2018 Book List

  1. No More Mr. Nice Guy‘ by Robert A. Glover
  2. The Way of Men‘ by Jack Donovan
  3. Blink‘ by Malcolm Gladwell
  4. Extreme Ownership‘ by Jocko Willink
  5. The Compound Effect‘ by Darren Hardy
  6. The ONE Thing‘ by Jay Papasan
  7. Plato’s Republic‘ by Plato
  8. On the shortness of Life‘ by Seneca
  9. The Intelligent Investor‘ by Benjamin Graham
  10. The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible‘ by Jay Campbell & Jim Brown
  11. The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet‘ by Jay Campbell & Jim Brown
  12. Man’s Search For Meaning‘ by Viktor E. Frankl
  13. 12 Rules For Life‘ by Jordan B. Peterson
  14. George Washington’s Secret Six‘ by Brian Kilmeade
  15. Ordinary Men‘ by Christopher Browning
  16. Gorilla Mindset‘ by Mike Cernovich
  17. A More Complete Beast‘ by Jack Donovan

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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2018 Book List

  • Rudd says:

    No More Mr Nice Guy is where my journey into the manosphere began, 18 months ago, which then led me to The Rational Male and also the Family Alpha. Learned a tonn since then, right now really enjoying reading Way of The Superior Man by David Deida. Its the right book for the stage of where i am in my development.

    • TheFamilyAlpha says:

      NMMNG is a gateway drug to understanding ourselves as men and the women of our lives.

  • Rudd says:

    How did you find 12 Rules for LIfe, by Perderson ?

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