Becoming A Better Father III Of III: Future > Past

This is the third and final piece in this three part series (You can read the first here) (Second one here) that is dedicated to becoming a better father right now.

It was originally an email from the Family Alpha Newsletter (Click Here to Subscribe), the response I received from fathers prompted me to turn it into a write up on the blog so that more men could get the word and begin raising their standard and that of their family today.

The final piece to this puzzle is here.

I’ve given you 10 ways to improve your performance as a father (Part I) followed by 5 actions to immediately apply to your daily routine (Part II).

These aren’t meant to be words on a screen you scan then disregard while moving on to the next thing you’ll consume and never apply.

I don’t want to make you a well read individual, I want you to literally become a better father immediately after mentally consuming these words.

The black squiggly lines on your screen won’t do shit for you, they can’t they’re just fucking words.

It’s your action which is going to create a change, it is you taking the knowledge and applying it that will improve your performance as a father, better the relationship with your child, and lead to an improved life experience for those you lead.

Future > past

Everything you’ve done up to this point has gotten you to where you are.

You are the culmination of every single decision you’ve made, from what to eat to what clothes to buy, and the life you have is the one you deserve as it is the one you have worked for. People often say they “want more” or that they deserve more than they have.

Men will say they:

  • Deserve more/better sex from their woman
  • Deserve respect
  • Deserve to be paid more
  • Deserve to be appreciated more

To these men, (possibly you) I have to ask, why do you think you deserve more than you currently have?

If you really did deserve it, why wouldn’t you have it now?

Uncomfortable truth time
You don’t deserve better.

That doesn’t mean you can’t work to become a man who does.

You see, this final email is about you learning to appreciate you and invest in yourself again.

The best step you can take to becoming a better father is becoming a better man; one who values himself and his time on this earth.

Snowflakes don’t form on their own, there needs to be a catalyst for the change (drop in temperature).

The same goes for the Snowflake individuals who think they’re special and unique compared to everyone else. If you don’t accept that you are a man and thus you carry the burden of performance, then you are going to foster an environment where you and those around you become little snowflakes, blaming the world for your problems and never accepting responsibility.

Everyone hates their former weaksauce self, everyone:

  1. Me
  2. You
  3. Fucking everyone

You can’t improve where you are and the trajectory of your life if you can’t stop looking back on the shit decisions you’ve made up to this point.

You are your problem, fortunately the inverse is true as well, you are your solution.

Accept it, you did those things and you ended up here – it happened.

What are you going to do now?

What are you going to change?

When is enough – enough?!?

Aren’t you tired of being tired?

Make a Change

Look to your future, look at the future self and ask yourself now, what do I need to do to get there?

Start with this blog post; once you finish it, decide to commit to taking care of yourself and becoming a man you like.

The self hate has to end, the past is over and in the present you have the opportunity to begin creating the future you, the one that will be a better husband, father, and all because you decided to become a better man.

Deserve the life you want by working for it.

Stop with the snacks, the porn, the bullshit time wasters, and everything else you know that is killing you.

What do you want to be that you aren’t?

  • In better shape?
  • Wealthier?
  • Happier?

Get after it, what has to happen for you to attain those goals?

Start working on them.

This is it gentlemen, I’m closing out the three part series with a challenge to you:

  1. Write down a short term goal, one to be achieved by January 1st.
  2. Write down three actions you’re going to take to make it happen.

Get to work.

If you need to grow your network in order to have some accountability to ensure you see your way through to self-improvement, join us inside the Fraternity of Excellence, an online tribe of like minded motivated men who are looking to raise their standard in the “real world”. Your network will grow, bonds will be forged, and you will be held accountable by your brethren and they will expect you to offer them the same level of care and dependability to keep them on the straight and narrow.

The past is over, build the future in the present.

Acta Non Verba,


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This piece was first published on The Family Alpha email list, I turned it into a blog post due to the overwhelming response from fathers.

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