Divorce Is Always An Option

Listen, before the religious & trad crowd grabs their pitch forks, I’m not advocating for divorce, I know what it does to families; some of the stories I’ve heard from men made my stomach flip & blood boil.

Look at the intent of the message and understand, while I do not promote getting divorced because one day things aren’t sunshine and rainbows, I believe that a couple should remain together by choice, not obligation.

More importantly, I believe that the confidence of knowing that either party could walk away and be okay is exactly what makes a marriage “successful”.

Knowing that you have to perform to keep your spouse’s eyes on you is an excellent motivator to prevent the complacent mindset brought on by familiarity from taking root.

When you continue to develop yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually you can’t help but grow as an individual and it is only when both husband and wife grow as individuals that they too can continue to grow as a couple.

How can a relationship remain exciting and fulfilling when you both sit at the table, “How was your day?


Anything new?


This type of apathetic existence is a death sentence to attraction.

You need to position yourself to a point where you know that if you left your wife, you’d be fine.

You’d have options sexually, you know the game, you have hobbies,you are your own mental point of origin.

Guess what?

Most men aren’t at that position.

So what do they need to begin doing?

Fun Fact: Once a man starts building himself to the point where he feels confident if he had to jettison his marriage, all of the sudden his wife is taking interest again.

Divorce must be on the table.

It isn’t the first thing you turn to when you get into an argument or go through a dry spell, but both parties must be aware that the relationship is not a guaranteed thing and there is an expectation that you pay to play.

  • You pay through putting in effort with your wardrobe, inside the home and out.
  • You put in effort when it comes to your hygiene, hobbies, frame, & mindset

When I say “you“, I don’t mean the man, I mean both husband and wife, if one isn’t putting in effort, so be it. Once one stops trying, the clock begins to you planning your exit.

Life is too short to spend it walking on eggshells “for the sake of the kids” or to live a miserably sexually repressed life.

A majority of marriages have two people who are under-fucked and over-critical; the understood point that divorce is an option should light a fire of motivation under their asses.

One of the reasons I have an enjoyable and satisfying marriage is because both my wife and I know it could be gone at any moment and if we want it to last, we both need to work to make it so.

Acta Non Verba,
Hunter Drew

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