Day #15: Why Did You Start?

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Yesterday’s Recap: Each day I’ll do a brief recap from the day before. Day #14 marked the halfway point in this journey. Though, to be fair this journey is like none other you’ve ever participated in.

There is no end goal to this, I am not bring you from point A to point B, I’m giving you a month of a different perspective, a masculine perspective.

What you do with that and how far you go is entirely up to you.

There is no ‘end game’ this is self improvement and genuine expression of masculinity to the grave.

#MenofMarch has become a force to be reckoned with and it is leading to immediate real world improvement to quality of life and health for men as well as those in their life who choose to raise their standard by proximity.

Look at all you’ve done in the past two weeks and recognize, we’re only halfway there.

Reminder: The rules of Men of March:

  1. You will not masturbate, edge, or touch your dick for pleasure during the entire month. You can have sex, but not with yourself.
  2. You will not watch porn, sexy gifs, look at provocative photos or anything of the sort as this will lead to you breaking rule one.
  3. You will do 100 push-ups every day. Don’t give the ‘time’ excuse, or any excuse as I don’t give a fuck, just do them. Break it up however you have to, but before you sleep at night, 100 must be done; chest day or not.
  4. You must start reading a book. Even if it’s just a few pages a day at first you must be reading a book. I will be reading New World Ronin by Victor Pride this month. You don’t have to finish the book in the month, just actively read a few pages every day to build the habit. With that said, my goal is to finish the book this month.
  5. You have to start giving genuine answers to people. If someone asks if you’re busy, don’t say “No” when you are. You have to stop avoiding conflict at the expense of your true self. If your wife asks a question, give an answer, “I don’t know/care” inot an answer a leader gives to his crew. Start knowing, start caring, and start telling the world your true opinion.
  6. If you have a vice, remove it. You have to be honest with yourself; if you’re overweight and drinking to numb or are smoking pot and being unproductive, that shit has to go. This isn’t a ‘dry’ challenge, if alcohol or pot isn’t a problem good to go. If it’s more than that, leave it be for the month.
  7. Every day there will be a challenge, you must complete it.

You’re alive, now survive and thrive in a society that wants to extinguish the fire which now burns in your heart.

Day #15: Why Did You Start?

When I first started planning #MenofMarch I projected that Day #15 was going to be the point where many of our brothers faded away.

I strategically built the program to create this type of ‘cliff’ where the numbers fell off as I wanted this to be the point where the men were separated from the boys.

This isn’t a campaign where participation trophies are handed out. This is a masculine campaign designed to help men create men.

  • Why do you think I included sexual pictures?
  • Why do you think I kept the push-ups?
  • Why do you think I switched from posting in the morning to afternoons to evenings?

The answer?

Because it would break men.

Why did you masturbate?

You promised yourself not to for a month, yet many failed. Why couldn’t you commit to not jerking your dick for a month? Does it have that much control over you? If so, now you know that you’re not a man who can go a month without getting sex and would rather grab your cock and look at pixels until you blow your load.

Why did you skip out on push-ups?

Was it too tough to space 100 push-ups throughout the day? Did you run out of time because you didn’t properly plan and therefore you chose sleep over your commitment to self? If so, now you that you aren’t a man who can plan a simple thing such as push-ups throughout the day for a month. You couldn’t maintain a commitment to self because it wasn’t as easy as just not doing the push-ups.

Why did the timing of my post throw you off?

Men will find plenty of reasons to justify failure and the timing of my posts was the last little ‘dig’ I had to throw into the gears of #MenofMarch.

People love routine and for most, routine is a great way to ensure you’re being efficient with your time.

It’s my routine to put my clothes out the day before.

But, when our routine is messed with, how do we respond?

If I went to a party, didn’t get home until eleven at night, would I still put my clothes out?

Of course I would.

Many men wouldn’t and this is the reason for the switch. You have to learn that your default is masculinity no matter what your routine brings.

You know you have the push-ups to do, you don’t need my reminder. You know you’ve got to stick to the challenge, I told you in the beginning that the rules applied to every day. So when I post in the evening and make sure not to include anything which you’d have to of done during the day, you have no excuse for lack of performance…

Now, to the men who have made it this far. Recognize that you’re carrying a flame that the world wants to extinguish, they want to stamp it out of you forever and it is because of this that you’ve got to burn even hotter.

Let your masculine fire radiate, let it be the light in the darkness, a beacon of hope for our brethren who are lost in the dark world.

You’ve made it this far, you’re going to make it to the end because you’ve proven that you are a man who is serious about changing his perspective and shifting his default behavior to that of a genuine and masculine man.

For those who failed, get up, keep marching forward.

Your blemish is for you to carry. You will drop that shame and regret when you prove you can do it.

This is not a masculine rally to the 31st of March.

No, not at all…

This is our death march.

This month was the beginning of an entire reclamation of self. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes men have been reborn and they are on fucking fire, raging, thriving on the power and energy, ready to raise their standard until the day they die.

Your brothers have been waiting for you; in two weeks the population of motivated and masculine men is going to explode and I can’t fucking wait.

As a masculine man, you are now a target embrace the role you now play in society.


Challenge #15

  1. 100 Push-Ups
  2. You need a mirror and 3 minutes alone. For 3 minutes straight I want you to look into that mirror and face the man you are. Maybe not the man you want to be or maybe not the man who inspires others to rise up and reclaim their own masculinity, but the man you are. Size everything up, visually absorb all that you are and fucking re-commit to that man. You can make it another two weeks, you can make it another 70 years. Commit to your future self.

Wrapping up Day #15

Look back at the guy who said, “I’m in.” two weeks ago.

That guy made a pledge to who you’ve become. He made a commitment to himself, putting it all on the line to show that he’d rather endure a month of uncomfortable challenges and introspection than face another minute trying to fit into the mold society created for him. That man was you; look how far you’ve come in two weeks, don’t you think it’s worth finishing?

Don’t you see that razor-blade of a line you’re walking, the one where this isn’t just a month long phase but rather the birth of the real, genuine self you were always meant to be?

Brothers, I ask each and every one of you to look inside and let that masculine fire you’ve lit burn even hotter.

Fan those flames, don’t let them extinguish and promise yourself that you won’t forget why you started.


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23 thoughts on “Day #15: Why Did You Start?

  1. Still here and just as stoked as day one. This was exactly what I needed and the timing couldn’t have been better for me. Everyone still here, keep pressing on, I need more men in this world to march beside.


  2. I decided to accept the Men of March challenge because I did not like the guy looking back at me in the mirror.
    I was a pornography addict. It had gotten so bad that I couldn’t even have sex with my wife without ED medication. And even then I would rarely if ever orgasm. Since I began Men of March not only have I not watched porn or jerked off, I haven’t felt the desire to do so. In fact the idea of jerking off to porn seems ridiculous to me. It’s something a horny 15 year does not a grown man. Now that I’m on this side of things I can see my addition for what it was, a reflection of my own weakness and self loathing. So believe me when I say Men of March has been a game changer for me. I’ve not missed my push-ups and I’m not going to. I’m at the gym more consistently now and my workouts are more intense. I’ve set new personal bests this week. My wife and daughter have both responded positively to my more assertive leadership. My wife now actively seeks out my leadership which is something that hasn’t happened in a long time. I’m setting goals both personal and professional and am working daily to achieve them. In short just about every aspect of my life has improved and in some cases improved dramatically. I like the man I’m becoming and I’m not going back.
    I will see this through.


  3. “The Road to salvation is narrow and difficult to walk as the Razors Edge” – W Sommerset Maugham

    Just sub the word Masculinity for salvation. Still rings true like a bell.


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  5. I’m just gonna word vomit. I gotta put this somewhere.

    I failed. I’ve failed off and on throughout the month but nothing so hard as my failure yesterday. When everything started stacking against me, I couldn’t see up from down, I cracked and reverted to my comfortable ways. I refuse to echo chamber these success posts. There are failures out there and I’m one of them. This isn’t meant to say its okay, but I’d rather own it and try to stand back up then be crushed underneath the weight of it.

    This is my statement that I have fucked up and failed. I don’t know what to do with my LTR, I don’t know what to do with work, and I don’t even know what I’m going to do after hitting the post button. I feel pretty dead atm, maybe going and staring at a mirror for 3 minutes is going to help? Heh, we’ll see.

    Shit why am I even writing this? What am I hoping to get out of this?
    “Oh its okay, I failed too, its not a big deal.”
    I _hope_ not…. I get its a big deal. Small commitments that I couldn’t keep to myself. How do you own those and just try to move on? Like how do you REALLY own the failure, and not just kind of shuffle it under a rug. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how badly you failed? Post on some dude’s blog? Idk, is there even a point to trying to keep going? If you’ve already failed once, haven’t I admitted to the world I’m not a masculine man? Part of the appeal of this is being in it together with my fellow man, but if by admitting failure, I am permanently black marked and look down upon, why continue? I guess my answer would have to be if the max possible score I can get is an 80 now instead of a 100, I probably shouldn’t just throw it away and opt to get a 0. I guess it makes more sense to keep trying and get the 80 if I can.

    This alpha/TRP stuff feels black and white. Either you’re alpha or you aren’t. Either you’re a man or you’re a “cuck”. I guess that’s why I was attracted to your blog in the first place. It seemed like an open admission of the gray area. In order for there to be happiness within a family, there had to be a mixture of alpha and beta tendencies. During this month so far, I’ve seen nothing but alpha. I suppose that’s the point, a beta man doesn’t need more beta tendencies, he needs shock therapy into alpha land? Idk, maybe I’m taking what you’re saying too much to heart. Trying to apply it too full bore. Probably why I fucked up my shoulder early on doing 100’s of push ups. I guess that also means I’ve failed if all I’ve been able to do are ab workouts to sub in for push ups until my shoulder heals.

    I am going to try. I’m going to try to do the next thing. And the next thing, and the next thing. But I’ve wept more times in the past month than I remember in the past year. I’m not talking about some easy sniffles, I’m talking about the ugly crying man. The mucus drooling down your nose and mouth shit. I’m exhausted….probably why I broke down last night.

    TL;DR: I suck, someone out there reading this probably also sucks. Maybe my random musings will help you come to the same conclusion I did. An 80 is better than a 0. Finish the assignment.


    • Like how do you REALLY own the failure, and not just kind of shuffle it under a rug?

      Like a man; you at it, recognize why it happened, then decide what you’re going to do to not let it happen again, or if you really don’t give a fuck, you say you want to be better, but you never put any actual effort into the process.

      Look, if you truly believe masculinity is black & white then you simply haven’t been listening. You’ve been reading my writing through preconceived tone & meaning, it never had a chance.

      You want to improve, then unfuck yourself.

      Look in that mirror and face the man you are.

      I don’t give a shit if you’re ‘ugly man crying’ every day this month, so long as you fucking do something about it.

      If you don’t want to take the required actions and adjust your behaviors, so be it I said in the beginning that this wasn’t for everyone.

      But when you quit, do yourself a favor and don’t ever think that you’re the guy in the mvie who chooses the difficult task of taking on the enemy, because right now the enemy is you and you’re considering quitting.

      For men, that is not an option.

      I wish you luck brother & hope you find a light inside what seems to be a dark mind, heart, and soul.

      – Hunter


    • Make a time in your day to meditate, 10 to 15 minutes will be enough. You are your greatest enemy, don’t let your mind fool you. If you don’t know how to start, I can’t recommend the Headspace app enough, give it a try for the first free days.


    • Have to get over the grade scale system you are assigning to this. There is no final score at the end, it’s simply how much you have improved on yourself. Even after the 31 days, we will all still continue to be working on ourselves, it’s not a a 31 day course to get a degree. So stop looking at giving up and instead measure yourself by how much you improved this month, not the setbacks. This is just a foundation to get you going, accept that you and the rest of us are flawed and work your ass off to try and kill off as many of those flaws as you can. Stay strong man, do not accept the greatest failure off all, giving up on yourself.


    • Your not the only one that failed, I jacked off yesterday, and felt like a fukin loser after, Im doin more girl pushups then regular ones. Just own it and press the fuck on is all any of us can do. Theres guys that failed and gave up the second, third, fourth day, but your still here, today is my 15th day, I never thought Id get this far without giving up and sayin fuck this shit, stay strong brother.


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  9. Completely failed on the pushups yesterday. Thought I had a plan, but then I ignored that little voice in the back of my mind saying “dude, careful, you’re in danger of forgetting the last set before you go to sleep” and that’s what I did.

    So that sucks.


    1. Don’t ignore the engine light! I knew better but I told myself “don’t worry about it, what you’re doing is important too and you’ll still remember when you’re done.” Should have stopped and taken care of it then and there.

    2. I need better habits. For the rest of the month, I need to have a checklist item of “did you really complete the challenge today?” before letting myself sleep.

    Still going to continue with the remaining days.


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