A Man and His Brothers

A Man and His Brothers

A man’s brothers selflessly share in his successes and failures, viewing them as their own.

Men today have lost touch with what it means to be a man. The pilot light of their masculinity is still flickering, but the fuel source has been siphoned out by a society seemingly bent on extinguishing its flame altogether.

Today’s men come from boys who grow up without fathers present in the home. If there is a father in the home, chances are he’s soft in mind and body, passive, unwilling and unequipped to assert himself as the rightful leader of the family.

In the classroom, impressionable young boys are surrounded by women authority figures. They’re taught to loathe their innately masculine traits and engage in relationships from a feminine perspective.

As young men, it doesn’t get any better.

They’re shamed for such benign behaviors as disagreeing with women or sitting with their legs too far apart. Insufferable feminists have even invented shame-provoking words to describe men who engage in such behaviors, labeling them as mansplainers and manspreaders, respectively.

Male only spaces have all but been snuffed out. It’s become a formidable challenge for a man to merely find opportunities to engage in male-only discussions, let alone be afforded the chance to develop strong relationships with men whom he can build up and be built up by.

The sky-high rates of male depression and suicide are blamed on men being unwilling to share their feelings and confide in others.

How ironic it is that the same feminists and gender-denying “progressives” telling men to share more of their feelings are also the ones working to strip men of opportunities to develop strong bonds with other heterosexual guys who would best understand the struggles that are unique to them as men.

Given the cultural milieu in which we find ourselves, it’s more important than ever for today’s men to have a band of brothers whom they can confide in, trust to have their back through thick and thin, hold them accountable to a high standard, and exemplify what it is to live life as an authentic masculine man within a society filled with feminized, pussy-hat-wearing, #ImWithHer hash tagging, soy guzzling, barbell-phobic, excuses for men.

A man’s brothers selflessly share in his successes and failures, viewing them as their own. They’re willing to deliver harsh truths for his benefit. They drive him towards complete authenticity.

It is only in the company of other men that a man can truly find himself.

It is for this express reason that I’m writing what will be the first of many articles here on The Family Alpha. Hunter and I have driven a unified stake in the ground with a flag affixed to it that beckons men toward the reclamation of their authentic, masculine selves.

That banner waving in the wind, as ominous clouds continue to gather across the foreboding horizon, is The Family Alpha. It is a symbol that represents what is required in every man’s quest to find himself.

As it is written: Acta non verba. Action, not words.

As men, we must lead by our actions. Hunter and I have done that by building and leading a brotherhood 100 men strong in the Fraternity of Excellence. We are expanding the value that brotherhood offers with the 31 Days to Masculinity program kicking off in 8 days.

We are practicing what we preach, and it doesn’t end there.

This website is now a joint collaboration, a brotherhood between two men personally invested in the same overarching mission of calling married men to lead their families from a position of strength, confidence and competence.

Hunter and I are also kicking off The Family Alpha Podcast. While all men will gain value from the episodes we produce, it is a podcast that is specifically geared toward fathers and husbands.

That’s what Hunter and I are; that’s what we know; that’s who we’re uniquely positioned to help. I often harp on the necessity of men finding the value they have to give to the world and then committing to pouring it out.

This is precisely what is being done with The Family Alpha, and is the impetus behind the forthcoming launch of the podcast that bears the same name.

We are simply men helping other men to become better men.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. That is what the brotherhood between Hunter and myself represents. It’s what the brotherhood we’re leading in The Fraternity of Excellence represents.

It’s what naturally happens between a man and his brothers.

Acta Non Verba,

Craig James

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