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Today I was joined by Drew Camp on The Family Alpha Podcast to talk about fitness, business, and the culture around families.

Drew Camp is a Husband, Father of 3, a Combat Veteran, and The Epic Dad Co. (TEDCO) founder.

TEDCO is a supplement company that aims to change the culture by creating more epic Dads. Founded in 2021, TEDCO creates 100% natural supplements that help Dads become better athletes, leaders, and providers. TEDCO believes that the best way to change the culture is to change yourself first.

Drew also runs the Epic Dad Legacy podcast.



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The Importance of Fathers Maintaining a High Level of Physical Fitness

Fatherhood plays an essential role in every family and society while also being a rewarding experience for men. Still, it can be challenging to balance oneself in the family unit.

Many fathers struggle to find time to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of all the responsibilities that come with being a father. Some dads have shared with me that they feel guilty for taking time away from their families to invest in themselves, and that’s what we’re addressing today; investing in yourself is the best investment you can make in your family because it allows you to give them your most capable and composed self.

It sounds backward to many, but being physically fit is not only beneficial for dads – it is also beneficial for the entire family.

Fathers who are physically fit are more likely to have the energy and strength to participate in activities with their children and care for their family’s needs.

Here are five ways that fathers can maintain a level of physical fitness:

1. Make exercise a family affair.

Going to the gym or exercising alone is necessary to stay in shape, but this is where the guilt sets in, so let us make the minor adjustment of getting the family involved and having some fun with your fitness. Going for a walk around the neighborhood, playing a game of catch or basketball in the backyard, or taking a family bike ride can be a great way to get physical activity while also spending quality time with the kids. You can bring them into the weight room if you have one in the home and introduce them to the beauty of overpowering gravity.

2. Set a good example.

Children mimic what their parents do; it’s the reason I’ve said 10,000x+ that “Your kids will follow your example, not your advice“.

Fathers should strive to be their children’s best role models by leading active lifestyles and prioritizing their physical training and nutrition. This means that you set aside time for physical activity and demonstrate to the kids how important it is to stay healthy. Let them cook with you, tell them why you do certain lifts, and explain what macros are.

3. Schedule regular check-ups.

Fathers should schedule regular physicals to check their overall health and fitness level. I work with Phil Foster to keep my hormones in check. Doing so can help identify potential health issues that could be improved with lifestyle changes, such as increasing physical activity or improving diet.

4. Make use of technology.

Technology can be a great tool for helping fathers to stay in shape. Tracking workouts, stacking stats over the year, using FitBits to track steps, and setting daily goals. There’s no excuse; if you can have your phone on you to kill time scrolling, you can use it to add time to your life by getting healthier.

5. Get enough rest.

This is my worst habit and that of many family men balancing life, family, and goals.

Sleep is essential for overall health and fitness, so fathers should get enough rest. A good night’s sleep helps recharge the body and mind, making staying active during the day easier. It also allows you to remain more patient and less stressed, helping keep your cool with the kids even when you have a million things going on.

Being physically fit is essential for dads and the entire family.

Fathers who are physically fit are more likely to have the energy and strength to care for their family’s needs. By making time for physical activity and setting a good example, dads can demonstrate to their children the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Most of all, it allows fathers more mobile time with their children and grandchildren. Few men think of how today’s actions decide tomorrow’s capabilities.

I’ll be the old man running around with my grandchildren because of the work I’m doing now, don’t let me make you look bad. That won’t happen if you make 2023 the year you prioritize fitness within the family.

– Zachary Small

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