Day #23: Run For Your Life

This is being written from my phone, it will be revised when I return from this business trip and have time to get it formatted.

Day #23: Run For Your Life

Men of March, comfort is a silent killer, it spreads like a cancer and you didn’t even know that you were suffering from this disease until you find yourself overweight, physically weak, and beaten down mentally.

This is why today you’re going to do what people fucking hate, you’re going to run as if your life depended on it.

I do not care what the temperature is outside and I do not care if it is raining.

You are going to run until you feel that your heart is going to explode.

It doesn’t matter if you go out and run ten miles or if you go out and run one; I don’t give a fuck if you just do twenty 15 yard sprints.

It just has to be performed at 100% maximum capacity.

Personal Example:

I went on a 3 mile run and that last 1/2 mile I fucking went insane.

I ran well past what I thought was my breaking point and while people were looking at me wondering if they should stop me as I probably robbed a bank, I didn’t give a fuck.

I ran and ran, I just kept pumping my legs and swinging my arms, it was spiritual.

When I reached the hotel I thought I would die; it was on this brink of death that I felt most alive.

My pulse was in my teeth, my lungs were on fire, and my ears fell swollen, I loved it.

You need to run and you need to feel what it’s like to give maximum effort; you need to remind yourself what it’s like to give everything you’ve got to something.

Most of you say you’re trying, I would love to see the intensity which in which you’re trying.

Working out is great, working out is necessary, but are you giving it your all?

Ask yourself this, are you treating your work out as if you were going to die and this is the last chance you have a testing your body?

Do your push-ups today and do you negative visualizations, continue to follow the rules and fucking run as if your life depended on it because it does.

Today you show yourself that you are capable of more than you ever thought possible.

Today you show yourself that there is nothing that can stop you from going all out and giving everything you have to this mission of reclaiming your masculine nature.



26 thoughts on “Day #23: Run For Your Life

    • Make them a part of it.

      I would strategically position them, have put their hands out, then I’d basically do a shuttle run and high five them.

      Have them count and teach them about HIIT afterwords and the need to go all out sometimes.


  1. Im a cyclist. Fuck I hate running! Give me 50 hard fought offroad miles on a bike over 1 running! But im in. Its a cardio day anyway! Good timing


      • Well, kiddo decided to take an hour to ear a fucking piece of broccoli. No time for the gym. I fail this challenge. The joy’s of being a single dad if a 3 yo. Fuck some days it is enough to rip my fucking hair out


      • Actually, Fuck that. Tough as shit night tonight, bit of a goddamn meltdown. (This challenge is bringing up a whole fuckload of things that I have been ignoring my entire life. It has been one hell of a mirror into what ive been doing so wrong…and it aint even over yet.). Made me realize how unwilling to adapt to changing situations I am. Unfortunately, I lost my temper with my kid and yelled at him when I should have been leading. Embarrasing as shit for my son to see me like that. I still have a lot of fucking work to do on myself. I am doing the run. Just read my little man a story and hes in bed. I can run up and down my fucking street.

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      • 34 degrees and misting. And im sweating my ass off and my breath tastes like blood. Fuck yes. Thanks Hunter for the idea, and for the comments section to air out my thoughts!! That just turned my day from self loathing to self being bad-ass.


      • Why didn’t I make him part of my sprint? Ive been thinking about that all morning. I can’t answer that. It just didn’t happen. Nothing I can do about that now…moving on. Thanks for getting me to think about that though man…didn’t cross my mind.


  2. It’s funny you write this today. I ran full speed hills for the first time last night. I’m training for a marathon in 6 months. About 50 feet from my last hill I thought my legs were going to violently stop working. I’ve never had such a feeling in my entire life. It was intense but I knew it was making me better. The pain was definitely worth it.


  3. Took the one year old and the dogs out in the yard for sprints. He gets to enjoy the dogs speeding past him and the dogs get extra exercise. And I get to feel alive again. Adding this to my weight program.


  4. Jogged up 10 flights of stairs at my work for this challenge yesterday. Felt like my feet were stuck to the floor on the last flight, but it was awesome afterwards. Today, for day 24, I decided I’d try something I haven’t done in over 25 years – do forty pushups at one time. May even get to 50 before this month is over. Hells yeah!


  5. Hello I’m reaching out because I don’t know how to send an email to you (no email can be found) and commenting on this post. I started late for the Men Of March because that’s when I found out about it. Currently I’m in day number 14.

    I was doing excellent until failure on the 13th day. Rule #1 & #2 were broken, along with an incomplete challenge after a night out partying.

    Feel shitty about it. Can I still continue? Did I completely fail this challenge for making a mistake?

    I need to


  6. Twenty-Five days in… started March fat and out of shape, depressed and not having the balls to do what I knew needed doing. Something in that first post clicked and got me on board. I met the challenges and at twenty-five days in, this 100 pounds over weight, 56 year old man was killing it. I’d lost 10 pounds, was seeing real progress in pushups and lifting. I had gone from ho-hum to hoorah.

    Then, in meeting one of my goals (home repairs I had been putting off), I ran my thumb through the table saw…. FUCK. One second of lost focus. One instant ignoring the safety rules. It felt like someone hit my thumb with a bat. All I could think about when it happened was, ‘I’ve only done 20 pushups today, I’ve got shit to do.’

    I didn’t lose the thumb, but the blade went through the pad to the bone and chewed the side until it looked like hamburger. Eleven stiches later the doc sent me home. I did not finish my pushups on Saturday, nor yesterday, pissed at myself for putting up this roadblock.

    This morning, I said ‘fuck it’ and did 20 right after my shower. It felt GOOD. Didn’t hurt the thumb at all, and I am going finish those 180 missed pushups along with all the others before March ends.

    This may not sound all that ‘badass’ to anyone else, but for the guy who started this journey on March 1, it’s a huge step in the right direction.

    Thanks Hunter!

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