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The 21 Convention has played one of, if not the single greatest role in helping me establish The Family Alpha as a legitimate brand and it’s not because I had a stage to share my message from, I could do that on YouTube;

Instead, it’s because the 21 Convention 2017 is where the men were coming together and I was fortunate enough that year to be included in the mix for the first time.

There’s no substitute for real world meetups.

The Fraternity of Excellence conducted our own this past month (Which is why I didn’t speak in Poland this year) and it was clear that while we knew one another from our daily interactions and weekly video chats, meeting in person “sealed the deal” and really let us know who the man was and that who we thought he was could be clearly proven and in most cases, the men were even cooler in person.

You see, until someone sees you and hears your voice in the flesh, they don’t really know you.

By attending the event, it was solidified that I am who I said I was.

Meeting the men who I interact with almost daily through Twitter allowed me to earn their trust because they saw, I was a genuine father and husband looking to bring some information to the world that I thought could help my fellow man.

From there the sky was the limit.

When I attend 21 Conventions I treat them as a business partnership. In exchange for bringing my message to his stage, Anthony expects me to deliver my time and energy to his attendees. These men pay to be a part of this and Anthony works to ensure they get beyond their money’s worth.

These conventions have given me the camaraderie & brotherhood I’ve not experienced since my days in the Navy, it’s isn’t “work” for me to spend entire nights by the pool laughing the night away.

  • I could sleep.
  • I could network and record personal content with the other speakers.
  • I could disappear and hole up on my own in my room or at a bar.

I don’t and never will, because I’m there for the men, not me.

Some Examples That Capture This:

At the Patriarchs Convention I spent almost every night sitting with the men around the pool, until dawn. I’d then be down in our designated room by 0800. 3 hour power nap was all that I needed because the energy from these men was so high you couldn’t feel tired, there was too much going on.

At the 2017/2018/and the Patriarchs Convention I found myself laughing the night away with Ivan Throne and the men, wondering the streets with Jack Donovan and the men, and all speakers I noticed were giving their undivided attention to each man so as to hear out his story and answer every question asked.

There has been quite a bit going around about the 21 Convention recently, I’m here to tell you that nobody is doing what Anthony is doing at the level he is doing it. There isn’t a single other company who is bringing the men who are creating content daily together to deliver at the standard Anthony is across the globe.

A lot of people have a lot to say about the 21 Convention. People who aren’t a part of it hate it. People who attend love it.

The question is: Who should you listen to?

The answer is: You should listen to yourself

You are the only man who knows if something of this magnitude is needed to help you make permanent changes in your life. Only you can decide if the pricepoint if worth what you could potentially gain.

That’s what 21C offers, a moment you remember forever which you use as the foundation to build yourself to where it is you want to be.

I believe in what it is Anthony is doing and the men who’ve attended (many of whom hit my cell up daily), many more are in the Fraternity of Excellence, and all have made an impact on my life and hopefully I there’s in a positive manner; I’m there for the men who’ve decided that, “Yes, I need this.” and I’m always impressed because for most of these men, speaking to total strangers and meeting men they may have followed for years is the easy part, spending money on themselves and doing something where they make themselves priority #1, that is the hardest part for so many.

Men need to come together for the common cause of swapping notes to become better men around their fellow men.

The cost of the ticket is always brought up, I’ll tell you what I tell everyone, if you can’t afford it, don’t go. You can still support the work of the speakers and the men by subscribing to 21 University which offers early access to speeches and all of the recorded content going back to the beginning of the company allowing you to come back to whenever you want and to apply the to your life; it’s Netflix for men.

For the men who can afford it and view it to be worth their time, attend and watch how you walk away thinking you’d have paid double the price.

If you’re looking to begin developing relationships with men who will hold you accountable and actually understand what it is you’re going through as you “unplug”, look into the Fraternity of Excellence as this is what we have been doing since 2017.

We have also recently become sponsors of The Red Man Group which means you can currently save 10 percent off joining FoE using the RMG code which can be found on recent RMG videos.

That’s it for now, if I don’t see you this October I hope to hear of ways you were able to link up with other men to keep one another accountable and make this online thing transcend the electronics and screens.

If you join FoE, I’ll see you soon.

Hunter Drew

PS: I will be speaking this October and if you’d like to meet myself along with the other speakers in the “real world“, grab your ticket here: Get your October 21 Convention Ticket Here

If you use this link, let me know – I owe you a drink.

Hunter Drew
PO Box 825 
Slatersville, RI 02876


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