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Taking Back Father’s Day

I’m a big fan of the number 3, I like the balance to it. So, naturally when laying out the content for what was to become The Family Alpha I broke it into three categories: Masculinity Marriage Fatherhood These are the three areas that capture who I am and what I stand for, in that […]

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Fatherhood In Our Modern Times; A Podcast With Craig James and Rollo Tomassi

Craig James from Masculine by Design and Co-President along with myself over at the FraternityofExcellence.Com hosted a Podcast where the two of us along with Rollo Tomassi from The Rational Male discussed marriage and more importantly, fatherhood. Being a father in this day and age is no easy task, which is fine because if it were easy […]

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Positive Masculinity Puts a Spotlight on Red Pill Parenting

The best way to fight back against those looking to eradicate all things masculine, is to destroy the notion that masculinity is something associated with negativity. We’ve all heard it: You’re too aggressive You’re too competitive You’re too focused on your job, your strength, your beard, etc. Society’s support of the female imperative has led […]

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Modern Day Agoge Part II

I first wrote of how I’d created a modern version of Agoge back in September 2016. Since writing that post, ‘Modern Day Agoge: A man’s path to raising a masculine son in a feminized society.‘ I’ve received countless emails from other fathers asking how they could implement this style of home education & a Rite of Passage […]

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Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter, Throughout your life there will be people who try to attribute all of your success as well as all of your errors to your gender. They’ll trivialize your failures and steal your success as if the blood, sweat, and tears you sacrificed were shared by them. These people may not be cognizant of […]

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