An Update To The Upcoming #DecemberofDiscipline Challenge

The T-Shirt Campaign has ended.

Thank you to all who purchased a #31DtM shirt. The shirts should be shipping out around 20th and arriving 21-26 November.

Once the shirts arrive take a pic of you holding, wearing, or just propping the shirt up with the hashtag of #DecemberofDiscipline to be entered into the drawing which will be held during the campaign.

NOTE: If you donated through PaylPal you will not be receiving a shirt and therefore will not be entered into the drawing, you will receive all of the other benefits to this program throughout the month.

The Extension

Ivan Throne said something to me the other day which inspired me to extend this program another two weeks(now ending 11pm 27 November). He said, “Men do not leave their brothers behind.

#DecemberofDiscipline is not an exclusive club, it is open to all men.

That being said, the men who have already completed the 31 Days to Masculinity Challenge are in an exclusive club.

It is only those who grind through each of the 31 days this December that will feel the pride and have the privilege of entering the hallowed ranks that were originally forged by the #MenofMarch.

What does the Program look like?

  • I will be emailing a chapter a day from my book 31 Days to Masculinity (spanning 1-31 December) and we will all participate in the challenges as well as follow each of the rules set forth by the program.
  • Dedicated Email
  • Dedicated Skype
  • Dedicated Periscope
  • Drawings/Challenges/Members Only Access Content

Here Is How It’s Going To Work

  1. If you’ve already made your PayPal Donation or Bought your Shirt, you’re in, all you need to do is check your spam folder to ensure my email is not directed there.
  2. If you did not buy a shirt you may no longer do so, in order to join #DecemberofDiscipline you must make a $50 Donation (Found HERE) before 11pm on the 27 of November.
  3. I will be emailing periodically throughout the month to ensure communications are squared away.
  4. On the 28th of November I will be sending the kickoff email which will have the rules of the challenge.
  5. December 1st it begins

Don’t be the guy wishing you’d joined this challenge come 5 December. Join now and take on a challenge which will have you entering 2018 at a full sprint and forever living the rest of your days authentically.


If you don’t want to join the campaign but still want to support this blog, you can do so using the PayPal link below.


18 thoughts on “#DecemberofDiscipline

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  2. Why is Artful Man such a homosexual?

    I very much want to a part of this but cannot be part of a group that associates with losers like him and Pat Stedman. Baxter used to be cool but he’s a sellout.

  3. Just been wondering what’s going with all this infighting between everyone and Rational Male and Ill being attacked by these guys. Only commenting on here because a so called “debate” with Artful and Pat Stedman got my twitter account suspended. I guess their feelings got hurt since I shut them down during the debate.

    I thought men were supposed to lift each other up not bring each other down? Like what you are trying to do.

    Anyways I won’t feed into all the Drama anymore. I will take the lessons I’ve learned from everyone here and focus on my personal mission to become a better man.

  4. Good luck on your personal challenge and desire to help other Men thru leadership, and by good luck I know it has nothing to do with luck. You are a leader of Men and if in all this if all you find is a path for you to Steer your family thru the war torn 21st century than to me you have done more than 99% of American Men. The Red Pill, Manosphere how ever you want to describe it can talk about DHV, attraction spikes, SMV or cold approach all day and night. But until they are fathers, taking a positive role in their own lives, to affect the outcomes of their Gene expressions its all hyperbole. I mean that, its all theoretical. Have a great day Hunter!

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