September of Success (31DtM)

The next 31DtM campaign is here (almost).

Soon we will be running September of Success a community driven program lasting 31 days going from September 1st to October 1st

This will be the fifth 31DtM campaign, joining the ranks of:

  1. Men of March 2017
  2. Gentlemen of June
  3. December of Discipline
  4. Men of March 2018

From here on out these campaigns will only occur in September and March.

31 Days to Masculinity is a good book and program to complete on your own. It is far surpassed and of much greater impact when completed via the live community focused execution of the program, which is more reflective of the original Men of March that took place solely on Twitter without any sort of structure or means of bringing the men competing together.

If you join September of Success you will be joining a group of men (we had 220+ in December of Discipline and 170 in Men of March 2018) who will be part of your tribe for years to come. You will be forging your brotherhood and raising your personal standard of performance in the process. This is the beauty of the program, it enables men who may not have the greatest support group to change that forever.

This is an opportunity for you to commit to yourself and commit to the rest of your life.

I will be participating side by side with each of you and together we will work towards the reclamation of authentic living and the removal of the poisonous, self-defeatist bad habits which you’ve adopted over the years of trying to be the guy you thought people would like and not the man you are.

This is going to be the closest thing to that “defining moment” you’ve been looking for.

That moment where you commit to you for 31 days and live the rest of your life, always looking back to September 2018 knowing that is when you finally cut the cord and unplugged from the conformist culture which you’ve always known was complete bullshit.

It isn’t only going to be the new guys who benefit from joining and committing 100% to the program:

  • For those who’ve participated in the past and didn’t finish at 100%, here’s your chance to prove you’ve got what it takes.
  • For those who have completed at 100%, here’s your chance to act as a facilitator, helping other men help themselves.

We’re all in this together, I’ve run every program that has occurred and have had Craig James co-running the program as of last March. We’re looking forward to seeing you inside the walls once we kick off September of Success.

What to Expect?


This iteration will have a dedicated Slack enabling both desktop and mobile interaction between every man, it gives 24/7 connection to the other men participating around the globe.

This program has evolved over the years as I’ve continuously worked to raise the standard of the product being provided. Not only for the sake of improvement, but also I wanted to make sure I made the medium conducive to 100% completion for the men partaking without lowering the standard.

The standard has been and always will be held to where it is at, what has changed is:

  1. The addition of a new “Daily Check In” channel.
  2. Increased Zoom (video chat) frequency to help break down the electronic medium between participants.
  3. An increased number of men who’ve been through the program and are willing to help those who are going through their first iteration.
  4. A section dedicated directly to those needing immediate “real time” assistance, because as we all know, shit happens and sometimes you need a brother to talk it out with.
  5. You will not have to buy 31DtM, this is not a sales pitch for the book, you’ll receive a free digital copy when you join.
  6. A double first for a 31DtM campaign will be the recognition of an Honor Graduate and a cash prize reward for that “Honor Graduate” as voted upon by his peers.


I’ve yet to meet a man who has gone through this program in its entirety and not come out a better individual with a broader network than he had before. I’m not going to give testimonials, ask the men who’ve been through it, they’ll tell you everything you need to know.

I will share this, you’re going to get from September of Success what you put in. There are challenges and rules that must be adhered to. Give it your all, share your story, commit to yourself and your fellow men, if you do that, you’ll never be the same.


FoE Members:

  • For those currently (as of the publication of this piece 715 27 June 2018)  in the Fraternity of Excellence and remain in FoE through September: This campaign is free.
  • For those who join the Fraternity of Excellence between now and the end of September: $50 via a PayPal donation.

Non FoE Members:

  • If you join between now and July 31st: $100 PayPal Donation (Donate here to secure your spot before prices rise: PayPal Donation for Slot in September of Success)
  • If you join between August 1st and August 25th: $150 PayPal Donation
  • If you join between August 26 and August 31st: $200 PayPal Donation

Secure Your Spot Now and let me know when you donate that it is to register to participate and not sponsor another.

Once you sign up, there are no refunds. Ensure you’re 100% ready to commit to the long haul, 31 days of commitment to self is no easy undertaking.

Sponsor A Man

For every $100 received in sponsorship from now until August 31st I will give a sponsorship away.

We will have a Sponsors Channel in the September of Success Slack for the men to see what companies, businesses, and men got them into the program and gave them the gift of reclaiming ownership over their lives.

If you are a sponsor, you let us know what you want to be on that channel and we’ll make it happen. Thank you in advance for the opportunity you are bestowing upon your fellow man.

Sponsor a man (any amount helps and will add up but $100+ is required to get advertisement on the Sponsor channel) and make sure you let me know it is for sponsoring a man into September of Success or I will think you are signing up.

There are no refunds once you sponsor as the money will be immediately given to the man needing assistance.

Receive Sponsorship

As with all previous campaigns (sans #1) I do not want price to be a barrier from joining the movement. With that in mind, running these programs is a major time requirement on my end and it requires “skin in the game” on yours so it has to cost something.

That said, I’m aware funds are tight for some and will be putting out a request for any man who wants to sponsor another man to the masses.

If you would like to receive sponsorship, please DM Craig or I and we will get your name on the list. Craig and I will give the sponsorships out as we hit the $100 quota and rely on the honor system and each man’s integrity to ensure the sponsorship program is not compromised, if you can afford, but don’t want to pay, don’t ask for sponsorship as you are taking from the man who truly cannot afford the cost of entrance.

The number of sponsorships given is entirely dependent upon the amount of donations we receive.

Two Months Until It’s Go Time

September is two months away, in two months there is going to be a group of men, all working through the same challenges together, yet in their own way.

Again, if you’ve been looking for that opportunity to change things and take back the fire you lost, this is it. There are going to be 100+ men working together, encouraging you and expecting the same in return. You’ll build your tribe, the brotherhood many are missing in today’s day and age, and you’ll also be building yourself back up, some for the first time, others after having taken some losses in life.

Regardless of where you’re coming from, in September we’ll all be going in the same direction, forward in an authentic and masculine manner.

I hope to see you there.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

If you would like to support me for any benefit my work may have brought to your life you may do so below. For those who do, thank you very much.

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