Masculine Model #2 – Conor McGregor

In the first edition of this series I chose General Mattis (Read it here) as the best masculine role model out there. If you know anything of the man then you’re completely aware that the man embodies all of the traits a masculine man has.

In this post and from here on out I’m going to choose men who embody specific traits of the masculine male. I’m going to provide real men, not fictional characters who may set an example from which you can apply to your own life. The goal is to fight back against the Homer Simpsons, Peter Griffins, and Phil Dunphys out there.

In keeping with the tradition of this blog, I’m going to set irrational confidence as the first trait specific role model. In my post Lifting is the 1st step towards reclaiming your masculinity I touch on the fact that lifting weights isn’t solely for physical health but rather it facilitates mental growth as well as developing irrational and limitless levels of self-confidence.

Gentlemen, if you are looking to get the most from this life then you need to exhibit this common traits shared amongst the most successful and masculine men out there.


When you believe in you, it makes no difference if anyone else does.

When you believe in you, it makes no difference if anyone else does.

Irrational levels of self-confidence are crucial to the reclamation of your masculine self. This blog is mainly read by men who, for whatever reason, have fallen off the track of masculinity and are now working to find themselves again.

So I say, to the men who’ve grown their dadbod, gone months without sex, or maybe are just single and reading this to avoid any mistakes when getting into a long-term relationship you have to believe in you.

If you’re going to express your masculinity and no longer repress it then you’ve got to believe in yourself and you’ve got to believe, 100% that you are capable of doing this. The only way you can become the man you were meant to be is to commit every fiber of your being to this action. You do it by burning your ship as there is no going back.

Conor McGregor needed food stamps to eat before his UFC debut in Sweden (where he earned a bonus of $60,000 for the Knockout of the Night) this man went into that ring knowing he had shot to make a lasting first impression. After 67 seconds he had the knockout of the night, a Win, and the attention of Dana White.

This post isn’t about covering his career, it’s about showing you that you too must cultivate that same mindset when you go into everything. 

Each post I write I take on as my only shot to captivate my reader. This article is my only article some people will read, I want it to make an impact. I want to knock people out with my words and have them coming back for more, improving their own life every time they read what I have to say.

Commitment to Self & Belief in Ability to Win

Life is a game, play to Win.

Life is a game, play to Win.

This life isn’t about simply existing; it’s about finding purpose, passion, and living a life filled with plenty of Polaroids. This game of life is all you’ve got, so play to Win. Don’t be content with the meager slice society has told you to appreciate, take as much as you want as often as you want.

Men are told to take single mothers, fat women, and sexless prudes and to then shut up and be happy because. 

Most men do, and they fucking hate themselves for the rest of their life.

Take responsibility for your life, then take action as it is action, not words which leads to change and reclamation of self; Acta, Non Verba…

Don’t go into anything half-assed, commit yourself to actually giving enough of a shit to trying harder. Can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say you’re trying your hardest? I doubt it as very few can.

So, start trying harder. Start making the decisions which make you a little uncomfortable, a little sore, lose a little sleep, etc.

Start implementing some intentional discomfort into your life so you stop being so damn cozy all of the time.

Total Dedication to Mission

What is your purpose? What is your passion? Find it, then own it with your all.

What is your purpose? What is your passion? Find it, then own it with your all.

MMA is Conor McGregor’s passion, his purpose and he does not let anything get in-between him and his mission in life.

You must foster this same sense of commitment in yourself.

You must have a mission in this life and your mission must not be your woman or kids. This is about the self that masculine power which is currently dormant inside your body. Wake it up, light that fire, then begin to pursue your mission.

People may say, “Well Conor McGregor doesn’t have a family to worry about.” and they’re right.

Family men do have lives they’re responsible for, I still don’t give a shit about your weak excuse to justify your mediocre performance up to this point. Stop using your family as a burden and start viewing them as fuel. They will follow your lead, so show them what a masculine man is capable of. Lead your family while writing your book, lifting your weights, and pursuing your mission. Find a way to balance them all, then execute.

Conor McGregor’s Traits

Confidence in Self: Mr. McGregor believes in Mr. McGregor, whether you do or not is something he doesn’t giving the slightest of fucks about. Don’t be the guy who says he ‘cocky’ to others or to gain favor with women. You should view that as a trait you want to wrap yourself up in and foster in your own environment. Do your thing, who gives a fuck if your neighbor ‘Steve’ thinks you doing kettlebell looks weird, you do you.

No Reservation: Conor has burned his ship on the shore, there is no retreat. You must do the same. Stop sitting on the fence as to whether you’re going to go ‘all-in’ with what I’m advising on this blog or what you’ve read on The Red Pill. Do or don’t, but stop pussy footing around making a decision and commit like a masculine man should.

Dedication to Mission: Commitment to the craft of Mixed Martial Arts is Conor McGregor’s calling, what is your’s? If you don’t know what your mission is, then why are you taking the actions you’re taking? You’ve got to step back and figure out who you are as a man and what it is you want from this life.

Do it sooner rather than later because the time is ticking and day by day you’ll have one less action you’ll be capable of performing.


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Masculine Model #1 – General Mattis

This is a new series I’m starting, 100% inspired by Jack Sheppard (Follow him on twitter @JSheppard4Prez his content is Gold) a dude who I’m hoping to get a guest post (or two) from in the coming year.

The series will be a response to the mediocre, weak, embarrassing examples of fathers, husbands, and men that are portrayed on TV, in movies, and pretty much in every possible avenue in society.

There are masculine men among us and each week I’m going to write about how you can take the view and aura of these powerful men and make your own version of it. Discussing how you can become the ‘General Mattis’ of your life and become the ‘Conor McGregor’ of your life. The purpose of these posts will be to shift you away from emulating people like Peter Griffin of Family Guy or Phil Dunphy of Modern Family.

The first Masculine Model, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise is General Mattis, Donald Trump’s newly selected Secretary of Defense.

General Mattis is a man’s man, a guy who is capable of both total obliteration of his enemy while at the same time ready to tend and care for those he loves most. He has the nickname ‘Mad Dog’ and has been described as a Warrior Monk. This is the type of man we could all learn something from.

Men are not conflict averse, they make waves when they feel it is necessary.

Men are not conflict averse, they make waves when they feel it is necessary.

I specifically chose this quote to start off with as it encapsulates the entirety of this man. He is a leader addressing his men, while at the same time he is directly confronting a problem he knows he & his boys are going to face (Protesters). During the brief quote he not only displays his confidence (direct hand shake) but also adds some humor (wink at the Mrs) while finishing with the ultimate slap in PC culture’s face (calling the war protester a pussy).

This is what men do, it’s who we are to the core. We lead, we laugh, we fuck, we fight, and we make it all look like it’s just another day. We don’t complain, we just do our job and we do it with irrational levels of self-confidence and limitless energy.

Set the bar from which all others will be measured.

Set the bar from which all others will be measured.

Mainstream media, those who support the female imperative, and all SJWs would like you to believe that Alpha (masculine) men are these hyper aggressive, compensating, less than average intelligence meatheads.

Read the quote in the photo above; this man is a fucking warrior, a real tip of the spear type dude who has faced the enemy and come back alive more knowledgeable because of it. He also carries a copy of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. Does a masculine man of that caliber strike you as a hyper aggressive, compensating, less than average intelligence meathead?

Of course not; with that understanding it’s important you recognize that nobody defines the masculine man but masculine men.

Gen. Mattis is a man who places as much priority on mental strength as he does physical; something you should be doing as well.

Masculine Role Model Traits

Irrational Confidence: People believe in Gen. Mattis because Gen Mattis Believes in Gen Mattis. People will support you when you support you. Believe in yourself and your mission, start acting like you might actually stay the course this time and others will come onboard.

Mental/Physical Strength: It’s not good enough to only have a hard body just as it’s also not good enough to just have a strong mind. You must have both; you must read as well as lift. Train the mind as you would any other muscle, some heavy days & some light. The key point is to have balance, masculine men are balanced in every facet of their life.

No Aversion to Conflict: Do not view this as any sort of promotion of pointless unprovoked physical violence. When I say no aversion to conflict, what I mean, for the average man, is standing up for your genuine self. Say no when you feel “No.” and “Yes.” when you mean yes. Stop agreeing to this or that in an attempt to please others. Stop telling your wife, “I don’t care what’s for dinner” when you do care. Now amplify that to every aspect of your life, stop being afraid to tell people no. Let the fear of being ostracized and judged dissipate, people follow the man who believes in himself and isn’t afraid to show it to the world.

In Closing

General Mattis is nothing more than a man.

You are nothing more than a man.

You both have 24 hours in a day to do everything it is you need to do. It’s time to start looking at how he’s achieved his level of success as a masculine man and to start removing the influence our weak society and weak role models have had on you. It’s time to become the General of your own life, to take charge and lead yourself and others to living a genuinely masculine life in an age where the world is filled with pussies.


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