Founding Fathers

Whether building nations or rebuilding your sense of ‘Self’ the same approach must be taken.

When you get a group of motivated men together, there is nothing they cannot do.

This is exactly what Craig and I are hoping for with this blog and it is the driving force behind The Fraternity of Excellence.

Before getting to the Fraternity, I want to take a literal approach to the title of this piece. Craig and I are both family men who are driven to raise the standard of fathers everywhere. We both found a way to flip the script society had written for us as married men on its head.

We’re supposed to be sexless, joyless, weaklings who have wives that berate us and children whom are raised by a screen, without a shred of respect for us, that we provide our paycheck to with thankless pride.


We’ve both chosen the more difficult path of creating our own narrative, living life on our own terms, and while it requires significantly more time and energy, it doesn’t even feel like work, it feels like being a man doing what a man should do.

Raising our families, writing for this blog, recording for our Podcast, and leading the charge in FoE is simply what it is we do. The alternative to us, is death.

To walk through life in a completely apathetic manner makes death seem like relief.

We’d rather march forward and own what life throws our way.

It is in the joy and pride that we experience that the motivation behind our actions can be found. We have great families, are enjoying life, and see that this is not the norm, yet.

We are actively working to help the men who currently find themselves struggling to find purpose in themselves and their family. We disregard the narrative men are writing for other men saying that there is no room for marriage or families in today’s society. We do not subscribe to any group-think, we do us in a completely unapologetically authentic manner.

We are men leading families and we are throwing ropes to other family men in need.

Our focus of writing and discussions will be unique to what it is we know; masculinity, marriage, and fatherhood.

Our blog is based around these three themes and like any strong tri-pod, we dedicate equal focus to all three areas of our lives for the strongest foundation we can have in our own lives as well as in the message we are sharing with others.

Back to the Fraternity.

I initially stated that there is nothing a group of united driven men can’t do. That’s exactly what we have in the Fraternity of Excellence. Men who are actively working day in and day out to raise their standard of performance.

There are single men helping married men, older married men helping young playboys, and the reason this works is simple, men help men and masculinity is a universally understood trait.

We all are walking our own paths in life, but that does not men that you cannot converse with the man walking parallel to you, warning him of holes and dangers you faced. Nor does it mean that as you pass a man stuck in a hole that you cannot throw him a rope.

We are all in this together, what Craig and I have created here is but one rope that we are throwing to men.

There are many more to come, stand by.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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