First Time Going Live: The 21 Convention in Orlando

It’s official, Anthony Johnson (His Twitter here) has offered me a slot on his speaking roster and after 1/100 of a second of deliberation, I’ve accepted.

This will be my first time taking The Family Alpha message live. I’m excited to do so and I hope my message resonates with the men who will be in attendance. I couldn’t be more proud to be making my first presentation as a part of The 21 Convention.

When I first started writing, I did it with the intent to help men. I am a father of two, I never thought my writing would connect with so many. After the Men of March campaign (Which turned into a book, grab a copy – HERE) the interactions exploded and I realized that people were connecting with the words.

Then Anthony reached out and I was floored.

We had a conversation and he said that he was considering adding TFA to the line-up, I was humbled as I’m just a family dude who happens to give a shit about the state and fate of masculinity, I never thought I’d be asked to do guest-posts, Podcasts, and definitely didn’t think I’d do any live events.

Yet here we are…

I’m very selective with whom I attach my name to and endorse, it is the reason I follow so few accounts on twitter.

When I read the description for this event, I knew it was for me.

From their site:

“The 21 Convention is the flagship event of 21 Studios: A Universe for the Ideal Man. T21C is the ultimate, panorama event for life on earth as a man, with the best speakers, ideas, and knowledge for men seeking to self-educate and improve in the areas of dating, relationships, health, fitness, sex, masculinity, self-defense, entrepreneurship, wealth, philosophy, and more.”

It is the most powerful, diverse, and yet singularly focused event you can attend as a man this year.

It is the perfect ‘launch point’ for becoming your own, self-made, ideal man.

This is the 10th Anniversary of the 21 Convention and Anthony hasn’t pulled any punches, he has brought together minds from every side of the Manosphere to ensure that the entire spectrum of masculinity is to be covered.

Don’t believe me?

Look at this list:

  • Anthony Dream Johnson
  • Socrates
  • Rollo Tomassi
  • Tanner Guzy
  • Zan Perrion
  • Brent Smith
  • Richard Cooper
  • Richard Nikoley
  • Eric Von Sydow a.k.a. Hypnotica
  • Drew Baye
  • Jim Flanagan
  • Christian McQueen
  • Ross Jefferies
  • Ed Latimore
  • Goldmund Unleashed
  • Stonepimpletilists
  • Myself

(Will be updated as speakers are added)

I Hope To See You There

If you’ve been following the blog, have the money, and would like to discuss whatever in person with myself and the other brilliant minds who are fighting for our brethren, please use the link below to purchase your ticket.


If you would like to support The Family Alpha you may do so using the links below.



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