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Books that helped me get sober

By Addiction and Sobriety No Comments
Since getting sober after two decades of binge drinking alcohol I've found that I had to fill the now vacant "drinking time" with something... So I did. I filled it with reading about drinking.   Diving into other people's journey's with alcohol and sobriety helped me better understand myself. Getting to better understand the science behind addiction and seeing story...
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We Need To #SaveTheChildren From More Than Pedos

By Parenting
There seems to be an awakening to the dark underworld of child sex-trafficking in Hollywood, something which is abhorrent in and of itself, but pales in comparison to the overall global attack on children. There are far greater dangers to today's childrens bodies and minds than Hollywood perverts that we all (not just parents) need to be aware of.  ...
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Creating Business Opportunities in Chaotic Times

By Mentality, Physicality, Spirituality, & Business No Comments
My sister (Brieanna) and her fiance (Keith) are cool people who created James' Pure and Wholesome Skincare, a business which is an excellent example of how necessity truly is the mother of invention.   Photo Courtesy of Rae Shorter Photography You see, last September they had their first child who was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome, a genetic disorder which manifests...
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