Sex, Toys, and Rock & Roll

Riding into work today I had the top and doors off the Jeep, radio was up listening to Five Finger Death Punch, and I was thinking of how there was a Teacher Appreciation Week which led me to the thought, what would a Husband or Father Appreciation week look like?

My Answer?

Blow Jobs & Buffalo Chicken Wings

There are people who are going to read that and think:

  • What a pig.
  • Simple minded Red Pill man thinks it’s all about getting his dick wet.
  • Could you just not share these private things?

To each of these I will follow the approach which has served me well for the past 11 years, I will not give a fuck about what people want me to do and I will do what I want to do.

This is the mindset men must cultivate if they’re ever to break the mold society so desperately wants to confine them to.

Blowjobs & Chicken Wings, few things make me happier so why should I be ashamed to say it?

I ended up in traffic, turned my radio down, and I realized that I was the only vehicle that you could hear tunes coming from. There was the slightest thumping from a few vehicles, but even they could only be heard when you strained.

Now, I firmly believe in meditation in motion. Sometimes my commute is silent the entire way, but rarely is that during the warm sunny days and I doubt that all of the cars, with their windows up were meditating.

Its summer time, the sun is out, the weather is great, why is everybody so fucking contained?

We can’t live our days hiding inside temperature controlled boxes.

I don’t expect people to be obnoxiously blasting their radios, but god damn when did everyone become so fucking meek and passive?

Why are we so restrained and averse to living life with full expression of self?

I could go into detail as to how we’ve become somewhat reclusive in nature, deflective of attention which may subject us to criticism, or the despicable notion that we must “fit in” (conform) to be accepted by our peers but I will do none of these things as it doesn’t matter why we got to this point, all that matters is that, after reading this, you break free from the spell society has cast upon you.

If what you’re waiting for is permission, I am granting it now. You are allowed to turn your radio up, enjoy sex, and play with whatever toys you want.

Rock & Roll

Free your soul by freeing yourself from the constraints of others people's negativity.

Free your soul by freeing yourself from the constraints of others people’s negativity.

Put your window down and turn your music up.

I’ll be honest, there have been quite a few rides where I’ve had the radio off, but my windows are down and my smile is on.

In 31 Days to Masculinity there is a day that calls for you to release a primal yell. This is one of the favorite days and challenges by-far because it allows you to fully release that pent up stress, frustration, and joy; it allows the soul to breath.

Turning your radio up from time to time has the same effect on your heart and soul; sometimes it just feels good to rock the fuck out to whatever kind of music you like.

I’ve sung Frozen, Moana, Queen, Slipknot, etc. Whatever fits your mood that day, belt it out. It’s OK to lose yourself to the tunes, even better when you’ve got the family in the car and they see that they’re allowed to be a little less serious in life as well.

Your family will follow your example, not your advice.

Lighten the fuck up and get back to listening to loud music without worrying whether people will judge you for singing along with Nick Lachey and 98 Deg or trying to figure out, what does the fox say?


Men love sex, we think about it all of the time yet we’re supposed to repress that nature and instead make sure we let our women know that we love them for what’s on the inside.

As a man, you need to embrace the raging sexual drive you have inside of you and most importantly stop choosing porn over possible rejection. Engage with real women, get out there and live. The pixels do not protect you from rejection, they destroy your chances at ever living.

You know you want to fuck, so go out there and fuck like you never have before. Let your girl know you want road-head. Let her know you’re a sexually driven man who lusts for women.

Masculine love is genuine, free from covert contracts.

Masculine love is genuine, free from covert contracts.

I’ve been married 8 years and when the kids aren’t around there are times where we’ll go at it like it’s our last night on Earth.

You keep your girl craving you by showing you’re not a castrated male who is content with holding her purse.

If you’re on date #7 and you haven’t had sex, she isn’t into you.

If you meet a girl and can’t tell her that you’re only interested in sex and don’t desire any type of relationship, then again you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Single men, not every woman you meet is LTR/wife material and for the guys married, sex is not supposed to decline after marriage.

Sex should not be some ‘big thing’, in fact it should be as open a part of you as your profession, hobbies, etc.

Of course you desire and enjoy sex, why should we pretend otherwise? Make it clear where you stand when the line is drawn.


Have you ever been told you were ‘compensating’ by driving a fast car, getting a motorcycle, lifting your Jeep or Truck, wearing nicer clothes, or collecting firearms?

Make sure you’ve got a giant ‘Fuck You‘ ready for those who continually try to minimize your passions into trivial ‘compensatory’ objects.

What you find to bring joy into your life is for you and you alone.

I can’t tell you how many people have said that they ‘settled down’ after marriage and kids; trading in the truck for a Kia Optima.

Masculinity is not something you do, it’s who you are. While you may have to accommodate living arrangements when moving in with someone or bringing new lives into the world that does not mean you castrate your former self in order to follow the path others are living.

Refuse to conform to their mold; continue to live the life you want.

If you like fast cars, big Jeeps, guns, or collecting old books keep that passion alive. Life is too short to get rid your toys and stop having fun.

Growing older doesn’t mean you’ve got to get a tie, work 9-5, and drive a safe and reliable fuel efficient vehicle.

You're cming out of the abyss, ensure you remove any remnants of your former, weaker self.

You define you, nobody else.

Remove the notion that conformity is what’s required and replace it with authentic living. Remember, the moment you change who you are for your wife is the moment your wife begins to lose attraction.

She married a masculine man hoping he would be her Alpha bucks, the lover and provider for her offspring. When you give in, it shows that you weren’t entirely confident with who you were and that you’re willingness to compromise is the beginning of the end of your authentic life.

Keep your passions alive; do not allow others to minimalize the importance or joy you experience from them.

Life is too short to waste a day trying to live the life others view as ‘acceptable’. Do your thing and notice the envy in their eyes.


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7 thoughts on “Sex, Toys, and Rock & Roll

  1. You’re on a roll brother! When you said toys, I immediately thought “Hitachi Magic Wand”. LOL. Great toy for any man to have. Give his girl 10 major orgasms in 5 min and she will follow you around like a puppy the rest of the week waiting for you to drop another scrap. Another great toy, the Womanizer.

    The world is suffering from Freon Poisoning. ’nuff said.


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