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Get Over Your Relationship PTSD

Sometimes you carry the memories of your previous “beta” self and it prevents you from allowing your current self to ever have a chance to develop that sense of authentic living. There are a great deal of posts on The Manosphere by both married & single men that share this running theme of that’s how it […]

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Family Alpha Christmas 2015

As the leader of your family during this holiday season the joy or rage experienced by all rests squarely on your shoulders. Kids that are laughing or those that are crying, a wife that is smiling or one that is nagging and annoying that is on you; so don’t screw it up by not filling your role. We […]

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Is it starting to make sense?

So you’ve discovered the ‘Manosphere’ by stumbling across Craig and I’s blog,  The Rational Male, Illimitable Men, Married Red Pill,The Red Pill,  or one of the other many resources out there, what now? First, recognize why it is you went along this line of searching online. Were you looking to bring life into a deadbedroom? Were you struggling to […]

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Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving, be thankful you’re a man. Be thankful that for whatever reason you have decided to reclaim (or maintain) your masculinity. Be thankful that you have the tools and resources to no longer get caught up living the life society wants you to live and instead decided to live it on your own terms. […]

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Take Action Today

I want to share some things that I’ve found have brought immediately positive results in regards to calibrating the mind and helping to bring the wide world of the Manosphere down to bite size bites. As the saying goes, “The only way to eat a dinosaur is one bite at a time” depending on how […]

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