Positive Masculinity Puts a Spotlight on Red Pill Parenting

The best way to fight back against those who are looking to eradicate all things masculine, is to destroy the notion that masculinity is something to be associated with negativity.

We’ve all heard it:

  • You’re too aggressive
  • You’re too competitive
  • You’re too focused on your job, your strength, your beard, etc.

Society’s support of the female imperative has led to men repressing every fiber of their masculine nature in order to ‘get ahead’ in a world which despises his very existence.

Speak It

Getting the discussion going between men, about how expression of masculinity is required (not repression) is critical as it plants seeds in the minds of those who listen.

Yesterday I spent over an hour and a half talking with Craig James of Masculine by Design about exactly this. (Find the Podcast here).

Write It

Another means to reaching the masses and helping our brethren who are suffering in silence is by spreading the written word.

It is the typed and written word which inspired this post as Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male has released his third book Positive Masculinity.

While Rollo has been running his blog for years and has released two other solid reads (The Rational Male & Preventive Medicine (Volume II)) this one is especially important  (and relevant to The Family Alpha) as it focuses on something which is near and dear to my heart and that of those who read my work, Family.

From his Announcement Post Rollo shows us the four themes which the book is comprised of:

The book outlines four key themes: Red Pill Parenting, The Feminine Nature, Social Imperatives and Positive Masculinity.

Each of these topics are sure to improve our understanding of the world and how expression of our biological nature is the only path men should follow; more than that, an entire quarter of the book is dedicated to those men who, like myself, are working to raise sons and daughters properly and to arm them with the knowledge needed to live an authentic life in a society which promotes degeneracy and conformity.

I’m grabbing my copy tonight and I recommend all fathers who follow me do the same.

Invest in yourself and your family by picking up a copy of Positive Masculinity (Volume III).
Acta Non Verba,


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