Day #22: Rewarding Failure

I just got back to my room, the day started at 0515 in Houston and now it’s 2047 Seattle time, 2247 Houston, & 2347 New England, jetlag is fucking awesome.

I’ve written this on my phone, Day #22 will be re-written upon my return to New England this Sunday.

                   Day #22: Rewarding Failure 

How many people are failing to meet the standard you set?

  1. Are your kids disciplined?
  2. Is your wife following your lead?
  3. Do your friends challenge you or make you more comfortable?
  4. Are you having the sex you want?
  5. Are your children getting acceptable grades in school?
  6. Does your job pay you enough?

I could go on and on, but the point is proven here; people are probably not meeting the new standard you’ve set and you’re overlooking it.

By giving your time and attention to an individual, free of charge, you are saying that you are a man who has no value.

By not enforcing consequences and boundaries you are saying that their performance is acceptable.

If there is something wrong in your life, you need to fucking address it; conflict aversion is weak.

Failure to do so is weak and completely unacceptable.

Choose to follow the path of the man inside you, choose to directly confront the issue and draw a boundary which you will defend.

If your kids are getting shit grades or they aren’t listening to you, then you need to ensure that there is less ‘screen’ time and more father time. They’re failing because you aren’t leading them to do better.

If your wife isn’t supporting the new habits you’ve developed such as lifting, leading, & reading then recognize that she is a disgruntled woman from all of the years where you decided to be a weak fuck or she’s a bitch.

From there it is up to you to decide if she is worth the time and energy required to get her onboard.

The same goes for sex, maybe you’re unattractive; even fugly guys get their dick wet so long as they lay some game and escalate throughout their time together with a woman.

You should be fucking your wife daily, anything less is unacceptable (unless you don’t like to fuck that often). You two are lovers, stop accepting her as your ‘friend’.

We need to raise our standard and stop avoiding the confrontation with loser friends, shitty kids, and a prudish wives.

You knew the day you joined #MenofMarch that shit was going to change, well it’s changing and you need to address those who are still treating you like the man you were on March 1st.



6 thoughts on “Day #22: Rewarding Failure

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