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Don’t Live Life Vicariously

You have one life, one opportunity to achieve whatever you desire. Children are not a second chance. Do you want to write a book or get your degree? Then get started! The time is going to pass either way so you might as well do something productive that brings you closer to those goals during […]

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Dads & Daughters

I am a fortunate man in the sense that I have both a masculine son and a feminine daughter. After I wrote Fathers and Sons, where I discussed how, “Your son is going to follow the example you set, not the advice you provide.” I decided to write a piece dealing with how to raise a daughter […]

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Fathers Raising Sons

I left active duty after a successful 8 year career not because I didn’t like the military, but rather because I knew I’d rather be a quality and present father than a stellar sailor. Collecting a pension at 39 sounded like a solid plan and originally it was. But after my son was born and then […]

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Remove the TV

Do you want to contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic our nation is facing? Have you seen the advertisements targeting our children? Have you paid attention to the message of ads, shows, and movies? Have you witnessed what the TV Father has become? Childhood Obesity I recently took a final for my master’s degree which […]

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Becoming a Father

I am writing this piece for the soon to be or just became fathers of the world. These men, who’ve likely already recognized the sad state of society have brought life into this world, an amazing moment and now carry the burden of ensuring they ‘raise it right‘, a terrifying thought. With the apocalypse of […]

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