Are you a ‘Funny Fat Guy’?

The product of a weaksauce society

If you haven’t seen the picture above, sorry for the rage you just experienced but I had to share it with someone.

This photo has made its rounds on twitter (@TheFamilyAlpha) and the first time I saw it I immediately thought of something I’ve touched on before: The Funny Fat Guy.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I started on the path that was to become The Family Alpha years before I knew anything of the Manosphere, Red Pill, or the topic of Masculinity as a whole.

In the post, Voice or Echo I wrote:

“There was this sailor of mine who, during the middle of one of our deployments, I found alone and crying. I asked what the issue was, to which he responded, “My wife told me (via email) she is sick of me being a pussy and that she wants to leave with the kids. I know she’s found someone else and I’m going to come back from this deployment to an empty house without my kids… Why can’t I be more like you, why can’t she love me, why can’t the other guys respect me, why am I such a fucking weak loser…”

Looking back, this may have been the seed that sprouted and grew into The Family Alpha. This was the first person I ever counseled on reclaiming masculinity in himself and ultimately as a married man. Notice, I said, ‘reclaiming masculinity in himself‘. I couldn’t make him ‘more like me‘, I could only guide him to thinking and acting like the man he as supposed to be all along.”

You see, the men pictured above are real men that have been convinced that taking pride in the feminized, beta, desperate ‘self’ will gain favor with others.

The men in this photo are the ones who will do the truffle shuffle at parties and have everyone laugh at them not with them while their wives hang their heads, looking at the pathetic excuse of a man she married. If you confront these men on this photo they’ll say, ‘Why do you have to be so serious, this is funny being a man doesn’t mean being muscular, it means having pride in who you are’.

You know who else spews bullshit like that?

Fat Girls.

Looking at this photo now, as I’m writing, these men are just fat girls with a dick.

These men are chicks with dicks who would chastise me for maintaining the standard of masculinity and manly behaviors while calling me a tool hanging on to a stereotype.

These types of guys would say I was a pussy for not accepting men who did this. Somehow they’d managed to convince themselves that taking this type of photo was ‘brave’ and what real men do.

These men are placing their sword on the ground and throwing themselves on it for the sake of possibly getting some attention and support from ‘feminists’.

These sad men want acceptance so bad that they would kill themselves and hide their true nature so as to find acceptance into the PC crowd and the ‘#HealthAtEverySize’ club.

This photo was nothing more than a covert contract. A huge con that these guys are pulling in order to gain favor, because they want something.

These fat dudes pictured above want love, they want someone to tell them it’s ok to be who you are, women don’t like muscles, they like nice guys who can take pregnancy photos, brave men who are comfortable showing off their beer gut.

Except, it won’t happen because their desperation reeks.

Men loathe them for tarnishing the image of being a man and women despise them as they are merely pawns.

Those dudes aren’t having sex, they aren’t happy, and their relationship if they have one, has a woman who looks at him as another child in the family.

This is what society has done to men. This is what the female imperative has done to masculinity. This is the result of years of conditioning by those plugged in weaksauce white knights aka gender traitors.

This is where we are as a society.

I am drawing a line in the sand, I am setting a boundary and I advise all of you reading this to do the same.

Do not support these types of images, do not go along with the ‘acceptance’ of weak men. If a man does this type of shit, let him know it’s pathetic.

I’m aware of the 38th Law (Think as you like but behave like others)  in The 48 Laws of Power but there comes a time and place where you have to be the lone voice in the crowd that says, “No.” to be the one to swim against the politically correct stream and say, Fuck that, this shit isn’t going to fly anymore.

Could you imagine one of these dudes being your father? Look at them, could you imagine being their wife, having the dadbod lay on you, squishing you while you have your 46 seconds of missionary before he is winded?


These aren’t masculine men and they sure as hell aren’t brave men.

They are weak men and for masculinity to return in its natural form, we have to stop promoting this type of behavior.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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  • Ziyaad says:

    Preach my brother!!!
    I get chastised when I call out Fat weak men yet There are no Fat dudes in Magic Mike????

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  • Justin says:

    Spot on. It amazes me that men like this don’t want to change a lot of the times either. There is a fat ass nerd at work who is the “nice guy” to all the chicks. When he is not around, they all talk about how gay he is. They see him as a friend they can push around. I showed him the red pill, and he seemed offended. Maybe by seeing how all the chicks at work fall head over heels for me all the time will open his eyes. I doubt it though. Some of these guys are so hopelessly plugged in.

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  • TopFourDefenseman says:

    This one hit close to home. I was always the funny fat guy who degraded himself for the cheap laughs. I was hoping they’d think, “It takes a lot of confidence to put yourself out there like that, funny is sexy,” but no one ever did. I’m now five years into my marriage to a hot woman and the only thing I had to show for it was catching my wife sexting pictures of her pussy to an ex-boyfriend after I ruined my credit buying her the shit she felt she needed to have to fit the narrative of being an adult (kids, house, cars, clothes, etc).

    It’s important to point out that most college kids these days continue their adolescence in marriage. They graduate (or don’t), trick a woman into marrying them, get a real job, then check out because they believe simply paying the bills for the family is “alpha enough.” They keep up the video game addictions, develop a monstrous gut, and complain about their “frigid” wife not fucking them. Rinse, repeat.

    A lot of guys see the changes they need to make whenever they catch a reflection and instead of expending any effort on difficult changes, they use the “funny fat guy” route to try to bypass hard work for their wife’s intimacy and respect.

    It doesn’t work.

    Why? because if fucking a pathetic loser was what she wanted, she’d fuck the ex-boyfriend who works part-time at a resort in Vail, snowboards all day, then smokes weed all night instead of the fat slob who gets winded playing Skyrim while the kids he parked with an ipad play Candy Crush and binge-watch TV. I know this to be true. First hand.

    So while my wife is very religious and still maintains that she’s “committed to the marriage for the rest of her life”, she still desperately wants to fuck the snowboarder ex-boyfriend. A broke junkie with a low IQ is more attractive to her than the funny fat guy footing all the bills. I came to the light of MRP as a result of being cuckholded silently behind my back. No, she never actually fucked the guy 2,000 miles away, but if he didn’t get his flight delayed by a snowstorm Thanksgiving of ’14 she probably would have.

    Now, I never confronted her about this because I learned about it all at once when one day she left her phone open and unlocked to the text message conversation with him. She apparently cut all ties with the guy after a sermon at church made her feel guilty. She left him with a romantic parting message about fucking him silly one day if I ever died from my weight or if I ever divorced her.

    The man in the mirror was to blame. My wife married an up-and-coming musician at the peak of his popularity and physical fitness but he devolved into the shit that falls from a horse’s ass during a parade, you won’t acknowledge it but do everything you can to avoid it. I’m responsible for my wife falling in love with a loser and then falling in love with a different loser. I’ve still got a hard voyage ahead and I don’t know whether my first mate will jump ship to another one before I get there, but the mirror tells no lies.

    I worshiped her and devoted every fiber of my being into adoring her, yet years later she still doesn’t care. I’ve come a long way, put hundreds of hours in at the weightroom, but have finally realized that I can’t maintain motivation if that motivation is to change her, I can only change myself. If the rest falls in line, great. If it doesn’t, great. You’ll never take away my integrity.

    • TheFamilyAlpha says:


      Do this for you.

      Every act you take & rep, step, & decision to be ‘better’ you make must be made for you.

      When the grind feels like it’s getting the best of you, my email is always open.

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  • John says:

    Good article. [It’s reeks not wreaks .. if you care]

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