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Fortune Favors the Bold – Podcast With Nick Lowary

Fortune Favors the Bold with Nick Lowary

Fortune favors the bold. Unfortunately, boldness appears to be lost on men today. Boldness can be uncomfortable. It’s risky. But it can also be quite rewarding. Today’s man prefers comfort and predictability, even if it comes as the expense of mediocrity. He hasn’t tasted the fruit that’s harvested when his life is fertilized by being […]

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The Flow State Formula: Deprivation, Deadlines and Deadlifts

Flow State Brain - Deprivation, Deadlines and Deadlifts

Inside of the Fraternity of Excellence (FoE) Hunter and I are currently leading the brothers through a series of challenges designed to bolster self confidence. As I’ve reflected on how my own self confidence has compounded since boyhood, it’s clear that few things have galvanized my confidence more than working through tasks with surgical precision. […]

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The Suicide Solution Part One: Shunning the Shame of Being A Man

The Male Suicide Solution

Modern man is suicidal. Did you know that today’s men are four times more likely to commit suicide than their female contemporaries? This begs several questions:  How did we arrive at this contemptible destination? And what are the societal factors leading to males having such suicidal tendencies? Most importantly, how do we reverse this disturbing […]

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