How to Find Your Mission in Life

Nothing is guaranteed, so leave nothing to chance, especially regretting *not* taking a shot.

I have a job which is laid back, allows me to have a sweet beard, I coach my son’s baseball team which I love, run this blog with Craig, and life couldn’t be better with both my wife and kids.

                                                                    So Why Start a Fraternity and Podcast?

This question is one which I’ve asked myself a thousand times. The time that has to be dedicated to not only building the foundations, programs, and maintaining things to operate smoothly isn’t something I have in surplus. My time is already streamlined.

Then there’s the $$$ required to purchase software, update as we grow, get logos and applications developed is also not something which is just laying around.

Of course the question ‘Why am I doing this?‘ arises

To which the only response is, because I have to.

There is an itch in my soul which can only be scratched by tackling this challenge.

This blog doesn’t scratch that itch.

I know I have more to give.

My family doesn’t scratch that itch, growing the beard, writing, and cruising in the Jeep is great, but it doesn’t scratch that itch.

When you hear men talk of how they had to answer the call it always seems like some cheesy line from a war movie. Yet when you live it and feel it, there’s no better description. I have to speak on the subject, I have to connect with the men who are going to go out and set the example of what authentic looks like in their community, I have more to give, so I’m going to give it.

I have to answer the call of those men who are lost, I cannot expect more from my fellow man than I’m willing to give myself.

You’re a Red buoy in a very Blue Ocean, stay above the waterline.

I served my country and now I serve my fellow man.

Leading my family as well as working to improve my society and nation is my mission. There is nobody else on this planet whom I would trust to do a better job than myself. There is nobody who I believe will try as hard or live as authentically as myself as well.

That’s Enough About Me

How do you scratch that itch in your soul? How do you align who you are with what you do? How do you find your mission in life?

I shared my personal experience above to act as a conversation starter in your head.

Now you see the inner workings of my mind, you see that you aren’t alone with that sense of something missing and a desire to do more. You also see that pursuit of mission can come at the expense of your comfortable life.

Rarely does pursuit of your mission make your life easier.

You may think you want to be a video game designer, you may have watched all of the YouTube videos, read all of the books, and spoken with hundreds of designers on Reddit but until you take action inside the field of your mission, you know nothing.

Mental Fitness is 1/2 the equation; you must DO.

You can read a hundreds books on throwing a fastball and watch the YouTube videos but again, until you step on a mound and throw that ball, you’ve made zero progress.

Don’t spend your life reading and telling yourself that you’d be good at something.

Instead, immerse in it and at some point you’ll either quit because it isn’t what you thought it would be or you’ll keep getting back up and try again and again, improving each time.

It’s at this point that a little objective self-assessment is required.

You may want your mission to be x, y, or z but if you haven’t taken a single step towards actually doing those things then you’re just a dude who wants to LARP about these things – Acta, Non Verba.

You may be terrible at what you view your mission to be. If that’s the case, I’d shift gears towards something which you’re both confident as well as competent doing.

I feel that a part of my mission as a man is to help my fellow men. If I could make great YouTube videos, but I couldn’t write for shit then TFA would be a VLOG and not a blog.

I can write and I enjoy it, so this is my medium of choice. It is no fluke nor is this due to chance. Craig and I have designed our programs off what we know works. It’s why we pay for advanced software when it comes to video programs and our chat, those are what breaks the electronic barrier so that is where we are focused.

When it came to creating our programs we practiced, wrote, and we took feedback from the men who were reading and listening.

Be humble when you pursue your mission and work to perfect your craft.

In every essay written I am trying something new, even now I’m working to create better flow, to paint a clearer picture.

How can you do that?

How can you take what it is you love and make it something you actually do? Instead of thinking you’re great at writing, recording, rapping, or acting go out and actually doing those things. 

It’s the only way you’ll scratch the itch, it’s the only way to find your true calling in life.

You have to stop passively watching others find themselves while you are forced to keep up with the facade of who you believe you are and who you want others to believe you are.

Only you can define you. You re your only judge in this life.

If you have no idea what it is you care about as you’ve become entirely apathetic to everything life has to offer, then I suggest you check out The Fraternity of Excellence as it is designed to help you rediscover who you are as a man, with your fellow men. In there you’ll develop that sense of authentic living, while building a tribe. We pursue each day with genuine desire as opposed to the conformist programming society has instilled which leads to an apathetic life of death.

Closing Bullet Points

  • Find out what it is that you care about. What keeps you up at night, what stirs a fire in your heart, what can get you talking for hours on end?
  • How do you align what you’re doing with that part of who you are?
  • Enter the arena; start doing and after a few months, objectively assess whether it’s what you thought it would be and if you’re as good as you thought you would be.
  • Continue and improve or move to the next thing that you give a shit about. The process from step 3 should help you improve the next go-round.
  • Do not forget that this is not about saving the world or helping others; your mission is solely for you. If it benefits others, great; but this is entirely about you scratching that itch.
  • Acta Non Verba,

    Hunter Drew

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  • Tom says:

    Thank you for this post, it was very insightful and helpful.

  • Jackson says:

    That’s a great mission! I joined the National Guard when I was 18 years old, and I was an infantry office as well. It’s a lot of fun going to the field leading troops. In my day we didn’t have GPS, just a hardcopy map and a compass. One of the major jobs of the platoon leader is to navigate the course for the troops for marches and for movement to contact and attacks, so get ahead of the curve and practice land navigation.

    You will probably have some NCOs that have combat experience and years of service learn everything you can from them.

    What type of infantry, cavalry, mechanized, or leg? Mechanized is the best, as you can ride everywhere and you got lots of fire-power.

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  • ernestern says:

    I have to commend you. During my 20 years with the Army, there was a lot that I hated about it, but at the same time there was much I loved. Having a mission, a purpose, as you describe above, was one of them. Simply being around men who behave like men is another (although I hear this is slowly changing as women are now beginning to get into the combat arms).

    I couldn’t wait until I retired, but now that I have, there is much I miss and since then there has been something missing in my life that I have yet to replace.

    I applaud your choice of Infantry, the Queen of Battle. Just remember that it is Armor that keeps that bitch from getting raped…lol

  • Brandon says:

    “Following your mission does not make your life easier”

    Aint that the truth!!! Personally, I am going for success or bust in my mission. And it is scary as fuck!!! I will probably have to take out a second job just to accomplish it. And i’m a single dad. But fuck if it!!! If I don’t try I will live with the regret so many old men talk about around me. That will never be me. If I burn through my life savings, and fall flat on my face at least I fucking gave it everything I have. I will KNOW that it wont work out, rather than assume failure before I start. (And yeah, failure is always in the back of my mind. But I forge ahead, every day.). Good luck to you my man! A man has to do what a man has to do–lest he rot away in life just contemplating the “what if’s.” Fuck that shit–I am out for giving every ounce if myself to my mission. If it doesnt work out, time for a career change and new mission, but ill cross that road if I have to!!
    Solid write up dude–go get some!!

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  • Steve says:

    Hooah, Hunter.

    I, too, joined the Guard at 30 after an initial active enlisted tour, then commissioned into the Infantry through OCS at 32 years of age. Did it for all the reasons you mentioned.

    Thought I’d finish out my career just doing my weekend drills but along came 9/11 and everything changed. Now in the regular Army, senior field grade, and on my way to my last assignment before retirement. Along the way I’ve led and mentored countless young Soldiers, formed an undying brotherhood with select fellow officers and NCOs, and advised 4-star Generals … I don’t know which was more professionally and personally satisfying.

    Wouldn’t have chosen any other path, and wish you the best.

  • Biff Winnetka says:

    * C students DON’t go to the Naval Academy

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