Dealing With Haters In The Pursuit of Excellence

Dealing with Haters in the Pursuit of Excellence

Hate is a comfort drug of choice for our mediocre contemporaries who are merely meandering through life instead of choosing to pursue masculine excellence.

They consume hate wherever they can find it, chew it up and then spew it back out. It gives their lives meaning. Makes them feel something.

It distracts them from their undesirable circumstances. Their hate serves as a fabricated reprieve from being reminded of all they’ve failed to achieve in life, or whatever else they lack the mental fortitude to reconcile via critical thinking, self reflection and corrective action.

If they can’t be happy in their own skin, why should anyone else be afforded such luxury?

Their hate and negativity is only amplified in modern times by the platforms they occupy on social media. It clogs up our timelines as we passively remain digital friends with these disease carrying parasites.

They whine and complain when life goes awry, looking for sympathetic reactions to falsely convince them that others might actually care for their plight. Or they post their latest personal accomplishment and watch as the “likes” roll in, feeding their sense of self-worth with every successive click.

Our society has become so obsessed with “me” that hate has become the default offensive to be aimed in the direction of anyone who is more successful, lives by a different set of standards, holds different political views, or ascribes to a belief system that is contrary to those espoused by others in their sphere of influence.

Hate is en vogue. It only takes the smallest spark to ignite an inferno of negativity. And this inferno can be further fueled by something as harmless as taking positive action to better yourself.

Positive change is discomforting to a guilty conscience.

Exhibiting excellence in any area of life convicts those who aren’t and makes them uncomfortable.

It’s much easier for them to simply hate on those who they believe are making them look bad by comparison rather than exert the effort required to make a similar change in their own life.

Instead of supporting and encouraging you, they do everything they can to hold you back and keep you from succeeding. Misery loves company.

But, we do well to remember that there’s a considerable amount of empowerment haters can provide to those of us who are mission-minded, pursuing excellence, and committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Haters Empower You to Stand Out

Haters think cutting others down, blaming everyone else for what they don’t have, and mocking people with whom they disagree helps them along in their journey on this planet.

Unbeknownst to them, they’re actually fuel for the mind of a driven masculine man, and their actions only serve to aid his success.

This is because haters will never get anywhere or make anything useful out of their lives. They’re too consumed with self and the hating of those they disagree with, those they’re jealous of, those who are achieving more than them, and those who are positively impacting the lives of others, to do anything positive.

It’s nearly impossible to better yourself and achieve your dreams when you’re wallowing in hate all day, predominantly concerned with elevating yourself at the expense of others.

What that means for those of us working to build our own personal empires is that we only have to compete with roughly 20% of the population.

The other 80% have already given up and checked themselves out of the game.

The haters have disqualified themselves from even entering the race of life. They’re an afterthought.

In other words, the field is already narrowed down for us.

While haters spend hours online typing hateful and unproductive comments, they’re not producing anything of value. They’re like salmon swimming upstream, exerting copious amounts of energy to go nowhere.

They’re not competing for your spot. They’re at home rotting in the living room or basement, pounding the keyboard and spewing hate.

They’re not learning. They’re not educating themselves. They’re not using their talents to improve the lives of others.

Whatever it is you want to achieve in life, you can thank the haters for choosing not to compete and exponentially increasing your chances of success.

Ignoring The Haters In Your Life

Ignore the Haters

I’d be remiss if I pretended that all the hate around us is easy to ignore. It isn’t. I’ve lost sleep on many occasions because of the nasty and vile comments others have sent my way.

I’ve been verbally hated on and attacked for my Christian faith. I’ve been criticized for stating things that others happen to disagree with.

I’m not immune to receiving such personal attacks. You aren’t either.

No one is immune from haters.

With all the hate around us, it’s easy to allow our focus to settle on the negativity, forget to count our blessings, and not take the time to reflect on all that is positive in our lives.

We must daily choose to drown out the hate and focus on what we can do to be a light of positivity and value in the world. As hard as it is at times, we must refuse to be pulled into the hate-spewing culture that seems to be growing more incensed by the day.

It’s impossible to completely avoid those whose mission it is to hate on others. But that doesn’t mean we need to allow them into our head space.

We should never hesitate to block, unfollow, or unfriend those whose interactions with us are a detriment to our daily experience. They might notice and get their panties in a bunch. So what?

Sometimes it’s necessary to prune off the diseased branches in your life to keep the remaining ones vibrant and healthy.

Haters Aren’t A New Phenomenon – They Have Always Existed

Jesus dealt with haters. Martin Luther King dealt with them. Ghandi dealt with them.

Haters have always existed, and they’re never going away.

As each of these men did, we must daily choose to rise above the desire to hate and curse those who hate on us.

As an old Chinese proverb says, “it’s better to simply light a candle than to curse the darkness”.

Lighting a candle eliminates the darkness. Cursing the darkness does nothing. The point is that hate will only continue to be perpetuated unless the light of something more welcoming is there to extinguish it.

Responding to hate with more hate only serves to perpetuate the problem. Hate doesn’t persuade. It dissuades others and distracts us from being productive.

The proper way to deal with the haters in our lives is to ignore their hate and maintain our focus on the positive difference we desire to make in the world… Our mission.

The next time someone degrades you for your decision to live your life to a higher set of standards…

Tell them how great your life is. Tell them that you’d love to help them feel great, as well, by rising like a phoenix reborn from the ashes. Share what you can to help them purge the poison bubbling within.

If they continue shooting their flaming arrows of hostility, ignore them and continue working on unleashing your desires on the world.

As men, it is our duty to stand with our brothers, ropes in hand, at the ready to toss them to those who request to be pulled from their self-induced, hate-filled destitution.

Until that happens, they can continue to drown in their cesspool of hate as we swim right past on our way to glory.

– Craig (@MasculineDesign)

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