Fortitude, Faith and Fellowship

Fortitude, Faith and Fellowship

Men are molded from a foundation that consists of mind, body and spirit. These are the sharpened steely tips of the spears that make up the trident of masculinity.

I won’t belabor the point. But, suffice it to say, a man must continually sharpen each of these points if he is to live out his potential while on this earth.

A man who is able to harness all that it means to be a man will be:

  • Calm in the face of pressure
  • Decisive
  • Intelligent
  • Socially perceptive
  • Confident
  • Competent
  • Able to defend himself and his family against threats
  • A man of integrity

Hunter and I recently had the pleasure of sitting down to record a podcast with a man who exemplifies the above characteristics.

His name is Mr. Swift.

Mr. Swift is a firearms and edged weapons instructor. He’s also a certified personal trainer, former private military contractor, a man of faith, and all around badass.

Our conversation spans a wide expanse of what it means to be a man. We discuss weapons, self defense, training, humility, fatherhood, faith and the value of regular fellowship with other masculine men who have your back and hold you accountable to living out your professed convictions.

There is something for every man in this broad yet surgical discussion with a man whose life experience is as unique and incredible as his name implies.

Show Highlights

    • How he got the nickname “Swift”
    • Swift’s recommendation on the best gun for civilian concealed carry
    • What to look for in an edged weapon for close quarters combat
    • Why purchasing an expensive weapon for self defense may not be such a great idea
    • Why humility is an indispensable trait for men to possess
    • The true definition of courage and why all men need to develop it
    • How to counter the effects of pepper spray
    • How faith shapes a man’s actions and sharpens him in all areas of life
    • The first thing to work on when it comes to being prepared to defend your family (it’s not what you’d think)
  • The unique project Swift is working on to bring men together in masculine fellowship

Use the media player below to listen in:

Connect With Mr. Swift

Mr. Swift

On Twitter: @PraetorianSwift

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– Craig

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