America Is Only The “Land of the Free”, If You Choose to Live Free

The only way you can claim to be a “free citizen” is if you can honestly say that you’re capable of thinking, speaking, and acting in accordance with your truth.

Reading this you may be thinking, “of course I’m free, I’m an American.” and to you, I say that you certainly do have the option to be free in America, but fewer and fewer citizens are choosing that path.

Are We Really Free to Speak?

That’s what many are asking themselves now.

I can’t help but feel conflicted in the way I see this playing out.

Those who are taking a stand against censorship, fraud, manipulationof the masses via media and social PSYOPS are being silenced. Those who aren’t being shutdown by “Big Tech” are now silencing themselves to avoid the ban hammer. This 1-2 combo of shutting down resistance has worked incredibly well.

If those in charge can get everyone on Social Media thinking the same because they’re all being fed the same story and any offering alternative views are scattering, the narrative is in hand and reality is what those pulling the strings want it to be.

This is 100% happening and while I’ve refused to run back and delete any of my comments or change my tune, I’m sitting in the minority…

Want to Support The Work I’m Doing?

On the other hand, I receive DMs literally daily telling me they support the message I’m sharing online and they’re taking actions on then end at the family and grass-root level to combat the overreach of authority so there is hope.

There’s always hope…

If you care about Freedom, you need to live free.

One of the more concerning messages I receive quite frequently is from, “I support your beliefs but I could never share that on my account“.

The way I see it, you need to be able to be willing to lose “friends” over the sharing of your true message and beliefs. You need to be committed to your truth, regardless of what the consequences may be…

If you’re a free citizen, you should be speaking and acting in accordance with that message and whether it is met with praise or direct confrontation it makes no difference because as a sovereign individual, you have the right to be who you are and not who others want you to be.

Trust me, I’ve lived this.

I was banned from my town’s “Engagement Page“, I’ve shared content which family members have taken issues with, and I’ve lost friends over my stance on certain topics; oh well.

Share your true voice, speak your message and if that means Uncle X, Aunt Y, Sister Z, or Mom and Dad get pissed, so be it.

But what about Law 38 from ‘The 48 Laws of Power which says, Think as you like, but behave like others.

Excellent question.

How to Help Without Standing Out

Remember how I started this, “The only way you can claim to be a free citizen is if you can honestly say that you’re capable of thinking, speaking, and acting in accordance with your truth“.

There comes a point where choosing to fit in comes at a cost as the lie you decided to support indeed becomes your truth.

With that said, you can embody freedom without flailing around and yelling at the screen as you slam your keyboard.

Being an involved parent, filtering the news which is streamed to the mind’s of your family members; using your wallet to support businesses who hold your beliefs to be true, and simply choosing to be an example of not having to “fall in line“.

Listen to Episode #146 on the Family Alpha Podcast Arm Chair Thoughts on Freedom of Speech

How to Not Get Banned

I’ve been speaking for years now and I’ve been banned a few times, a few days on Twitter for a list I made about how you can be a better mother and permanently from my town’s engagement page for saying, “All Lives Matter” and using the phrase “Black Peoplewhich is more respectful thank the bullshit blanket term “African American“.

I’ve said too much to go back, I’m on every “list” out there so it’s too late for me, but I knew that the day I created my blog in 2015.

I’d already shared too much and from there, it was further and further progression towards total transparency with the world, culminating in my decision this year to remove the pen name. I’m Zachary Small facing the world with shoulders back and eyes forward.

For those doing work in the shadows, keep going.

For the majority who are “out there“, you need to become the living message of the freedom you say you’re looking to defend.

If you can spend hours talking about “Muh Freedom” online, you can share that publicly when it goes against Grandma or your employer. If you can’t, then understand you’re LARPing and Freedom isn’t as important to you as:


So, which is it, are you free or are “sort of” free, championing liberty all the way up to the point where there’s pushback and an impact on your comfortable life?

America, the Land of the Free, is nothing more than the culmination of the behaviors her citizens’ exhibit.

Before I wrap this one up I’ll leave you with this.

Why do you feel the need to concern yourself with the political sphere?

Why can’t you simply be aware of what is happening and instead of running your mouth, choose to grow your cash, position your family, build up the supplies, and network with others offline?

Just because you don’t see it online doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Place yourself first, talk to the world after if at all.

This is about actualizing freedom, not getting electronic support for your proof of it. America will remain a free country so long as you choose to exercise that right.

Once you give it up, it’ll take some work to ever give it back, but it’s definitely possible so get yourself in motion.

Keep This Land Free,

Zachary Small

If you’d like to work together to get you in motion, schedule your call today.

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