifting, I want you to think of losing those closest to you.

Picture your wife and children being hit by a drunk driver, picture their caskets, picture standing their while their cold bodies are lowered 6′ into the ground.

Picture the little hands you’ll never hold again, the smile you’ll never see, the smell of your wife dissipating from your bed day by day.

Picture yourself waking up to a silent home, cleaning out their rooms, packing the pictures which captured your journey together and ornaments saying ‘Best Dad’.

They’re gone.

The abyss of blackness is infinite.

You tried to make it work and your family was taken, you’ll never have another one like that again…

Now bring them back

Slowly, let the lump in your throat shrink.

Think of your son’s eyes which are always watching you, his voice which asks for advice, and his mind which is proud of his old man… Let those memories wash over you.

Think of your daughter, the one who views you as her hero who will keep the monsters of the world at bay, the one who no matter how much wrong she does, you can’t help but smile and want to hold her because she is all that is innocent in this world…Let that warmth relax the tension in your heart.

Look to your wife, your partner in this journey through life, the one who gave life to your children and brings joy to your heart. Look to that woman who you’ve gone through the greatest and worst of times with, she is alive

Now bring them all back to life.

Realize that your family is alive and you’ve been given the gift of another day to enjoy their company.

The Red Pill introduced me to Stoicism and Stoicism introduced me to negative visualizations. I will be forever indebted because of this as the technique has improved the quality of my appreciation and ability to be in the moment.

The first time I did this I almost fucking cried. I went deep into losing them; my heart hurt, my mind was filled with sadness and rage, my lungs were burning…

Then I brought them back and immediately got up and kissed my wife’s forehead, went to the kid’s rooms and kissed their forehead and that little peck to their sleeping minds felt greater than anything I’d experienced up to that point in my life.

They were alive, we still had time to live together, and I wasn’t going to take another moment for granted and I haven’t ever since.

I want to pass this gift to you. I want you to recognize that your masculine self is allowed to feel the entire spectrum of emotions and that you need to own that.

Live hard, Love hard.

You killed them and you brought them back to life. Don’t take another moment for granted.

Wrapping up Day #11

The next kiss you give your wife and kids will feel a little more special.

The next time they want your attention you’ll be a little more likely to put the newspaper or book down and listen to their story.

The negative visualization of losing it all has become reality for some.

Those men wish, with every fiber of their being that they could go back and immerse in those moments and that they could have appreciated the time they did have a little more.

This is a fate I will not suffer because every morning I lose my family and when I bring them back to life, I make sure I remember that it could all be gone in the blink of an eye.

I will not suffer a life of regret at not giving them my all because I make sure I am immersing in each and every moment.

You too can avoid this fate if you practice the art of removing the desensitization through losing it all in your mind, then bringing it back in your ‘real life’.

Our time on the Earth is too short to think we are guaranteed tomorrow, immerse yourself in today.

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19 thoughts on “Day #11: Negative Visualizations

  1. As I read this post I was sitting alone in my living room. My wife is getting her hair done and my daughter is playing in her room. After reading I sat in the silence and tried to imagine my wife never coming through the door again or my daughter never coming downstairs to drive me crazy. It’s difficult to process. On the one hand I want to love and appreciate them more and on the other hand I’m afraid of losing them. I want to be motivated by appreciation not fear of loss. How do you reconcile the two?


  2. This is a tough exercise to do. The thought of my kids not being with me kills me a bit even though I know it’s only in my head. It reminds me of the samurai practice of always keeping death on your mind; that you could die at any time. Knowing that, you are driven to fulfill all your daily duties as a husband, father, employee, etc every day soon don’t leave your life with tasks undone.


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  4. These past 10 days have been hard. I imagine they’ll only get harder. Been in a long term relationship for years now. I find my head being turned by other women more and more. Physical attraction to partner lessening. Idk if things suck because I have sucked and I need to wait until I make myself kick ass before making a decision. I feel like after all these years it’s time to propose or break up. This challenge and other red pillish stuff is fucking with my head man shit. I feel like I had more emotions simulating my cats deaths than my partners. Fuck fuck fuck. Gaahhhhhhhh


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