Day #2: Stop Avoiding It

Day #1 Yesterday Recap: Each day I'll do a brief recap from the day before. Day #1 received significant support and we have hundreds of men following the program. I hope the momentum continues. My fear is that bad habits will overcome initial motivation as it's not motivation but rather discipline which is needed. Men, … Continue reading Day #2: Stop Avoiding It

Masculine Model #1 – General Mattis

This is a new series I'm starting, 100% inspired by Jack Sheppard (Follow him on twitter @JSheppard4Prez his content is Gold) a dude who I'm hoping to get a guest post (or two) from in the coming year. The series will be a response to the mediocre, weak, embarrassing examples of fathers, husbands, and men that are … Continue reading Masculine Model #1 – General Mattis