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Guest Posts, Appearances, & Product Endorsements

  4. TROUBLEsome Radio Podcast 120 with Kyle Trouble
  6. Fatherhood In Our Modern Times; A Podcast With Craig James and Rollo Tomassi
  7. Hunter Drew On Stefanie MacWilliams of Right Millennial
  8. Family Alpha Podcast: Dating Single Mothers (with Guest Alexander J.A Cortes)
  9. Family Alpha Podcast: The Testosterone Crisis (with Guest Jay Campbell)
  10. First Guest Post on The Family Alpha: A Letter To The Loser (Written By Charlie)
  11. Craig James on The Pursuit of Manliness Podcast with Jarrett Samuels
  12. Craig James on The Justified Journey Podcast: Reclaiming What it Means to Be a Man
  13. The Red Man Group Special Edition – The Family Man
  14. The Audacity of Authenticity (21 Con Speech 2017)
  15. Ground Shark Coffee Co. The Official coffee of the Family Alpha
  16. 37 F*cks To Give: My 21 Convention 2018 Experience


  1. Lifting is Step #1 to Reclaiming Masculinity
  2. Voice or Echo
  3. 2016 Your Masculine Year
  4. Masculine Men Walk Their Path Alone
  5. What’s Expected of the Masculine Man?
  6. Get Over Your Relationship PTSD
  7. Take Action – Today
  8. The Complexity is Simple
  9. Reasons to be Thankful
  10. Is it Starting to Make Sense?
  11. My List of Masculine Moves
  12. Hollow Suits, Hollow Words, & Hallowed Ground
  13. Are You a ‘Funny Fat Guy’?
  14. Are You Prepared?
  15. Bros, Dogs, & Beer
  16. Intentional Discomfort
  17. Break The Mold
  18. Stop being a Clown
  19. Credible Sources?
  20. Burn Your Ship
  21. Give your ‘Self’ a gift this Christmas
  22. Meditation in Motion
  23. Smile in the Rubble
  24. Negative Visualizations
  25. Masculine Role Model #1 – General Mattis
  26. The Phoenix
  27. Xmas & NYE
  28. Excuses
  29. Masculine Model #2 – Conor McGregor
  30. The Void
  31. The Shame
  32. The Pride
  33. The Eyes of a Homeless Man
  34. Stop Trying to be Someone Else
  35. How to Find Your Mission In Life
  36. Sex, Toys, and Rock & Roll
  37. Getting Over Your Relationship PTSD Pt II: Give Love One More Chance
  38. Finances for the Family Man
  39. You decide whether your house is a home
  40. Traditions will set you free
  41. Why Chasing Perfection Will Kill You
  42. Proud to be an American
  43. Mentouring – A 21 Convention Review
  44. First Time Live: Hunter Drew Speaks at the 21 Convention
  45. A Man and His Brothers
  46. 31 Days to Masculinity March 2018
  47. Founding Fathers
  48. Finish Lines Are A Time For Reflection
  49. The Trident of Masculinity
  50. A Beautiful Suicide
  51. Face Your Fear of Rejection
  52. Most Haters are Filled with Envy
  53. Why Do I Write?
  54. Man In The Mirror
  55. You Need To Have A Thing
  56. Disrupting Class
  57. A String and Some Polaroids
  58. Veteran’s Day 2016
  59. Reasons To Be Thankful Year #2
  60. Backwards Logic: Fat Edition
  61. A Serious Look For Serious Words
  62. Man, The Mature Child
  63. 21 Convention 2018
  64. #MenToo
  65. Get Over It
  66. The Disappointment of Improvement
  67. RIP Miss America, who’s next?
  68. Father of The Tribe
  69. Saving the World
  70. Porn is Toxic to the Development of Masculinity
  71. A Child of Suicide
  72. Will You Respond When Your Number is Called?
  73. I’ll Pass: Why I No Longer Drink Alcohol
  74. When Men Answer the Call of Community Leadership
  75. The Suicide Solution Part One: Shunning the Shame of Being A Man
  76. The Suicide Solution – Part Two: Killing the Appeasement Mindset
  77. The Suicide Solution – Part Three: Finding Peace in Purpose
  78. The Suicide Solution – Part Four: Find Your Masculine Tribe
  79. Fortitude, Faith, and Fellowship
  80. Dealing With Haters In The Pursuit of Excellence
  81. The ‘Flow state’ Formula: Deprivation, Deadlines, and Deadlifts
  82. Feminism isn’t christian, it’s Sin
  83. Fortune Favors the Bold – Podcast with Nick Lowary
  84. 10 Life Lessons for Living Out Your Masculinity
  85. A Man and His Mission
  86. Stop Justifying Mediocrity
  87. Repressed Masculinity Is The Only Type of “Toxic Masculinity” There Is.


  1. Mine Counter Measure: How to navigate & disarm waters filled with bluepill bombs
  2. Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Ride
  3. Your Mileage May Vary
  4. Sex & Marriage
  5. Ending the Line of Chads
  6. Be UN-predictable
  7. Creating Your Slut
  8. Be the ENTIRE Boy Band
  9. 10 Ways to Keep your Wife on her Toes.
  10. Action NOT Vows is What Your Marriage Needs
  11. Some Husbands Deserve Sex More than Others
  12. Balancing the Scales
  13. Don’t Open That
  14. Machiavelli for the Married Man
  15. The Burden of Family
  16. Queen & Warrior
  17. Flip the Switch
  18. My Wife, the Balance to my Masculine
  19. The Christmas Season
  20. Marriage, A Game of Frames
  21. Married Red Pill Reinvention – Podcast with Adam Lane Smith
  22. A Family Divided


  1. Don’t Live Your Life Vicariously
  2. PC Parenting = Garbage
  3. Dads & Daughters
  4. Fathers & Sons
  5. Remove the TV
  6. A Majority of Fathers are Weaksauce – DON’T be like them
  7. Future Son/Daughter – I Love you but I’m not IN Love with you
  8. Read to/with/in front of your kids
  9. Modern Day Agoge: A man’s path to raising a masculine son in a feminized society
  10. Modern Day Agoge: Part II
  11. The Walking Dad
  12. Creator of Life
  13. Dear Daughter
  14. Baseball & Letting Your Son Become a Man
  15. What to do when your son gets into his first fight
  16. Your son is your heir, that doesn’t make your daughter the spare
  17. From Boy to Soy The Story of too many American men and the role you play as their Father
  18. Family Nutrition on a Budget
  19. Positive Masculinity Shines A Light on Red Pill Parenting
  20. Taking Back Father’s Day
  21. Passing the Torch of Masculinity
  22. Becoming a Better Father I of III: Presence > presents
  23. Becoming a Better Father II of III: Deeds > words
  24. Becoming a Better Father III of III: Future > past

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