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Stop making excuses as to why you're wasting your time before it runs out.

Stop making excuses to why you’re wasting your time, do so before it runs out.

œExcuses are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink.

This is something Id like you to recognize and really wrap your mind around. Everyone makes an excuse as to why they cant do the things they need to do. Only a very select few out there are making excuses to do the things they need to do.

Ask yourself these questions and see if you can come up with an answer which you know to be a lie you tell yourself to justify mediocre performance.

  1. What excuse do you have for not gaming your wife these past few years? You don’t treat her like a lover anymore, yet expect her to act like one?
  2. What excuse do you have for plugging your kids in front of a screen day after day; refusing to put your phone away and educate, play with, or lead them?
  3. What excuse do you have for the weight youve put on?
  4. Whats your excuse for giving your time and attention to those who are not worthy; hanging with deadbeat friends who do nothing but complain and waste your time with booze or pot?
  5. What excuse do you have for how weak you have become physically, spiritually, & mentally?
  6. What is your excuse for all of the times you didnt speak up and tell the world how you truly felt because youd rather play it safe and not make waves; making yourself like everyone else in an attempt to be accepted by them?
  7. Whats your excuse for putting everyone ahead of yourself?
  8. Whats your excuse for letting society tell you what you should like, how you should act, and what you should accept?
  9. Whats your excuse for rewarding failure time and again?
  10. What excuse do you have for repressing your masculine nature?

People will make an excuse as to why they didnt go to the gym, yet the winners out there are making excuses to go to the gym.

When is the last time you said, œHey man Im going to be late to your (insert event) because I need to hit the gym? When is the last time you made the decision to not go to bed but rather stay up late because you had to knock some project out?

The issue we have is that of too much comfort and too little appreciation of time.


People have become so comfortable that theyd rather suffer a mediocre existence than put in the slightest effort required for improvement. People choose to complain and seek validation through those complaints instead of just shutting the hell up and putting in the work.

I had a husband email me talking about how his wife refuses to follow his lead and that they have a deadbedroom; I then found out he was fat.

I asked him why he thought his wife would want to have sex with a fat dude. He went on to explain through 6 paragraphs how a knee injury from high school football (when he was really cut and strong of course) prevented him from lifting weights, running, etc.

I have a Master’s in Exercise Science, I was able to call BS on this one fairly quickly. He was upset about that and hasnt responded since.

Instead of complaining about the problems you have in your life, start working to solve them and don’t hold others to a higher standard than you hold yourself. Your wife and friends don’t have the online resources you’ve discovered, be that voice for them.

Stop being so comfortable sitting on your couch talking about how the world is holding you down, you are holding you down, so get up!

Stand up and start doing.

I know its cold, I know youre tired, I know life isnt easy as Im living it too. I have a full time job, am a father of two, a husband, a blogger, and I workout.

I fucking get it.

But heres the secret, I dont talk about my problems. I solve them and thats why Im able to do 4x as much as you with my 24 hours vs your 24 hours.

  1. Stop going to bed early after watching TV shows for hours on Netflix. No, you dont deserve that break and if you did, you wouldnt be asking or convincing yourself.
  2. Stop being fat
  3. Stop being lazy
  4. Stop being weak
  5. Stop being so god damned comfortable all the time, implement some Intentional Discomfort into your life.

You need to feel the pain of work and effort, you need to find comfort in the discomfort of living life as a masculine man


Guys think they have all the time in the world to unfuck themselves and their situation.

The fat say theyll workout tomorrow, the poor say theyll grind tomorrow, the weak say theyll improve tomorrow.

What if tomorrow never comes?

Social media & technology have made people lose their appreciation of time. Time should be the single most cherished commodity we have in life as it is the most limited aspect of our lives.

You can’t borrow, buy, or build more time.

You never know when your string of life is going to finally unravel from the spool, yet people are living as though theres no end in sight.

Time is like an angel, beautiful beyond measure & flying high. When people try to capture time, what they are doing is grabbing the angel and cutting off its wings.

When youre “capturing” the moment for Facebook, not enjoying yourself but rather trying to promote yourself and show the world how great you are, youre destroying the beauty of time, youre destroying that moment.

When you say youll start your diet tomorrow, what youre doing is youre saying tomorrow is guaranteed and with that mindset youre destroying the beauty of how short our lives really are.

Start living like youre going to die, because you are.

Start taking action in the now because tomorrow is never guaranteed to come for you. When you start living like your time on this Earth is limited, youll stop making excuses for your mediocre existence and instead will start living the life you want.

When you stop trying to capture and devalue time youll be able to recognize the beauty of it as it flies high with its wings in tact. Enjoy that moment, stop trying to capture it. Immerse in watching that brief flight, before you know it it will be over and youll be the better person for watching the angel fly than you would if you were to just hold its lifeless and wingless body.

The time is going to pass either way and you are going to die, you might as well live.

Take Action and Take Care,

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