Lifting is Step #1 to Reclaiming Masculinity

Voice or Echo

2016 Your Masculine Year

Masculine Men Walk Their Path Alone

What’s Expected of the Masculine Man?

Get Over Your Relationship PTSD

Take Action – Today

The Complexity is Simple

Reasons to be Thankful

Is it Starting to Make Sense?

What do YOU want to do?

My List of Masculine Moves

Hollow Suits, Hollow Words, & Hallowed Ground

Are You a ‘Funny Fat Guy’?

Are You Prepared?

Bros, Dogs, & Beer

Intentional Discomfort

Break The Mold

Stop being a Clown

Credible Sources?

Burn Your Ship

Give your ‘Self’ a gift this Christmas

Meditation in Motion

Smile in the Rubble

Negative Visualizations

Masculine Role Model #1 – General Mattis

The Phoenix

Xmas & NYE


Masculine Model #2 – Conor McGregor

The Void

The Shame

The Pride


Mine Counter Measure: How to navigate & disarm waters filled with bluepill bombs

Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Ride

Your Mileage May Vary

Sex & Marriage

Ending the Line of Chads

Be UN-predictable

Creating Your Slut

Is This as Good as it Gets?

Be the ENTIRE Boy Band

10 Ways to Keep your Wife on her Toes.

Action NOT Vows is What Your Marriage Needs

Some Husbands Deserve Sex More than Others

Balancing the Scales

Don’t Open That

Machiavelli for the Married Man

The Burden of Family

Queen & Warrior


Don’t Live Your Life Vicariously

PC Parenting = Garbage

Dads & Daughters

Fathers & Sons

Remove the TV

A Majority of Fathers are Weaksauce – DON’T be like them

Future Son/Daughter – I Love you but I’m not IN Love with you

Read to/with/in front of your kids

Modern Day Agoge: A man’s path to raising a masculine son in a feminized society

The Walking Dad

Creator of Life

Book List

2013 Book List

2014 Book List

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2016 Book List

Off Topic Thoughts

What is a Family Alpha?


The Christmas Season

The Red Pill: Lifeblood of the blue pill

The Man in the Mirror (OCONUS Pondering Part I)

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