The Men of March E-Book is coming to life

Brothers, The Men of March E-Book has been written, edited, and submitted to Amazon for release (may take up to 72 hours). This book was written more out of absolute necessity than my personal desire. I had no intention of this being more than a one month masculine movement, but you guys made it crystal … Continue reading The Men of March E-Book is coming to life

Family Nutrition on a Budget

Lead Your Family Family men are required to care for the lives whom they are responsible to. This means leading your wife and your children to reaching the standard which you've set. This post is going to cover the subject of nutrition and how I am keeping my family of four eating healthy while on a … Continue reading Family Nutrition on a Budget

Modern Day Agoge Part II

I first wrote of how I'd created a modern version of Agoge back in September 2016. Since writing that post, 'Modern Day Agoge: A man’s path to raising a masculine son in a feminized society.' I've received countless emails from other fathers asking how they could implement this style of home education & a Rite of Passage … Continue reading Modern Day Agoge Part II