Ground Shark Coffee Co. The Official Coffee of The Family Alpha

The Family Alpha now has its first product affiliation: Ground Shark Coffee. Somehow it seems proper that it is coffee that we chose to link our brand to as that is the lifeblood of the Navy man and that is something I’ve carried with me to this day.

Craig and I have been approached with other prospects for affiliation in the past, but we had to turn them away as we either did not find use of the product or we did not endorse the message it carried with it.

If you sell affiliate products that you do not use, then your credibility is going to diminish, product by product, as people see that you’re looking to boost profits, not share your secrets of success with others so they may do the same.

This coffee is legit; I refused to agree to become an affiliate of Nick’s coffee until I verified exactly that, because I know my reputation is linked to the products I endorse. I wasn’t disappointed.

You will not be disappointed either…

Opening My First Bag

I’d been looking forwarding to this arriving at the TFA PO Box since I crossed paths with its creator, Nick Lowary on Twitter. Nick is  the Co-Owner of Ground Shark Coffee and a BJJ guy who is looking to build his dream. I knew off the bat I’d be buying from the guy because he is a no bullshit authentic dude who was working to help himself and there’s no easier person to support than the ones who support themselves.

The first time opening this resealable bag I was met with that bliss which only comes from fresh coffee beans.

The Beans

Beans were fresh, bag was full, and the roast was on point, it didn’t have that pungent/burnt smell you sometimes get.

The Grind

I grind my beans to a more coarse texture as I do not want too much getting through the French Press strainer. Again, you can see the beans are indeed fresh as they didn’t pulverize into dust, which I have had happen to me.

The Press

I use a French Press as it fits the perfect amount for the wife and I to both have a cup of coffee (yes Nick, she loved her cup as well) leaving a little left over to top one of us off.

Pouring From The Tea Kettle

I try to get all of the beans evenly soaked while trying to aerate as well so as to get a solid mixture throughout the water. That’s the reason I pour a little higher, I tried to show how it was mixing it all up on the bottom.

I actually use a wooden Chop-Stick to mix the beans completely once the Press is filled.

The real test is the flavor

That first sip and the many cups since have been consistently high quality so I will definitely be buying more from Ground Shark Coffee. I told you, I don’t recommend anything I wouldn’t use myself. I look forward to seeing the new flavors and products these guys come out with.

What makes each cup taste even better is knowing I’m supporting a man who is working to build his own empire with his partner and at the same time every order coming from my link gives me a piece of the profit as well.

A rising tide it lifts all boats.

Does it work?

Yes, it works.

I knocked out quite a few projects for both The Family Alpha as well as the Fraternity of Excellence that morning while feeling wide awake without that jittery feeling.

If you’re a coffee drinker I recommend you check these guys out grab your bag or mug today and enjoy the caffeinated nectar of the gods: Get Your Coffee Here

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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If you would like to support me for any benefit my work may have brought to your life you may do so below and for those who do, thank you.

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