The Men of March E-Book is coming to life


The Men of March E-Book has been written, edited, and submitted to Amazon for release (may take up to 72 hours).

We need authentically masculine men, not the apologists society is breeding.

This book was written more out of absolute necessity than my personal desire.

I had no intention of this being more than a one month masculine movement, but you guys made it crystal clear (some more forcefully than others) that this needed to be recorded and printed in physical edition so it could spread from man to man.

Seeing men discover their love for themselves and then having that transfer to finding and expressing that love with their wife, kids, friends, and family it was powerful.

Writing thousands upon thousands of words through email and PM to help guys continue on and get back up after falling down then seeing them reach the end and pump their fists in the air once they discovered that they could see something through – worth every second, minute, and hour spent writing.

Having you guys, pick me up when shit became overwhelming with work; humbling. Nobody will ever see the private messages and emails you sent, but I read every one. Nobody who reads the book will know the way the original Men of March helped me through to the end; we all needed each other and we all came out of it ‘better’ than we had entered.

I am hoping that this book reaches the hands of the rest of our brethren who are still struggling to find peace with being who they genuinely are. I hope they reach out on twitter and through email to create their own brotherhood and tribe of men.

You can make this happen.

I had originally planned to leave the reviews you guys wrote inside the cover of the book. Then I discovered how Amazon works and getting those reviews on the amazon page will push the book higher in the rankings which would expose it to more men and hopefully, guys would crack open the first page and commit to the program.

I intentionally waited a full month after March because I didn’t want the integrity of  #MenofMarch to be compromised by those who would say I only ran the program to sell something at the end.

I try to keep it as open as I possibly can without giving too much personally identifiable information away, if I wanted to sell you on #MenofMarch I would have done it during the process.

You guys sold me the program.

Fathers building blanket forts, husbands reigniting the passions in the bedrooms, men pursuing their passions and leaving the fear of conformity behind.

We created new blogs, had YouTube videos blowing up, and as a whole brought men together with a sense of tribe, respect, and support.

Not one man allowed another to be left alone; everybody who participated helped another man at one point.

This wasn’t about the ‘self’, it was about reclamation of masculinity as a whole. The greater good is the sum of all it’s part. Each of you did your part and when this E-Book/Paperback comes out, you don’t have to buy it, see if you can just leave a review , unless you want to because I personally think it’s great, though I may be biased.

The book is titled ‘31 Days to Masculinity: A Guide to Help Men Live Authentic Lives‘ It may not be the greatest title, but Men of March didn’t work so I went with a literal translation.

In the E-Book you’ll get all of the days (even the ones I missed on the blog).

You’ll also notice that the blog no longer has those posts. This is because I used the posts as the foundation for the E-Book as I wasn’t going to change the formula, if something works, don’t fix it.

The problem with that is Amazon only allows a small percentage of the book to be available to the public if I wanted to be enrolled in the KDP select, a program which increases exposure. So I deleted the posts, and enrolled in the program.

Right now the book will only be available in Kindle, as soon as they allow it, I’ll have the paperback available, hopefully within the week.

Again, those who participated in Men of March, I’m forever indebted to you as nothing I have written before or since has come close to giving me the sense of pride and fulfillment that I felt during that month.

If you choose to participate in another round by purchasing the book, please keep me up to date.



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