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Official Logo of The Family Alpha

Official Logo of The Family Alpha

The Family Alpha has undergone a transformation of sorts. Before I get into the post and the decision to make TFA ‘official’ I’d like to acknowledge the man who worked with me to make this possible. Both the logo and the banner are original works from Rollo Tomassi creator of The Rational Male and one of the most prophetic & consistent voices on the manosphere.

I’d been toying with the idea of making TFA a ‘real’ brand and after I decided that blogging, writing, & TFA as a whole was something I’d like to take seriously I knew who I wanted to work with. A while back I’d read a comment by Rollo where he mentioned his artistic abilities and I was hoping I could use those skills to build a new image for what it is I’m doing here. I thought there would be something ‘organic’ to having a red pill man build the image for another red pill man, so I asked and he answered.

I wasn’t exactly sure what it was I wanted, for those who’ve never done it choosing a logo isn’t as easy as it seems. This logo is going to be The Family Alpha for as long as I have the blog, I knew it had to be perfect. Rollo is a cool ass dude, he didn’t bitch at my lack of specifications & when I gave him vague terms, he delivered. I think I told him I wanted something that would bring to mind Masculine Royalty.

When people see the logo or come to the site, I want them to see that TFA is refined, like King Arthur with his polished shield, yet also capable of waging war & riding into battle with overwhelming violence.

Rollo delivered and now, TFA is heading to the next level.

The Shield is the symbol for protection, as men we are not only protecting our women and children, we’re also protecting our society and traditions. We are placing ourselves between the wild world and the things we love most. The shield also represents our personal reputation and code of honor as not too many years ago a man’s shield would bear his family crest. Those symbols & patterns were that of his clansmen; the crest on his shield represented his entire lineage and he’d be damned before letting anyone see the man wielding that shield give anything less than everything he had to give.

My shield has the crest of Hunter Drew, it has The Family Alpha emblazoned across it because that is who I am and TFA represents me. I’ll carry this logo to the end and I will be damned if you ever read a post, tweet, or anything which compromises the battle we are waging against those who are looking to destroy masculinity.

The Crown is the symbol of power and responsibility, both are the burden of men to carry. We are the Kings of our domain, heavy is the head which wears the crown but it makes no difference as we shall wear it and we shall be deserving of the title. We will care for those under our domain and we shall do so with a firm yet fair hand. Our women and children will perform to the standard we accept, not the one we expect so we must set a high bar and be the example from which they will measure their performance and that of all others.

The Motto Acta, Non Verba (Deeds, Not Wordsis the motto of The Family Alpha. Every masculine man out there is aware that nobody gives a shit what you say you’re going to do, people only care about what it is that you actually do. So make sure you’re out there doing shit and not just reading Red Pill posts online all day and never applying any of the information gained.

The goal isn’t to be the dude with the most knowledge on masculinity. It’s to be a genuinely masculine man, period. Apply what you’ve learned & be the example of real living which will allow others to do the same.

I have gone all in. TFA is going to be given everything I have to give. The words I write are serious, the meaning, the passion, and the stakes are real. There are men who are fucking hating themselves and they’re suffering in silence. There are men who are crying in bed with their back to their wife because they don’t know why she won’t touch him.

There are men who chose to take their life as they couldn’t see a future without ‘their one’ and men who are dead though they haven’t entered the ground yet; shells of their former selves, victims of the war against masculinity.

I gave this blog a serious look because I now see how serious the stakes are. I took blogging as a sort of hobby, but it’s become more than that. In these past two years something has changed, I’m all in and I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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  • rugby11 says:

    “(Deeds, Not Words) “

  • Johnny Lionseed says:

    Very cool to see! I like it a lot. You really did nail that feeling of a sort of masculine, royal power. And I like that you’ve put thought into the symbolism. It’s good that the internet has given us access to men who think deeply on things, and who measure their words and actions.

    Another thing I’d consider looking at is your permalink structure, and changing it to go from thefamilyalpha.com/year/month/day/post-name to just thefamilyalpha.com/post-name.

    This is just personal preference, but I think it looks cleaner.

    • TheFamilyAlpha says:

      Solid advice man.

      Another example of Iron sharpening Iron.

      • nathanlarson3141 says:

        It depends on how important the publishing dates are to your audience. A news site, for instance, will usually include the date in the URL, because readers want to know at a glance (without having to click a link) when an article was published. The manosphere and its authors are ever-evolving, so it’s somewhat relevant when a piece was published. Roissy, for instance, uses that structure.

      • TheFamilyAlpha says:

        I need to improve my post titles, make them more efficient. In the beginning I had no clue what I was doing.

      • Johnny Lionseed says:


        Roissy uses that structure because he blogs at wordpress.com which doesn’t allow you to change the permalink structure (unless you upgrade and pay them monthly).

      • TheFamilyAlpha says:

        I’m also hosted by wordpress & am running their free plan.

  • David says:

    Glad to see you doubling down on the commitment. Your words inspire many men, myself included. Keep up the good work.

  • BK says:


  • Nicholas says:

    Very nice. Clean, strong look. Yeah, making a logo can be a royal pain, and deciding even which direction to go with it can be just as bad. Looks like good decisions were made all around.

  • Dan says:

    Great work Hunter. I love the passion you are conveying in the thoughts behind the logo. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your perspective on being a Family Alpha.

  • Craig James says:

    There couldn’t be a more fitting banner for The Family Alpha. Serious, regal, bold, masculine. It immediately foreshadows for your visitors the qualities they can expect from the content they’re about to absorb.

  • IntoTheForge says:

    The logo is clean, classy, challenging — beautiful!

  • Tom Kenobi says:

    Found your blog about a week ago, keep up the good work. Been reframing my life to be the family alpha for the last 14 months(redpill conversion started then), lots more to do. Lots. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Just found this from a Rollo link. This is absolutely fabulous. Nice work putting this together.

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