Hunter Drew On Right Millennial (Video)

Hunter Drew on Right Millennial

Recently I was a guest on the Right Millennial YouTube Channel which is run by Stefanie MacWilliams.

I came across Stefanie’s content via a Twitter thread she’d shared a while back. It was basically a shout out to her dad and recognizing his efforts which is something that is not a common theme in MSM and society in general.

Obviously, as someone who has dedicated a third of his blog to Fatherhood this hit home, she asked if I’d like to talk families in society and the product can be seen below.

Her Tweet

Our conversation ranged from what it means to be masculine and feminine as well as the role of fathers, parenting in our day and age, and the importance of building your tribe. It was a solid discussion which you can view below, enjoy.

The Video

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Hunter Drew

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