My Wife, the balance to my Masculine

Your wife is a woman and your lover, never forget that.

This is part three of a seven part series.

The Order:

  1. Son
  2. Daughter
  3. Wife
  4. Finances
  5. Home
  6. Tradition
  7. Country

Women have so much of what we have none of

Men are the romantics, this is fact.

We live hard, love hard, and find overwhelming oceans of emotion when it comes to innocence, beauty, and life.

I’d originally planned to include the word honor, but it is so subjective that including it would be like discussing the term ‘alpha’.

Honor has been distorted, but it belongs with a man’s sense of romanticism because every man roots for the little guy who keeps getting up after the giant knocks him down, every man has a problem with a three vs one fight, and every man wants to destroy anyone who tries to harm children.

This romantic nature is the reason women drive men to do the most insane things.

Guys will:

  • Fight for a woman
  • Kill themselves over a woman
  • Sacrifice their dreams and aspirations for a woman
  • Pass on life changing opportunities for a woman
  • Murder for a woman
  • Repress every fiber of their genuine ‘self’ for a woman


Because women have everything that we don’t and we love it.

  1. Women are soft where we’re hard and train to be harder.
  2. Women are tender while we are brutish.
  3. Women smell good and are clean while we reek of shit and are covered in grime.
  4. Women are youthful and enjoy the ride through life while we are mission oriented and sometimes forget to stop and enjoy the moments.
  5. Women are complementary to men and for this, we love them; often at our own expense.

Don’t sink the boat you built to float

My wife is no different than any other woman out there. She is a chick who shit tests, talks more than she listens, and loves to craft, paint, and bedazzle anything.

I love her for it.

She is nothing like me, yet she’s exactly like me.

When I look at my wife, my world slows down. I don’t include this as some sort of cliché or steal it from a scene in a movie, it’s real.

She keeps me dialed in and even though there are times where I get pissed and tell her to take things a little more seriously, even then I’m smiling on the inside because I know she’s right, I get too caught up in life and sometimes I need to step back and say,

Fuck it…

There are way too many men out there who have wives who would be a great complement to their life, but they don’t pull that feminine beauty from her by creating the masculine vessel which allows her to fill her womanly role.

I fill my role and because of this, my wife complements my life, she makes it easier.

My wife went out, bought me an old desk, stripped, sanded, replaced broken hardware, and stained this thing for me. I didn’t know she was doing this, she just wanted to make me something for father’s day and knew a desk was exactly what she wanted to give me as she supports my passion for writing.

I return from work to home cooked meals, kids taken care of, and a beautiful woman who is either wearing appropriately sexy attire for me or she is wearing something sexy underneath her clothes which she flashes my way when the kids aren’t looking.

We work together keeping the kids off the TV and other electronics. Instead, we read with them, my wife does crafts and projects with them, and she just keeps the house running like clockwork.

We tag team dishes, I do trash and cut the lawn while she does house cleaning and laundry.

We have our roles and responsibilities and we make it work. The key is that you view it as the two of you together vs the world, not vs each other.

Let her know that she still does it for you

I love photography. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T5 (Christmas gift from wife)and recently I’ve been making an effort to bring it with me more often. This has resulted in me turning the camera towards my wife and us having our own private photo shoots in the middle of anywhere.

My wife will initially say, “stop, take a pic of the kids” but she knows I’m not going to stop because she drives me wild, so reluctantly (with a smile on her face) she’ll pop some poses and they always come out amazing.

Is this something every husband is doing?

Why not?

Your girl does it for you right?

Let her know.

Most husbands and wives are under-fucked and over-critical. What happened to the joy? When and why did things get so serious? Why aren’t you treating her like you used to?

Why aren’t you treating her like a girl you lust for, yet you know you’d be able to survive without?

Treat her as something you crave and something you’d like to have; a fun sidekick while you walk your path and follow your mission in life, never making her your mission.

You need to bring that dynamic back to life, you need to create your slut and a healthy sexual environment where the two of you can openly, without fear of judgement share your sexual desires with one another.

Let her know that there are times where you just want to fuck the ever living shit out of her.

I don’t care if you’re in church, at your friend’s house, or in the mall. When that primal urge hits you, tell her.

It’s the same as letting her know when she does what it is you desire of her. Say the words, let her know you’re proud.

Fortunately for me, my wife has remained committed to working her ass off (not literally, her ass is a thing of beauty, I’m pretty sure she’s part reindeer) to keep my eyes on her. Slapping her ass is like smacking a bowling ball (Props to Rollo for that simile).

For the men who gained weight and as a result their wife did as well, work to balance the scales and reclaim that physical attraction together.

Don’t be one of the guys who wants a submissive woman, yet when she turns to you for advice your answer is “I don’t know.” “I don’t care.” “Why are you asking me, you’re an adult make your own decision.”

You hypocritical retard, she is turning to you for guidance and you’re fucking up; You Have to Lead.

Don’t be afraid to piss her off

Show me a husband who says “Happy Wife Happy Life” and I’ll show you a marriage where neither husband nor wife are ‘happy’.

The men who go to extreme lengths not to anger their wives are simultaneously causing hate and discontent in their own hearts as well as that of their spouse.

Your wife is your lover, she isn’t your mother.

You are her man, you aren’t her child.

At no point should these lines ever blur. There will be times where you choose to write late, go out with your friends, invest in this instead of buying that, etc.

You can’t be afraid of taking authentic actions out of fear of confrontation. The moment you do that is the moment she loses attraction, respect, and any submissive behaviors towards you as she has discovered that obviously you aren’t the man she thought you were.

Don’t be an asshole, but refuse to compromise who you are in order to ‘keep the peace’.

Plus, you’ll never have rough make-up sex if there’s never anything to make-up for.

Have fun with your marriage

Life is too short to take any of it seriously; get back to filling your marriage with laughter.

I laugh with and at my wife a lot. We are always cracking jokes, being funny, or just screwing with each other. Why wouldn’t you?

You’re with this person daily, you don’t want it to get stale or bland. Make each other not snicker or snort, but genuinely laugh, learn how to be a witty man and get your girl to open up too.

Women aren’t that funny, my wife included, but sometimes she comes out with some of the most off the wall shit and it gets me rolling.

That’s how marriages should be.

There are many ways to keep her on her toes and there are many ways she can do the same for you, it’s just that you both need to find each other worthy of putting forth that extra effort.

Remain Interesting

My wife recently started a new job.

She could have stayed at her old one as she was the chick in charge and it would have been easy sailing and easy money. The problem was she didn’t enjoy it and because of that she went to school, got her certification, and applied to jobs then was picked up and now is working a sweet gig.

I love hearing her stories when she comes home. I love knowing that she is improving as an individual as well as the two of us improving together.

She is a submissive woman who follows her man at home, yet she is a lion when she is out in the world.

Never forget that you have to cultivate yourself as a man and your woman also has to cultivate her self as a woman while at the same time the two of you come together to cultivate the relationship you have.

This concludes the posts on members of my family. I’ve covered my son, daughter, and now my lady. Writing this out and sharing these little screenshots has made me appreciate all the more what it is that I have, so thank you.

I love losing myself to the craft of writing. It’s a different feeling that I hope everyone can experience in their life; the flow of passion, love, mission, and purpose; it’s a very spiritual process.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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37 thoughts on “My Wife, the balance to my Masculine

  1. We live hard, love hard, and find overwhelming oceans of emotion when it comes to innocence, beauty, and life.

    Very true

  2. Thanks rugby for the link.

    I’ve literally saved my wife’s life twice from other’s apathy, violence No need for details.

    I fear my romanticism. It fuels my creativity, my energy. Unbridled, it’s my Achilles heel.

    I’m looking, for many weeks, at this question: At what point I let her die, perhaps violently, if I have ability to save her….but perhaps not myself? In this scenario…when do I stop fighting for me for us, and focus on “I”?

    Fuck…I don’t know. I’m too in love with life not to die for her at times.

  3. This stuff I’ve tried to convey to so many hapless men. So few are even able to agree to the ideas, let alone act on them. The “happy wife, happy life” thing makes me nauseous. To think that once upon a time I thought it might be true.

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  7. My wife went out, bought me an old desk, stripped, sanded, replaced broken hardware, and stained this thing for me. I didn’t know she was doing this, she just wanted to make me something for father’s day and knew a desk was exactly what she wanted to give me as she supports my passion for writing.

    How did you show her the same kind of forethought, effort and love? No, being a man alone does not count.

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  11. “My Husband could have all – but he refuses to be a man worthy of it.”

    Back under the bridge troll.

  12. Good points, I think if we focus on marriage we have to invest and have full responsible with it. Let our wife proud of us and fight for them. Reframe to create our freedom but still, afford family tasks,

  13. She is a chick who shit tests, talks more than she listens, and loves to craft, paint, and bedazzle anything.

    My husband recently stated that early in our marriage I hot glued EVERYTHING down that did not move. Since after many years absent I picked it back up recently. His reply? Looks at watch. “Well, it’s about that time again…..”

    Wholeheartedly disagree with the happy life, happy wife scene. Never seen it even though I heard men speak it. My grandfather thought he was making his wife (my grandmother) happy. No sir, she was a woman without control, and was quite miserable taking it out on everyone except the children even though we witnessed it. Though my grandfather passed away when I was young, I remember clearly as a child my father putting his mother in her place, in her home at the breakfast table when we visited out of state. To this she would break out in laughter. It was confusing, and disturbing for me looking at my father’s stony face.

    Beautiful desk by the way. At first I thought it was a photo either you took on location somewhere, or found on the net. Very impressive job she did. Your writing states how proud you are of her!

    My husband loves to shake up my cage. He tells me I say some of the funniest s#*% he has EVER heard coming out of left field.

    Excellent and timely post. I hope you, and your family are doing well, Mr. Hunter.

    Below is an excellent cartoon my man found and shared with me. Apology for the dark recall.

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